Milkshake Malted Milk Powder – 2 lb Bag

A little bit of this powder brings your malt milkshakes to a whole new level. Experience the taste of traditional malts and recreate the popular drinks of the nostalgic soda fountain days! An asset to any good milkshake, malt powder is a must-have when it comes to your ice cream shop supplies. Impress your customers, enhance your menu and increase your sales with authentic old-fashioned treats. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made by PDI Cone. Adds tons of flavors to shakes and other drinks. Allows you to recreate the taste of old-fashioned soda fountain drinks. For a cold malted shakes, stir in 3 to 4 heaping teaspoons per glass of cold milk. For thicker malted shakes, add ice cream and blend. For hot malted drinks, stir in 2 to 3 heaping teaspoons per cup of hot milk. Specs: Contains: 2 lb of malted milk powder.

Quick facts

  • A little bit of this powder brings your malt milkshakes to a whole new level.
  • An asset to any good milkshake.
  • Made by PDI Cone.
  • Allows you to recreate the taste of old-fashioned soda fountain drinks.
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Top reviews


I had been looking for a good malt for milkshakes I worked making ice cream so it had to be good and this one is great . Love it. Super good malted milk shakes. Try it.
WillodeanHomer, MI

Not as good as I expected….

I was disappointed with this malt powder. It really doesn’t have a very strong malt flavor. The Carnation Malt powder you can buy in the grocery store is far superior taste wise to this product. You have to use an amazing amount of this stuff to get close to tasting “malty”. So, today I bought a jar of the Carnation at the store to add to this so it doesn’t go to waste. Sorry Kegworks, this is just more like instant milk flavor than a true “MALT” flavor. By the way, the Carnation is also cheaper than this. Postage was way too high, but I didn’t mind paying it expecting to get a superior product.
ArchiePleasant City, OH

Instant Malt Flavor

This product arrived quickly and it is exactly as shown and advertised. The shipping costs were high, to me, but it did insure fast arrival. I bought another item at the same time i am still waiting for.(week longer so far) So, if the need for a quick malted drink is moving you, this did its best to quench that urge.
I have used it in various things as i had done with my malt additives in the past. i used it with the homemade yogurt I now use instead of the hand packed french vanilla for my shakes people now call smoothies. I used it to add to the flavor of a cheesecake i make (coconut/malt, standard vanilla/malt,etc) It most definitely helped the cheesecakes and the shakes benefited as well.
My only issue, and not a complaint really, is the flavor isnt what i was looking for. It has its own flavor, for sure and i didnt need a ton of it for the presence to be noticed. I found the flavor pleasant enough and the fact that it was instant helped too. I started using the malted milkshake flavors a long time ago and i didnt know of any retail instant types. some had to be ‘melted’ like or made into a syrup with hot water before i could successfully make them fully disperse into my shakes. that was 50yrs ago and i worked at a place where we made malted milks/shakes and the product was not the same as what i could get from the normal retail store. That is the flavor i am looking for, just the malt, none of the other flavors, vanilla or whatever sweeteners that is added to the mixes. i can not detract from this product because it is good, easy to use and about the same price as the big name brand, a bit more maybe. It should suit the tastes of a great majority of customers. Only a few might not love it but that is the case with any product.
MagdaleneRhodes, MI

Great Tasting Malt

I have longed for a great tasting malt for years, but have never had one until using this milkshake malt. It’s delicious and brings back wonderful memories.
BobbyePoughkeepsie, NY