Merrick Grammy’s Pot Pie Dog Food

Home-style stew made with Whole Chicken Wings

Quick facts

  • Meat is #1 Ingredient
  • A note from the chef: please read before feeding. Our slow cooked whole chicken wings offer marinated tender chicken cooked on a softened bone
  • This special cooking process makes the bone mushy and safe for your dog to enjoy
  • Grain Free, Made in the USA
  • Feel free to serve whole or to break apart the chicken and soft bones for ease of pet consumption
  • Meat is #1 Ingredient
  • A NOTE FROM THE CHEF: please read before feeding. Our slow cooked whole chicken wings offer marinated tender chicken cooked on a softened bone. THIS SPECIAL COOKING PROCESS MAKES THE BONE MUSHY AND SAFE FOR YOUR DOG TO ENJOY. Feel free to serve whole or to break apart the chicken and soft bones for ease of pet consumption.
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Beware the chicken bones!

As a small dog owner, (Shitshu), we are careful about what our dog can easily get down her throat. She is also a picky eater, as are a fair amount of small dogs.
She loves the Merrick Wingaling, but one day while breaking up one of the large chunks of chicken, I was amazed to find a fairly stout chicken bone within the meat. I removed it, thinking it must be an anomoly. Then it happened again in the same can, then another can, and on and on.
Final word, although my dog likes this food very much, we will stop buying this brand due to the possibility of our dog getting scratches in the throat from chicken bone edges, or worse yet, choking on the bones with a full mouth of food. Many people have said on other dog sites that dogs can digest chicken bones. That is true, if they can get them into their stomachs. The problem arises on the scratches to the throat lining, then possible inflammation or infection, and at the worst, choking and not being able to dislodge a sharp piece of bone. No thanks.
It is just not worth the possible worry, considering the price of this food.
SibylOakdale, IL

false advertising on cans

I purchased two cases of Merricks Wingalings and Smothered Comfort. The label states “whole thighs” and “whole wings” but that is a lie. Once opened, the cans have one – if you’re lucky two pieces. The rest (3/4 of each can) is processed cubes of who knows what my dog refuses to eat. Merricks should either fill the can with what they advertise – “WHOLE thighs and wings” – plural – or tell the consumer the truth about what they are selling here.
CarryWest Memphis, AR

my minpin loved this

I did alot of research on dog foods and Merrick was one of the brands rated very well. My minpin Hudson is very picky about his food but he ran into the kitchen as soon as i opened the can. I mix a little in with his dry dog food and he devours it. i was suprised when i first opened the can because it looked watery and there were whole chicken wings with bones and all not what your accustume to when you open a can of dog food. However, the chicken wings fall apart easily and are very soft the bones literally turn to mush. It looks like whole chicken wings in gravy that have cooked in the crock pot allday and it smells wonderful. I have tried other high quality brands and he would quit eating them after a day or two. He eats this every time and it looks like homemade food that I would eat. His coat is glistening and soft and he has great energy. I can’t wait to try the other flavors I’ll let you know if he likes them. I’m going to switch his dry food to merrick when his Inova is gone.
NevaWhitney, NE

Favorite wet dog food

Our standard poodle loves this canned food. it is so well prepared and interesting – she licks the platter clean.
MaeganStroudsburg, PA

2 Dogs Vote it Thumbs Up

My two dogs prefer the WingaLing over the other varieties of this dog food. There are actual wings (usually 2) packed into the can along with other meat chunks, veggies and liquid. There is a bit more liquid than I would like but my dogs eat it, it doesn’t go to waste and you can see that “real” meat is used.
TommyCrestline, CA

Almost want to taste a piece!

This is very good dog food. Much worth it. I mix it with my dry and my min pin & pomeranian go crazy. It’s healthy and the REAL CHICKEN WINGS come in the can BUT they are easily digestible and safe for your dogs. I would definitely recommend.
BarbraSlate Run, PA

Too much gravy and don’t like the bones.

I did not realize that this actually had the bones in it. Not something that I would give to any dog let alone a Yorkie and a Poodle. The bones take up a lot of room in the can. The rest of the can contains little cubes of meat, a few vegetables and lots and lots of gravy. I usually split half a can between the two dogs. The only way I am able to get another meal out of the can is to add more cooked vegetables. The dogs really like it but I will not buy this flavor again. You are getting less for your money since it contains bones and so much gravy. I would recommend the Turducken. They absolutely love that one.
ShannaSouth Prairie, WA

Merrick Wings

My dog loves the food and knowing it is from Merrick I know it is healthy and good for my dog. The only complaint I have is the tabs to open the can have a tendency to break off before I can open the can. I regular can opener doesn’t open the can because the ridges are too high. This is very bothersome and has happened about 3 times in my case of 12.
CeciliaState University, AR

one of my dogs favorites

very reasonable price and free shipping to home…what’s not to love? whole wings (not thrilled about the bones but they are soft enough to break with your fingers…or remove if you want) included
NanciTremonton, UT


AllenaKelso, WA