Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk, Vitamin D, 12 Ounce

Powdered Goat Milk by Meyenberg Goat Milk Products 12 oz Powder Powdered Goat Milk No BGH Antibiotics or Preservatives. A Convenient Real Milk Just Add Water Powdered Goat Milk Vitamin D Folic Acid 12 ounce can 12 ounce Powdered Goat Milk – Supplemented with vitamin D and Folic Acid. Makes 3 quarts of whole milk Convenient for traveling Ideal for mothers who want a real milk alternative for their cow milk and or soy sensitive children Enjoyed by food lovers and gourmets who appreciate its flavor and versatility in cooking Protein composition is closest to breast milk for supplementation Easy to Digest Higher in calcium vitamins A B and potassium than cows milk Kosher Nationally WIC Approved Available in the dry canned milk section at leading grocery and health food stores nationwide MEYENBERG Goat Milk is a healthy addition for the whole family diet – on cereal in your favorite recipes or right out of the glass.

Quick facts

  • Serving Size – 1 cup
  • Does Not Contain: Preservatives, antibiotics
  • High in calcium
  • Low in sodium
  • Natrual real milk alternative to cow and coy product

Top reviews

Not just for toddlers

Many years ago, I developed a taste for goat milk. I don’t what what it is about it, a little “gamie,” I guess, and not quite as much as sheep milk. (Truth be told, I’ve never had sheep milk, but the cheese therefrom, over and above it’s astromomical cost, doesn’t do that much for me).

Some of the bottled goat milk is quite expensive, and doesn’t quite have the goat taste as much as I like.

This powered milk is the tastiest of the goat milks. And, because it’s powdered, you can store it for quite a while.

People have tole me that it’s “better for you” than cow’s milk, and I haven’t researched that, nor do I care as much as I do for my preference for the taste of goat milk.

This stuff is wonderful, just a little of a hassle to mix and cool. (Without that minor hassle, I’d probably give it five stars).

Really, try it. It’ll grow on you!

KeithGibsonton, FL


This is the only milk that my daughter tolerate. She is five months old now and she loves this milk. It is fresh, light and easy to diggest.
BunnyIngold, NC

Closest to mother’s breastmilk

My chiropractor suggested that I use goats milk after I was done breastfeeding. It’s very easy to digest and was easy on my baby’s tummy.
DiedraCassadaga, NY

Great for skin care!

I ordered the powdered goat’s milk to make a rich milk wash from Ginger Garrett’s book “Beauty Secrets of the Bible”. I process it in a coffee grinder with oats, and it makes a great wash for my face. The price I got on this can was phenomenal compared with our local health food, and the shipping price is awesome! I was very pleased with this product.
ClaireHighland, MD

A godsend for infants!!!

My 5mo daughter has a severely sensitive stomach associated to an iron intolerance. She’s been formula fed since the beginning due to my personal choice. I went through 8 different commerical milk-based and soy-based formulas. A good friend of ours suggested goat’s milk. Her nephew was a failure to thrive baby and the ONLY formula he didn’t throw up was Goat’s Milk. I can easily find the liquid Goat’s Milk at our local grocery store. Unfortunately, I have yet to come across the powder at said grocery store. I was home visiting my parents and was in search of the liquid, but found the powder. Strange that a smaller grocery store in a much smaller metropolitian area would have the powder versus a very large grocery store in the US’s 4th largest metropolitian who just has the liquid.

Anyways, after 8 weeks of trial & error, we have a very happy 5mo baby. I wish would have found this formula earlier.
I added a mixture of goat’s milk and pulp-free, plain coconut water into my daughter’s feedings and it not only has cleaned her system out, but has stopped the colic, vomiting, reflux, constipation AND to replace her electrolytes. Again, I will repeat. Lower iron content equals happier, calmer baby. We still have the lingering green poops compliments of the iron oxidation; however, the iron tolerance has been greatly minimized. No colic, no vomiting, no reflux and no constipation. She has one bottle of coconut water/goat’s milk every day just to keep the GI tract from metabolizing the excess iron proteins and to replace her ever so important electrolytes. Ironically, she actually takes this formula mixture better than the traditional formulas!!

TyronGreen Pond, AL

Same as what we buy at whole foods, but cheaper

if you’re looking at this item, you probably already have your reasons for choosing goat milk and if you’ve tried this product from a grocery store, it is the same stuff. we like it and it’s a better price here if you buy in bulk to get shipping deals.
LavernaNorth Miami Beach, FL

Best baby formula for sensitive tummies

GREAT GREAT GREAT PRODUCT! The milk is GOD SENT for babies with sensitive tummies, who cannot take cow milk and/or soy. My 3-months old daughter had reflux, high acid level in her tummy, colics, gas and constipation varying with diarrhea. My husband and I are both foreign residents in Switzerland and I have to say that Swiss formula market is apolling in terms of choice, and useless doctors just kept medicating her instead of changing the cow milk formula to something more appropriate, just gave her more and more different drugs which only added to the problem. At some point she was crying all day long for several days!! I stopped listening to the doctors and did some online research- tried soy milk formula and lactose free formula (both Nestle), no changes. I tried all 3-4 cow milk formulas available on the Swiss market (Adapta, Holle, Milupa, Nestle) – no changes!
Finally I found a can of Meyenberg goat powder milk in the house, which I had bought previously for my organic cosmetics hobby- and gave it a try in a pure desperation. WHAT A CHANGE! She is like a different baby. ALL PROBLEMS GONE INSTANTLY- on the same day. I took the baby off all the medications these so-called specialists were overmedicating her with ( I am changing the pediatrician as well), and she feels perfect and is happier than I’ve ever seen her. I am stashing up with this milk now for a long time, as no Meyenberg milk is sold locally. Would highly recommend this product to all parents looking for a healthy solution for their babies- goat milk protein is much easier to digest by small tummies. Furthermore, historically, long before any commercial baby formulas were invented, goat milk (and NOT cow milk!!! soy was not even on the menu) was used for centuries to feed babies by mothers who could not breastfeed. Today, when everything is Marketing-driven and cow milk manufacturers are dominating the market, this fact is totally forgotten, and all of a sudden other products are advertised to be appropriate (on top of that commercial brands stuff their formulas with all sorts of ingredients and chemicals their imagination can come up with- no matter if good for babies or not). The Meyenberg goat milk has few, simple ingredients which do not overwhelm small tummies, it is fantastically nutricious, natural and tasty. My daughter cannot get enough of it- I never saw her having such a healthy appetite towards any other milk she was given.

The only request to the seller (the Vitamine Shoppe – actually one of the most professional sellers on Amazon)- please please please speed up your order processing! Although it arrived earlier than estimated (7 days instead of estimated 9 days after the order was placed), but the order processing itself took 5 days before it was actually shipped by expedited shipping. This is far too long, if the baby cannot eat anything else. If you could process orders faster- it would help a lot!
Thank you very much for shipping this product to Switzerland anyway (I think it is almost the only reliable seller who does)- it’s a life savior.

MachelleWhite Heath, IL

jaw dropper

Goat milk is closer to human milk that is cow milk. But go to the grocery store and try to purchase goat milk. It is super expensive, or it is simply not in stock. We looked for powdered milk in its stead and found that it too was expensive. HOWEVER, we bought in bulk from amazon and after the discounts, we were paying half price from the grocery store, including shipping!
MichikoNess City, KS

perfect for my toddler

My toddler loves this milk and we have been buying it locally for awhile, but at much, much higher prices. The lower price here makes it well worth the wait. -H
SuellenHillsdale, NY

A great product

I bought this milk for my toddler so I tasted it first for a couple of days…I just love it and so does my little one. It is a great substitute for cow’s milk and soy milk and it tastes great. I think that the fresh goat milk has a little bit of smell but this powdered one is just so rich, creamy and delicious. It does not mix easily with cold water so I use a small mixer/blender to mix it for a few seconds and it comes out even better!!
TrangSalem, SC

good stuff, keep in the fridge

Started my 1 year old on goat milk because his system couldn’t tolerate cows milk. He was a breastfed baby before that. I didn’t want to start him on soy because it has less fat and calories than whole cows milk. Mixing up batches of milk used to be a nightmare but i’ve learned a few tricks. Keep your canisters in the fridge, this makes the powder less “clumpy” and can be scooped out easily. Shake up the refrigerated canisters to break up clumps. Whisk powder into one part hot water (from the tap works for me) and when its all mixed in add one part cold water. Keep in the fridge in a covered container.
LynettaCoon Valley, WI

Convenient and great tasting

This product is great, especially for those of us who can’t have cow’s milk. In my opinion, this milk tastes similar to cow’s milk, except it is a little bit richer than cow’s milk. I don’t use a lot of milk so having the powdered milk is very convenient for me. I just mix some up when I need it. I love not having to go to the store just to buy milk and not having to throw out milk because it expired before I used it all. Shipping was fast.
MarianoEuclid, OH

good when u r allergic to cow milk

i’ve been using this products for more than a year for my son (5y) and my baby (2y)….both have allergy to cow milk…this product is better than the fresh goat milk because it is fortified with vitamins and other essencial metals and minerals
RoslynBenge, WA

Less travel but more work and taste

I buy goat milk for my daughter. The large cans last longer and even though it takes a little more work to prepare the powdered goat milk the taste is much better and you can make larger amounts with the power. This is the best way to buy goat’s milk, if you need it in quantity.
BrantMonarch, CO

I can’t imagine my life without this milk.

This goat milk is so amazingly delicious. The only way I can describe the taste is nostalgic. There is something so comforting about a warm glass of (powdered) goats milk. I usually have a glass every few nights so the can’ll last longer. I sleep better/deeper on nights when I’ve had goats milk.

For mothers whose children suffer from any sort of stomach/intestinal distress and you cannot breastfed for any reason, before you go to artificial sources of “milk” for your child, please give Goat’s milk a try. Goat’s milk is the only milk that is most similar to human breast milk, and the price is really inexpensive, especially when you look at other brands of baby formula being sold on the market.

MarisaSaunderstown, RI

The closest thing to FRESH GOAT milk

My poor baby was lactose intolerant and suffered from colics, so I had to give her that soy stuff I won’t even touch. When she turned 12-mon/old and thanks to a friend I found Meyenberq… My toddler loves it and after some research I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner. I have also tried fresh from the farm goat milk. OMG!!! is hard to get in NJ but totally worth it. I can order it online from a source and boil it at home. Can’t get fresher than that. Still love Meyernberq and use it when I need it. It worked out great for our vacation to the caribbean last week!

If you research store bought caw milk you will be disgusted at what you are drinking, specially the UHT stuff. Try raw milk. You can get it in Connecticut and NYC. Don’t be scared about the bad publicity, that is just another way to use “fear” to manipulate consumers. Be cautious and informed. Visit farms, boil it at home, wash your hands. That’s all it takes and if you are really comfortable, drink it raw! so many benefits you wouldn’t even believe. ENJOY!

BreannaCasa Grande, AZ


I am an adult, and I have been drinking this powdered goat milk for a year at the most. (love it) I only drink it when it’s chilled or really cold, straight out of the freezer. (oh my) Delicious! I also use goat milk to make chocolate milk and with cereal.
MintaMorgantown, PA

Another Great Amazon Find! 🙂

I use Meyenberg powdered goat milk as a feeding supplement for my baby. It’s fortified with Vitamin D and very convenient in its powdered form. If your baby has issues with infant formula being to harsh on their tummy, you might consider researching goat milk. And if you choose to feed your baby goat milk, I highly recommend this brand. The price is MUCH lower online here than in local natural foods stores where the availability is spotty. And the shipping price is super low too! This is a routine buy for my family.
WilbertFairdale, KY

Goat’s Milk Powder for Handmade Soaps

Good price and very reasonable shipping. I use this in handmade soap bars. Delivered fast.
HiltonNew Windsor, IL


This is great, especially made me feel better after researching milk and finding that goat’s milk is closer to human milk then cow’s milk…so on those rare occasions I needed a bottle for my babies, I felt good about offering this as an alternative to my breast milk! I now offer it to my whole family and we all love it!!!
LorrieDucor, CA

Great Product!

We have a now two week old Clydesdale/Quarter Horse cross colt who was born on our farm and whose mother not only rejected him but attacked him. He spent the first 7 days of his life in an equine Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Mare’s milk replacer alone gave him diarrhea, but when goat’s milk was added, he had no more problems. When we brought him home, we were scrambling to find enough goat’s milk for him. He has 8 oz added to each feeding and we feed him every 2 hours around the clock. Luckily, we found this product on Amazon and now we have plenty of a high quality goats milk in a form that will last for months until reconstituted. Thanks, Amazon, for carrying this great product. My husband and I and Blazer thank you.
KarleenWaldron, WA

Great For Smoothies

This is the best (goat’s milk) I have found…..
It makes a GREAT smoothie.
Meyenberg is pasterized with no preservatives, digests easily and kosher.
I mix 1 TBSP with a powdered meal replacement, add 1 pkg stevia,spring water, frozen fruit and some ice
blend in blender and YUMMY. Another suggestion is: FUZE strawberry guava beverage 1 TBSP goat milk, 1/3 cup silk vanilla creamer, ice and BLEND. Experiment with other flavors too!
It is creamy and smooth tasting and is a HEALTHY substitute in place of cows milk.
Write to the company and get recipes for other uses.
I think you will enjoy…give it a try
BillyParkersburg, WV

Great product

I buy this for my granddaughter who cannot tolerate baby formula – we’ve tried them all. She loves this goat milk! I’ve tasted it – tastes MUCH better than formula!!
MarcelaHaugan, MT

My baby loves it!

Best part about Goat milk for babies is the LACK of constipation and spit up. He just loves it!
ShinEldorado, OH

Great substitute!

This product was a great substitute will I was waiting for my doe to kid. Excellent tasting and easy to make.
LaveniaBell Gardens, CA


my son has allergies to soya and dairy i happen to come across this milk through a relative and my son loves it the only down side its impossible to get it in London and it costs alot to get it shipped over to London the shipping cost me almost the same price I pay for a dozen cans. is there any where in London I can get the product?
ShirleenPelican, AK

Fast Free shipping

I always purchase the powdered goat milk for my baby’s formula. Its easier to digest and does not get thrown up like regular formulas. I was disappointed at first when the shipment was going to take a couple weeks to arrive; but surprizingly, it showed up after about a week. They locked in at the best price and also sold me on free shipping. Can’t argue with that!
WileyWaterbury Center, VT

The next best thing to breast milk!

This stuff is terrific for newborns and anyone through age 3 and for anyone who can’t drink milk. It has helped our daughter so much.
ThomasThor, IA


MaritzaIsom, KY

Goat milk Rescue dog food

Adopted a rescue Irish Setter and used this to put weight on him. Fresh is better but not quite as available
KendalBarnett, MO