Merrick ”The Sarge” Dog Bone

Introducing The Sarge, the first in the elite M.O.A.B series. That’s army talk for Mother Of All Bones. The Sarge has a big taste that is matched equally in size. This Smoked Meaty Beef Bone is equipped with Tendons, Beef Jerky, Marrow. Dogs will run laps around the base all day just to sneak a peak at this bad boy. You better start stocking up your surplus of The Sarge before your dog goes awol. That’s an order

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You might need to take this one away for a while

My dog is NUTS about this thing. It’s huge, not as messy as some others and have a lot work in store for any dog. At less than $28 a 5-pack, this is one of the lowest prices around.
MaryjoNew Orleans, LA

Really Meat- Long Lasting Chew Dogs Love

Dogs do love the Sarge bone from Merrick. It is super meaty and lasts a long time. A great choice for a dogs!
KianaMartin, OH

not good

This bone has all sorts of dangerous “knuckles” that my lab chewed off. Sharp edges. Finally threw all of them out.
GertieRomayor, TX