Mestemacher Bread Three Grain, 17.6-Ounce

This is an all natural whole grain, sourdough based bread with whole rye kernels. Carries the whole grain asociation’s stamp of 100% excellent source of whole grain. Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods and low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Quick facts

  • Packaged bread
  • Excellent source of whole grain; long shelf life through pasteurization
  • Kosher; low in fat; high in fibre; no preservatives
  • Long shelf life through pasteurization
  • German origin

Top reviews

Did not like the taste of the Three Grain

I may try some of the other types of this product, but the Three Grain does not taste good to me; too strong a scent of mollasses, I think it is, and does not taste good, even toasted. Awful, really.
MarylynnCarlisle, KY

Most Pleasant, Filling, Tasty & Solid Bread

Found this bread last month. Compared with any other bread (German and otherwise), it’s heavy, but much cheaper – this box gives me 84 Slices, meaning 84 full meals, adding Liverwurst, Teawurst and Jagdwurst as well as Mayonnaise Kraft Spoonables Extra-Heavy Mayonnaise, 32-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4).

Have been on an all-protein diet. After eating a couple of slices on the first day, the elimination was easier, thicker, and I feel lighter.

I warmly recommend this bread for those and possibly more reasons I forgot to mention.

NikitaColumbia, MO

Perfect bread for the pantry

I love this bread because it allows me to always have good bread without freezing it! I have a stack of these in my pantry and all times and one in the fridge that I am using. It is perfect for sandwiches, though be forewarned it can be a bit fragile and you will need to toast it. Every now and then I will supplement this bread with fresh bread from the market and such but it is nice to know I always have this around and it doesn’t go bad.
SidneyBranchport, NY

Mestemacher Three Grain Black Bread

Thanks to Amazon I am able to purchase on a regular automatic shipment this excellent bread from Mestemacher, their bakery goods I already knew from Germany. This bread brings me the exact taste back when living in Europe. The bread is not too moist, grains have a wonderful taste, simply very good bread.
DeliciaHookstown, PA