Millstone Cinnamon Hazelnut Ground Coffee, 1.75 Ounce Packages


Quick facts

  • Enjoy this blend of premium grade Arabica coffees with quality cinnamon hazelnut flavoring
  • Coffee beans are light-roasted to allow emergence of the cinnamon hazelnut flavor

Top reviews


A fellow reviewer said something I remember now clear as daylight: All flavored coffees are below par for once the flavor is injected or whatever into the ground coffee it will mask all the mediocre aspects. He also said that it it better to buy good quality coffee and then add vanilla, hazelnut, etc., for this will yield a much better cup of coffee. Today, after a series of purchases of many flavored coffees I wish I would have followed the sound advice it provided. Millstone Cinnamon Hazelnut Ground Coffee,, 1.75-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12) was the poorest of the lot as far as taste and quality is concerned. Had to drink if first and get rid of it for I always try to save the best for last but so far the other flavors have been only slightly better. Not the best by a long shot. Now that I have become an expert there is a definite taste or should I say, after taste?, that lowers the expectation of the product. Will buy pure vanilla, hazelnut, etc and when I want this flavors on a cup of coffee will add it in the end. Maybe they use the “runt of the litter”, sort of speak, for these flavored offerings. 3 Stars, Average at best…
ShaniDodge, TX

Enjoy THIS coffee thoroughly

After drinking cheap coffee for years, I tried more expensive coffees. This is the coffee I like the best and I return to time after time.
DustyNorth Billerica, MA

My favorite morning coffee

Maybe I’m not a “proper” coffee drinker, but I don’t find the flavor “inferior” at all. For me, this is the perfect morning coffee. The cinnamon and hazelnut flavors fill me with a warm, satisfied feeling, and the caffeine lifts me out of my groggy morning fog. The rest of the day I’ll drink plain coffee, but when I first roll out of bed in the morning, what I want is a cup of cinnamon hazelnut.
ElaHenryetta, OK

Tasty Coffee!

We have a new favorite coffee…this is some very tasty stuff..excellent value ..order arrived quickly..highly recommended!
WilliemaeStarkville, MS

Excellent coffee.

I just put the ground coffee in tepid water and stick it in the fridge for 24 hours. Drink hot or cold.
ChaunceyRoyalton, MN