Michel Cluizel Les 1ers Crus de Plantation – Sample Box of Single Origin Chocolate – 28 Dark Chocolate Squares

New look! Please consider new design of the box; the new image is posted on a page. Chocolate is the same. “Coffret 1-ers Crus de Plantation”. 28 assorted Dark and Milk Squares. The main product advantages: travel aromatic cocoa plantations in the 5; adapted to the tasting with a coffee; individual protection of each square; leaflet included;

Quick facts

  • dark chocolate tasting squares
  • milk chocolate tasting squares
  • premium chocolate tasting box
  • wine and chocolate tasting
  • French chocolate

Top reviews

simply fabulous

this selection of chocolates are simply fabulous and i do hope they will be available again as soon as possible. I want to give this selection as a gift to the many chocolate lovers I know.
EvonneBarlow, OH

Eye opening chocolate collection

We prize individuality in wines and coffees, we seek the individual flavors of favored Chateaus, the hand picked beans of particular farms, so why not in chocolate too? It was a revelation to me, these individual chocolates. The variety and distinct tastes! It’s another culinary world to explore. If only these would become available again, or another similar package.
SuBranchville, VA