Merrick Grammy’s Pot Pie Dog Food

Home-style stew made with Turkey

Quick facts

  • Meat is #1 Ingredient
  • Made in the USA
  • Grain Free pet food
  • Grain Free

Top reviews

1/3 of the cans were too dented to use–this product does not ship well at all!

My dog eats Merrick food, and I thought it would be more convenient to start ordering it from Amazon in cases instead of hauling it home from the pet store every few days. Plus, it’s a couple of dollars cheaper to buy it here versus at my neighborhood store. Unfortunately, though, the case of cans didn’t survive shipping well at all–of the 12 cans, 4 were so severely dented that I don’t think it’s safe to feed their contents to my dog. I’m not talking about a little indentation at the rim, either–they were totally crunched and bent, completely trashed. I have no idea whether this was because the cans were too delicate, whether the Amazon box wasn’t properly cushioned, or whether the package was abused in shipping, but I have noticed that even when I buy this brand at the pet store, I have to check really carefully to make sure that the cans are in good condition. Whatever the reason, this shouldn’t happen, especially for a pricey brand like this–when cans get dented, it can let in air and bacteria that can spoil the food and make your dog sick. Given that 1/3 of what I bought was unusable, I ended up paying roughly $28 for 8 cans of dog food. That’s way, way more expensive than supporting my local pet store. If these cans don’t survive transport very well, it makes a lot more sense to me to buy them locally, when I can avoid the bad cans.

Shipping headaches aside, however, I do recommend the food itself. My dog is a picky eater, but she seems to enjoy Merrick products well enough. They are made of high quality ingredients, and even though she has a sensitive stomach, they don’t give her any trouble. I just wish that they’d pack the stuff in a container that could survive the transport to my house!

JeanEast Ellsworth, WI

No more Caesar’s!

Merricks is the best, not by products! No bones, wings, legs – food is so good even I WANT TO EAT IT!!!!!

I love amazon, they have almost everything. Tracking number included too. Expires 2010, my dogs will be wayyyy finished with the food by then. thanks amazon!

RoseannaAllport, PA

dog food

Baxie loves it, it looks so much like human food. Thank you
JeffersonBrandon, WI

Dog loves both the cans and dry version of Merrick food.

I checked the label and there isn’t any higher percentage of protein than other brands. Some reviewers of Merrick cautioned about the high protein.

At last check, I don’t think these were on the recall list.

FlorentinaJasper, AL

Is my dog the most finicky one out there??

I read reviews at great length before I ordered this product. I was so excited by the great reviews..I couldn’t wait for it to arrive so I could give it to my finicky eater…assuming she’d just gobble it down. But no…she sniffed at it and walked away! To me, the product looks and smells delicious! I’ve opened and offered the food 4 or 5 times…and occasionally my stubborn viszla will eat a LITTLE…just to appease me I’m sure.
So I’m writing this review so those of you who have really finicky dogs won’t get TOO excited about this food. Not ALL dogs are wild over it! Mine isn’t… If I ever run out of food, however, I’ll probably try it myself! hahaha…
RobtAltus, OK

Quality in a can

My dogs will not eat it if it smells like “dog food”….this smells like Human food and they eat it without hesitation….Thank you!
FranchescaKeswick, VA

Dog loves it and her tummy does too

My lab has always had a sensitive belly. I had tried other wet food after her puppy food and it always made her sick ( even easing her way into it). With this she is happy, she loves loves loves this food and it never had a back time with her belly. Love that it’s human grade!
LeonelStronghurst, IL

Great for a finicky eater

My dog loves everything we’ve tried from Merrick. No GI upsets from anything we’ve tried so far, including several varieties of the canned food.
RosaleeLismore, MN

My dogs LOVE Merricks and I love my dogs…

My dogs LOVE Merricks and I love my dogs…so I feed them Merricks. I think this is one of their favorite flavors, along with Grammy’s Pot Pie and Smothered Comfort. You can see pieces of vegetables and meat in the food. Great product!
GinettePolacca, AZ