milkmakers lactation cookies – variety pack, one month supply


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These cookies are simply amazing! They taste absolutely delcious, and they really did help me increase my milk supply for my son in only a matter of days! They are one of a kind, worth every penny, and I highly recommend them to anyone struggling with milk supply, or just looking for a delicious treat!
DeanneHumphrey, AR

I was skeptical, but yes they work!

My background: I’m a working mom who exclusively breastfeeds. I know my infant is receiving plenty of breastmilk when he nurses at home. My downfall is pumping at work. I only get 3 pump sessions with less than 15 minutes for each one. I usually pump at work before I start, during my lunch break (and eat lunch at my desk) and about 2 hours before I drive home. My commute is a bit more than an hour each way. I was struggling hard to fill four bottles of 4 oz of breastmilk a day that my son drinks. Three for the daycare and one at home for my husband to use until I can make it home. We had just wiped out my barely there frozen supply and I was spending the weekends pumping like mad when my infant wasn’t nursing to build that extra supply back up. I had been trying the Mother’s Milk Herbal tea, which seemed to only give me the runs and cause massive gas in my infant. I didn’t appreciate running to the bathroom all the time, but my infant got a kick out of tooting all day with the tea.

I can’t remember where I read about the lactation cookies before, but I was getting at wits end, especially when I started to pump even LESS. I guess since my son is at the 6 month mark, or my body might be trying to kick start ovulation, I don’t know and it was driving me crazy. I tried extending my sessions at work and taking hits on annual leave to pump enough. My infant doesn’t tolerate formula well and we didn’t want to supplement him with the expensive formula, so I figured these cookies would be work a try.

What to expect: I started by eating two cookies a day. Don’t expect to eat one of these cookies and double your pump amount that evening. I tried eating two cookies a day and by the end of the third day I had the ‘man, my boobs really hurt’ kinda sensation. I was at home, not at work, so I let my son nursing and then successfully pumped an extra ounce after he was done. I thought to myself ‘damn, that was awesome’. It was. I now had some extra milk. When work started, I noticed a slight increase. I usually pump anywhere from 3-5oz a session. When I ordered milkmakers cookies, I was leaning more towards pumping 3 oz a session and spending about 20 min with a Lactina double pump to do so. It’s now been almost a full week since I started having two cookies a day and now I’ll be sitting at work and I know it’s time to pump because I have the slight engorgement feeling, something I haven’t had since the first few weeks of initially breastfeeding. And, how do I say this without sounding crass….when I pump, more comes out faster….so instead of taking 20 minutes to just get 4 oz, in about 10 minutes I’m pretty much done pumping, even though I keep on going. My supply while pumping at work has gone from around 3 oz lately to just about 4 oz, and sometimes topping 5 oz again.

The extra bonus is first thing in the morning when my infant falls back asleep after feeding I can manage to pump an additional 1-3 oz depending on how hungry he was when he nursed.

Overall, I’m pretty darn impressed. My husband even agrees the money toward the milkmaker cookies is worth it, and yes, he’s tried a bite of a cookie and it’s pretty tasty too. We’re not big fan of formula, so we figure the cost of a 1 month supply of cookies would cost the same as one and half canisters of the speciality formula we’d have to buy IF we went the formula route.

I’m happy I can continue to breastfeed my son and I can pump enough at work each day to have bottles ready for him at daycare and when my husband picks him up. I DO try and get my son to ‘top up’ before I drop him off in the morning.

The only downside is the oatmeal and brewers yeast in these cookies gives me gas, but I’d rather have mild gas than the runs like the Herbal tea gave me.

MerrillLawrenceburg, KY

Tasty way to increase milk!

First off these cookies are very tasty! I like that you can store them in your freezer and just take one out as needed. I think the only problem is just eating one a day!! Of course I did that but I thought about my next cookie lol!! So the real question is did they work for me. Let me give you a little back story. I’ve been nursing for about 21 months and my supply was really dwindling. My little one wasn’t happy about that though. So I gave them a try and I was impressed with the increase! Definitely noticeable after about 3 days. This was an easy way to boost supply rather than taking many supplements and such. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed a boost.

**Disclaimer – I received a sample for review purposes. As always my thoughts are my own. You can read the full review on (just search for Milkmakers in the search box)***

RemediosMetaline, WA