Merrick Wilderness Blend Dog Food 30lb Bag

The wilderness-it’s the call of the wild, the place where these native American flavors were first born. The original flavor of buffalo, the untamed taste of venison, and the bold fresh taste of salmon all mix together for an excursion of the palate.

Quick facts

  • Meat is #1 Ingredient
  • Made in the USA
  • Natural pet food
  • Number 1 ingrediedient is real meat
  • Human Grade Ingredients
  • Fresh Vegtables and Fruit
  • No Animal Fats
  • Whole Grains

Top reviews

Product is great; packaging/handling ruins it!

We absolutely LOVE Merrick pet food. But the third party reseller is either criminal in their handling of the packages and so rough that the package opens in the corners OR they know the package is open and ship it anyway. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and go with the former. If you handle the bags from the corners/top, then the packaging will open on you. Guess they don’t know or have the muscles to pick the bag up by the middle. So from now on, no more ordering Merrick from Amazon.
AltaYosemite National Park, CA

dog turned up nose with this type of dog food

I bought this on all the reviews and different ingredients it brought. Thought my dog would love the different type of dog food than the blue buffalo one which she loved. Boy was I wrong I couldn’t get her to eat it at all. She would turn up her nose as soon as I put it in her dish. She hasn’t eaten in a week because she didn’t like the dogfood i gave her. I will try the cowboy flavor one and see if she likes it. If not, I don’t know why people would give it a 5 stars if some dogs don’t like it. I am surprised also be cause it had venison..thought for sure she would love it because she would eat some venison when we gave it to her but no. Somebody told me that his dog also refuse to eat this flavor because it had buffalo meat in there and salmon. His dog dislikes salmon…he tried cowboy flavor one and his dog loved it. SO I will try the cowboy one if she also dislikes that then I would just go back to blue buffalo one then..
i gave it a 3 stars because of the ingredients it had that was completely different than other boring dog food brands. Would have given it a 5 star if my dog would eat or like the dog food but she doesn’t.
AlexanderCedar Hill, TN

great organic food for dogs

my vet has told me to buy the best pet food i could afford. that used to be iams. after working in a pet store, i discovered merrick. wow, what a difference in ingredients and only a few dollars more. now, all four of my dogs eat merrick wilderness blend dry. they love the taste. i like the natural ingredients. a great product.


LillianaCordova, AK

Best Dog Food Available

One of the single best dog foods that you can feed your dog. Top of the line premium organic ingredients. It isn’t full of cheap corn filler like your typical grocery store brands are. If you love your dog and care about what they’re eating, then you won’t buy anything less.
JanettWayland, IA


MarianRantoul, KS

Best dog food ever

Our two girls absolutely LOVE this food. The great thing with Merrick is that they all use the same “base”. That means that you can change the flavors and it won’t upset their stomachs. We’ve tried a few flavors and the Wilderness Blend is by far their favorite. We can even use it as treats and they love it.
CaylaGlenwood, NC

Dogs disliked Large Bites and Salmon

It is good food. My dogs disliked the large bites and they aren’t wild about salmon.They love Merrick can food.
LoraineWeldon, NC

Merrick Wilderness Blend – Another great option for the health conscious dog owner

Again, Merrick has created yet another dry food that my dog loves! This particular product, the Wilderness Blend, consists of the flavors of buffalo, venison, and the bold fresh taste of salmon all mixed together for an excursion of the palate for even the most discerning dog. I love Merrick products, and the fact that all of the dry varieties are centered on the same base of ingredients so that you can change out flavors/varieties without having to worry about upset stomachs or other digestive upsets – something that Merrick prides itself on.

The particular product, which is typical of all of the Merrick line, has the # 1 ingredient as real meat, is made of human grade ingredients, contains fresh vegetables and fruit, has no animal fats, is complete with whole grains, and is Made in the USA.

The ingredient list is as follows:

Buffalo, Salmon Meal, Lamb Meal, Ground Rice, Oat Meal, Pearled Barley,Beef Fat(Preserved with mixed tocopherols), Ground Whole Barley, Venison,Natural Flavor, Rice Bran, Yeast culture, Dried Egg Product, Hydrolyzed Yeast,Salmon Oil (a natural source of DHA – Docosahexaenoic Acid)*, Calcium Carbonate, Dried Potato, Dried Carrot, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Dried Apple, Dried Peas, Dicalcium Phosphate, Alfalfa Nutrient Concentrate, Choline Chloride, Dried Blueberry , Dried Cranberry, Yucca Schidige

So, basically as you can tell, with Merrick you are getting nothing but the best for your dog! My dog really seems to enjoy this and also loves Merrick Grammys Pot Pie Dog Food 30lb Bag. I switch off and on according to her tastes, and she never has any issues whatsoever with the change. As long as they make this, I will continue to buy – my veterinarian says that she is as healthy as can be, and contributes much of this to her great Merrick diet.

ContessaOverbrook, KS

Superior dog food for allergies

About four years ago, I discovered that my (then 6 mo. old) West Highland Terrier had allergies to chicken and chicken by-products. I tried Nutro and Blue Buffalo over a course of six months, slowly switching in between to lessen any digestive issues. However, neither brand seemed to make a major difference. After reading an online review of Merrick, I switched him to their Wilderness Blend and after about of month I noticed a drastic difference in his health and appearance. He no longer had stomach issues, and his coat went from a dull white-with-yellowish tinge to a beautiful shiny white color. Four years later, he still loves this food, and he remains free of the typical digestive and coat issues that Westies are known for having. I wholeheartedly recommend the dry and canned Merrick non-chicken based products (Wilderness blend, Turducken, Brats-N-Tots, etc.) to anyone with a dog that has food allergies!
ClydeSturgis, KY

My dogs are going wild over this

I’ve just started giving them the Wilderness Blend, switching from regular Purina dog chow. My Boxer has a sensitive stomach and is picky about what she eats. I’ve had to be creative feeding her the Purina. But this food she is “wild” about. Simply loves it and so does my lab mix. Just have to say though, in the above product description, it says no animal fats, but one of the ingredients listed is beef fat. I am not purchasing this through Amazon though as I am getting it quite a bit cheaper elsewhere online. I have done quite a bit of research on the foods and decided that this one is as good as any of the top of the line foods. At any rate, it will be much better for them than Purina for sure. It is all made in the USA and nothing comes from China. Since they just started on it, I can’t say how they will be doing later on it, but so far so good!
RosaLeroy, PA