Millstone French Vanilla Ground Coffee, 1.75 Ounce Packages

Artificially flavored coffee. Rich, soothing sweetness and tantalizing aroma. Our passionate commitment to gourmet coffee begins high in the remote mountains, where sun, rain and soil combine to produce exceptionally rich Arabica coffee beans.

Quick facts

  • Light-roasted blend of premium grade Arabica beans enhanced with the smooth flavor of vanilla
  • You’ll love the incredible aroma and rich flavor
  • Coffee beans are light roasted to allow emergence of the vanilla flavor

Top reviews


Very good and would buy again. Got them as a subscribe and save item so even better. Would I recommend this? Yes.
MalenaCedarcreek, MO

Love this stuff!

I love this stuff, and love that it is pre-measured. I am grateful that they are making it available in packages of 12 so that it is less expensive than buying it individually. This makes it less expensive, and without a trip to the grocery store!
CortezCenter, ND