Merrick Lamb Hold Ems Filets 8 Oz

Lamb lung treat high in protein and has a softer consistency

Quick facts

  • All Natural
  • No artificial coloring or flavoring
  • Made in the USA with ingredients sourced in the USA

Top reviews

Great Product but you get ONE bag, not 12 as advertised.

Firstly, this is a great product, I have not met a dog who does not adore them, but most of all I love the fact there are no chemicals or preservatives of any type, only ingredient is lamb lung.
Secondly, do not be deceived by the advertising. You do not get 12 Bags and save $119 (not sure exact amount it says), you get ONE bag, which combined with the $10 odd shipping means its heaps cheaper to buy from your local boutique pet store.
MarielMillen, GA

Merrick Dog Treats

I learned about the treats from a friend. My dog loved them. I ordered a supply of my own. Not all dogs go for them right away. But once they do, they’re hooked!
GailDozier, AL

Incorrect information listed.

Miss leading information provided. It is not “bags” but just one 10 ounce bag. The MSRP of $129+ makes you think that there would be multiple bags of at least 10. I returned and got a prompt refund. It is a great product, but my local pet store sells them for under $20 a bag.
DarwinHermitage, AR

Lamb filet= Lamb Lung

On the plus side, my dog adores these (but then again she adores just about anything that isn’t a mushroom). But, on a Jackie scale of 1 (delicious) to 10 (super-duper-climb-on-the-counter-yummy-delicious) this appears to be an 9.03. She Really Likes These.

For a training treat, they will break up easily. For a snack in the dish, they are not messy (even when A Certain Dog runs away with it in her mouth to munch down elsewhere). It is a quick snack though, definitely not a chew.

Some dog treats are stinky or disagreeable, but these are not…except that in the old packaging (the photo still up on Amazon) it is NOT clear this is a lung treat. My husband is having a severe case of ‘yuck’ over these and I would not have bought them if it had been clear, but in the mean time, the dog gets to enjoy this bag.

Speaking of the packaging, it does appear to have changed. The Merrick website shows this treat as having a recall, but what arrived was NOT part of the recall (it was a theoretical risk, no ill dogs reported). The new packaging also makes it more obvious it’s a lung product.

Overall, recommended, but do not be surprised by the Lung content and by the change in package. I am taking my dog’s word for it (so to speak) that these are quite delicious.


OssieMontour, IA

Great product, NOT 12 bags!!!

This is a 5* product but it’s only 1 bag, not 12. Petfooddirect was top notch in refunding my money, but just a heads up. My dog LOVES these treats and they’re 1 ingredient. Can’t beat that.
AlisiaSaint Elizabeth, MO

Great Stuff

Received well packaged and timely. I’m glad they package these in larger weight bags so they can be more affordable for my dogs. They love this stuff, and always want more than just ONE.
DorathyLamar, OK

My 3 little dogs love these treats & they are made in the USA

My three little dogs love these treats that are so easy to break into little pieces. I love that they are all natural, low fat and are made in the USA. I used to use another brand that has been discontinued but I am liking these better due to how easily they break into small pieces and my little dogs like these better also.
MarniHartland, VT

Puppy love

My goldendoodle absolutely loves these. We suggest any and all Merrick products. They are healthy and reasonabley priced.
TeressaClinchco, VA

Lamb treat for your dog

These come from Merrick, which is known for their high quality treats for your dog. This is a rich treat, so don’t give half of it to your dog in one sitting or their will have loose stool. My dog loves these, the only drawback is if they get wet they can get a little smelly. But what doesn’t after being in a dogs mouth?
TonyKanawha Falls, WV

horrible experience

I was sent one bag of Texas Hold ‘Ems instead of 12 that i ordered and paid for. I was charged $113.00 for one bag. The 11 bags that were later sent to me were horrible. The lamb treats were all broken into tiny tiny pieces in the bag. I have ordered this product from other companies and never had a problem. The lamb treats were a decent size fillet.
I would not order from this company again.
QuyenOxnard, CA

Better than any other brand of Lamb Filets

Merrick Lamb Filets are better than any other brand of Lamb Filet offered for dogs. This product is double the quantity for comparative price to other brands. It is the only brand I will buy in the future for my dogs.
RonaBigler, PA

My dogs love this.

These are easy to use, break into smaller pieces much more easily than other like products. Tasty and yet not too pungent, my dogs are very happy to see me reach for them, and want to do what I ask more quickly with these as rewards.
PennieMcbrides, MI