Mikakuto Tokuno Japanese Milk Candy, 3.69-Ounce Bags

A Deliciously Rich Hard Candy that has Full Milk Flavor and Contains 8.2% Butter Fat. Only Select Fresh Cream is Used to Make these Premium Candies from Japan

Quick facts

  • Individually Wrapped Candy
  • Premium Ingredients
  • Case Pack
  • Rich Milk and Butter Flavor

Top reviews

The best Japanese milk candies; taste like sweetened condensed milk!

I fell in love with these delicious little hard candies after a trip to a small Japanese import store. If you’ve ever enjoyed tres leches cake, eaten a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk straight from the can, or delighted in the taste of dulce de leche, then you will likely adore these candies as well.

About the size of a small marble, these cream-colored hard candies melt slowly into a rich, sweet milky flavor that manages to avoid being too cloyingly sweet. If you’re the kind to crunch your candies, these will offer a pleasant resistance and crack/crunch satisfyingly under your teeth. The flavor is superb; I prefer to savor mine slowly, sometimes enjoying one along with a rich cup of dark coffee to enhance the sweet milky taste.

Unlike any candy flavor found in traditional US markets, Japanese milk candies are a special treat. These Mikakuto Tokuno UHA 8.2 milk candies are the cream of the crop–the best of the best! You’ll definitely want to purchase these in bulk.

SueannHighwood, MT

The most richest and delicious milk candy ever!

If you like milk and sweets, you have to try this! 12 packs barely lasted me 1 month, it is so good! Hard candy, very concentrated milk flavor, and just the right amount of sweetness! To me, they taste pretty similar to sweetened condensed milk. They are individually wrapped, so I always keep a handful in the purse, in my pockets, never be without one when on break time!
CedricPalos Hills, IL


I really an not a big candy consumer HOWEVER these little puppies are truly amazing! Dangerously so. Just about the best discovery I’ve made this year! The only problem is they are never in stock!!!! If you can manage getting a bag you’ll wish you bought more. Condensed milk in the creamiest hard candy I’ve ever had!
AlyciaScott, MS


I stumbled upon these candies at a local asian food market. I wish I had bought more. They taste like sweetened condensed milk, better than those werther’s type caramels IMO. really yummy. If I had bought more than one bag maybe I would have shared with the kids.. maybe next trip 🙂
OdeliaLansing, KS

expiration date is in Aug 2012!

I got the 12 pack of this , but cant not believe the expiration date is Aug this year, it s Mar 15 already. hw can i finish all 12 packs before August
AllenReva, SD