Milk Chocolate Rocks 3 pound bag

These beautiful milk chocolate candy pebbles look like the real thing! They taste great. They make great favors and gifts for themed events, such as golf or garden. They also make great decorations for cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. They range in size from ~.25″ to ~1.5″ These are handmade, therefore no two are exactly alike! There will be lot to lot variations. These are also known as candy rocks, chocolate rocks, chocolate pebbles, rock candy, and rock chocolates, but they are OUR candy pebbles! And they are delicious!

Quick facts

  • Hard Candy Shell
  • Milk Chocolate
  • 3 pound bag
  • ~200 pebbles per pound
  • Great for Garden Events

Top reviews

These candy pebbles rock!

(sing to “Tiny Bubbles)
Candy pebbles, oh so sweet-
They’re jelly beans, and really neat.
Go and eat some in the sauna-
And you can find your own Nirvana.
LianaFreedom, ME

Chocolate Aquarium Gravel

I first tasted this item at the Georgia Aquarium and brought back some as gifts. Once they ran out, everyone was addicted. These are THOSE SAME candy pebbles and they’re GREAT! Authentic looking and great tasting.
TaylorUkiah, CA

Wow! How sweet it is!

I loved every pebble of this candy. I was going to use it at a jewelry show, but I ate it all up before.
AlethaWellsville, OH

Country Elligance Theme

We used the candy pebbles for a wedding placing them in small galvanized buckets as favors. Everyone thought this was a unique idea for a “country elligance” wedding theme. There were also many comments as to how good they tasted.
PetronilaBurns, TN

Chocolate rocks.. Rock!

These were a big hit at my son’s Jurassic park Party! They were well worth the money! Very good too and a little goes a long way!
KristalNisswa, MN

Very poor quality

I ordered these rocks for my grandson’s birthday. I was charged for a 3lb bag and received a 1lb bag. Half of the candy was melted together into one large piece. The rest of it was broken and unattractive. The candy is very good but the condition was very bad. This is the first time in 3 years of shopping on Amazon that I have ever had to return anything. The other reviews are very good because the candy itself is very good. I was so disappointed.
GilmaCarney, OK

Taste like M&M’s

These are great. I ordered these for a nautical themed bridal shower to give away as favors. They look like they shouldn’t be edible, just like stones, but they taste great. Exactly like M&Ms to be exact, and who doesn’t like M&M’s? There were some that were broken in the bottom, the seller shipped in a bag and I think if these were shipped in a box there would be less broken,… but there are 3 pounds of them, so the broken ones are essentially negligible. The centers were slightly melted, but it was hot out and this did not destroy the integrity of the product. Some time inside room temperature or a refrigerator would solve this problem anyway. I would recommend these.
AlenaBartley, NE

Great treat, great gift

I purchased this as a treat for my niece. She loved the chocolates and loved tricking people that she was tasting rocks. Everyone that tried them said they were delicious. I get to keep my cool uncle title for 1 more year!
BeulaMahaska, KS