MexGrocer Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Pack, 6 items

Spice up your life with real Mexican hot sauces Mexican food gift pack. If you or that special person on your gift list likes it hot, then don’t miss out on this gift pack Try our six assorted hot sauceseach flavored with different Mexican chiles. From the hothothot habanero to the tangyspicy green

Quick facts

  • Pack of six bottles
  • Mexican food gift pack
  • These hot sauces will liven up your favorite foods

Top reviews

low quality sauces from wal mart & taquerias

not for the “hot sauce lover”. high price for sauces that cost less than a buck 50 on average. i am a hot sauce lover and if received this as a gift i would probably put them in the trash or re gift it to somebody that hates good hot sauce.
EllenaEast Ellijay, GA

Great Stuff!

I kept two for myself, and gave the rest away as gifts to my friends who I work with overseas. I found a favorite amongst them and since then have ordered more from Mexigrocer. They are a good company too.
EliseoNiantic, CT

Excellent hot sauces

Excellent variety of hot sauces if you enjoy them. Two are a little too hot for me but some of my friends like them when they visit. I actually like to add them to spagetti and meat balls and cheese macaroni also. Of course, they many of them are good on fried foods and barbeque. I highly recommend buying this variety pack so you can see what you are missing.
RobbyCantil, CA

Great product – some things you won’t find in the store

I purchased this product for a Hot Sauce lover for Christmas and it went very well. There are a couple products here that I could get at a local grocer (I live in the midwest) but there were a few items that neither of us had seen or heard of before and he was anxious to try them. Maybe a Mexican grocer carries all of these but for the price and ease of use through amazon, this was a great buy.
RudolphManheim, PA

A terrific gift for the hot sauce lover

I purchased this as a gift and my friend loves it! It arrived right on time and the transaction went very well.
MozellaDixon, CA

Nice gift

I sent this to my brother for his birtday. He loves hot sauce and is always trying different brands. He said he liked it and that had some that he’d never tried before. Shipping was extremely fast.
MadelynHartville, OH

hot sauces

searching for replacement to sad-eyed sally’s bbq &blues. on my third bottle and so far so good,
SandeeForbes, MN

From a 3 to a 5

I tried to delete my original review of a 3, but for some reason can’t, so I’m writing this new one. My reason for originally giving this product a 3 was that it was a gift and I had expected the bottles to be in some kind of box. Now, I understand that was MY mistake, and that the photo doesn’t imply there’s a box, but human error happens. So why the star upgrade now? I’ve since received an email from MexGrocer asking if I would like a box, because they would be happy to send me one. I’m so flattered that not only would a vendor read my review, but that they would be willing to remedy MY error!! In short, I haven’t tasted the sauces yet, but can say without hesitation that the customer service from this vendor is TOPS!!
BrentonRufus, OR

Hot Sauces

Really spectacular hot and tasty sauces. I highly recommend this product to the hot sauce lovers out there. Great taste and just the right amount of heat.
LeahHolmdel, NJ

Not really a gift pack.

I purchased this “gift pack” for my cousin as a Christmas gift. He loves hot sauces and I thought this would be the perfect “usable” gift. While he was very happy with the sauces (before even tasting them), I was disappointed at the fact that this item was listed as a “gift pack.” When I think of a “gift pack” I think of something that is nicely boxed or packaged. What I received was a shipping box with 6 bottles of hot sauce, each individually wrapped in packing paper to avoid damage during shipping. They’re fine – don’t get me wrong – but not very presentable as a “gift.”
IndiaKaplan, LA

Mexgrocer Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Pack

MexGrocer Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Pack, 6 items We tried all six of the sauces in this gift pack. Each family member chose one and thoroughly enjoyed critiquing the taste and uses for that particular sauce. For instance,one was perfect with chicken wings, another was passed off to the family member who can never get anything hot enough.(The Habanero) It was a lot of fun. Shipping was speedy. It was packed well.The price was reasonable. We liked all of them.If you like spicy food,this is for you.
TrangSauk Centre, MN

Get them locally

This is a collection of 6 “hot” sauces that only cost about $1-$2 individually. After adding shipping, you’re paying at least 50% extra. You can get 4 of these at Food Lion: Cholula, Bufalo, Tapatio, & ElYucateco. All of these are mild, ElYucateco is a little hotter than a jalapeno, the rest are weaker.

Skip Bufalo all together. I’ve found 2 varieties, both were bland, and you might as well just pick up some MILD Tostitos or store brand salsa.

Cholula, Tapatio, & ElYucateco are worth trying, but don’t waste you’re money here, unless you really can’t find them in a grocery store. Be sure to look around, my local store has all of these in their Mexican section, however they also have other hot sauces in Condiments, Asian, & Produce.

Also, this set should most certainly NOT be given to a real hot sauce lover, they’ll have very likely already tried them.

JanyceMankato, KS