Mild-Hot Italian Sausage Seasoning

Italian (mild-hot) Sausage Seasoning. Product flavor; Caraway, coriander, fennel, paprika, black pepper, red pepper. Allergen; soy

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  • Allergen; soy

Top reviews

Very good seasoning

This some good sausage seasoning, has a great garlic taste, I use half the recommended seasoning on a 10lb mix and its just right for me. Great product
DanaeSierra City, CA

way too salty

I know others like salt more than I do but I am not on a salt free diet or anything like that. I love sausage but this was way too salty for my taste.
AlexandraDilliner, PA

Italian Sausage Success

This is a great blend for Italian Sausage. It makes a mild sausage with a little kick. It does 50 lbs of sausage and I make it in 10 lb batches. I measured the level of the blend(5″) and with a permanent marker made lines every inch on the container for my 10 lbs of meat. I ground up my shoulders, mixed in the spices, then reground a second time. Some of the best sausage I have ever had. Tastes like NY style sausage with the fennel in it. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to save money on sausage. I estimated I have about 1.75 a pound into it where store bought is over 3.50 a pound. It is also very healthy. I will be purchasing other blends in the future to also try.
ArlineWhite House, TN

takes a special person

so i tried the garlic one and i made a mistake…. and didn’t wear a gas mask when i used it … i LOVE garlic but wow this is over powering in powder form when i first got it i opened it up to give it a smell and almost fell over it was like i got mased eyes tearing up nose burning regardless i bought it im trying it and i mix up some sausage and if you add water like it says it gets toned down so you can work with it after stuffing it and letting it sit for 24hrs for the casing to firm up i grilled them and im not impressed its not bad like someone just dumped a bunch of garlic powder in my sausage and no other spices i feel like it needs more flavor then JUST garlic powder i mean even salt and pepper would be nice
ArdenStone Lake, WI

Mild/Hot Italian Sausage seasoning

We followed the directions closely for a 10 lb. mix of 1/2 venison and 1/2 pork. (We did mix the seasoning directly into the meat, then added a bit of water.) We then let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. We fried some patties up the next morning to taste test.

The pepper seasoning came through, not excessively so, but it did linger a bit. I have been known to like things hot (although my tastes have mellowed with age) and I would rate this between mild and medium. I have tasted commercially prepared breakfast sausage that tasted hotter. It definitely makes this a great sausage for using in spaghetti and other italian dishes. By itself, the sausage is very flavorable. We plan to pack 1/2 into casings and bulk store the rest for cooking Italian dishes.

I do agree with one reviewer, it is a bit salty tasting and could be toned down a bit. But, it is within the limits for a spicy sausage and will be fine used in other Italian recipes, IMHO.

I would buy this again, but back off of the amount to mix into the meat (due to the salt) and add other Italian seasonings.

ChereeOld Mission, MI