Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner

A five star Gourmet Cat Food

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My kitty loves Merrick

My kitty loves Merrick Grammy’s Pot Pie, Thanksgiving Day Dinner, and Turducken. All seem to be high quality foods, and lots cheaper from Amazon than they are locally.
LadySelden, NY

Paw licking good!

My cat Hanx and I both love Merrick- me for the wholesome ingredients and him for the flavor. Though it’s hard to judge, I think this flavor might be his favorite! He sits and licks his lips for 5 minutes straight after eating! He’s the least finnecky cat in regards to food, so he likes a lot of stuff. He LOVES Merrick, though!
GabrielePreemption, IL

Great for the cost-concious consumer

This is really a great way to save money on an actual Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Since I spend it alone, I don’t have to worry about angry guests. Not to mention, I can share the meal with any of my cats (I have 15, but the number fluctuates as they have territorial fights to the death). I highly recommend this – it’s maybe not as cheap as Ramen, but my desire to eat afterwards seems to drop more substantially with this.
HangAuburn, KS

One cat loves it, the other doesn’t

Great ingredients. I am disappointed that one of my cats will not eat it. My other cat, however, loves the Thanksgiving Day Dinner
NatashiaLacombe, LA