Milk/Dark Family Assortment 1 lb

an assortment of popular, gourmet milk and dark chocolates

Quick facts

  • An assortment to please both milk and dark chocolate lovers !
  • Containing cherrie cordials, caramels, soft crème centers,nut clusters, and meltaways
  • Covered in rich Gorant milk and dark chocolate
  • All fresh ingredients
  • Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union

Top reviews

Delicious candy!

This has got to be one of the better tasting brands of chocolates out there on the market. Tried a sample of it, got hooked and ordered it over and over again. Everyone I’ve given it to always says how good it tastes. Makes a wonderful gift or even just as something to treat yourself to! Have tried several kinds, the Mill Creek, the Family Assortment, the white chocolate pretzels. In one word, DELICIOUS.
LawanaSwengel, PA

Gift for family members

I can only tell you that it was all eaten in short order by my sister and daughter.
It was a gift but they are long distance so I didn’t get to eat any.


FrankieHamilton, MI

Melted mess

UPS just delivered this, and it was a melted mess. It’s not a big circular box, as pictured, but a rather small, rectangular box (with perhaps half the chocolates as pictured – if wrappers count). And when we opened the box, what we found was a box of chocolate sauce. No individual piece survived. What a mess. ADDENDUM: I complained of this Saturday evening. By Monday afternoon they processed a full refund, including shipping fees. Guess it was just a fluke.
AudriaRushville, MO