MIO Fruit Punch, 1.6-Ounce

MiO, the first-ever liquid water enhancer, gives you the power to have your drink your way. It comes in six flavors and has zero calories.

Quick facts

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Refreshing taste

Top reviews

Water Sensations needs to come back

This product is Ok at best. I bought it hoping it would hold up to the now vanished Water sensations. Not even close. I am not sure why the other product left the market, hands down the best water flavoring ever made. I don’t think I would buy this product again.
VenitaJoanna, SC

A delicious treat

Well, since some other user decided they’d paste their review on to each flavor allow me to give my short but sweet review:

MiO is delicious. I like that I can just put in the tiniest of splashes in my drink and just have a hint of flavor… or splash a lot in and get a real flavorful experience. It’s a quick and easy thing to use. It’s also fun to watch it splash into the water. I’ve also found it’s good to flavor different types of alcohol.

In regards to the criticism by other reviewers for it containing propylene glycol – don’t be in a panic like them. propylene glycol is harmless unless ingest massive quantities of it. Using a canard like “it’s considered harmful to pets so humans shouldn’t ingest it!” is just alarmist behavior. Chocolate is harmful to dogs. Better not eat that then!

Lastly, in regards to it having so many “food colorings” – well, if you don’t like anything that flavors your water to have anything artificial in it, squeeze a lemon into it. Put a dash of sugar. Or just drink the water plain. You know what you’re getting into when you buy this stuff.

Bottom line: This is my new favorite drink flavoring. I will be buying from them again and again.

PearlieMinong, WI

Sickingly Sweet and devoid of nutrition

Here’s a list of ingredients:
water, malic acid, propylene glycol, citric acid, sucralose, acesulfame k, red 40, yellow 5, blue 1, potassium sorbate.
Quite a concoction of synthetic chemicals. The acesulfame K even has an Acceptable Daily Intake established by the FDA. It’s not really something people should be consuming at any level. The rest of the ingredients are almost as bad. Red 40 and yellow 5 may cause hyperactivity in children. Potassium sorbate is a mold inhibitor for long shelf life. Propylene glycol is basically radiator fluid, but is also used in personal lubricants and to lubricate enema nozzles. Sucralose is just chlorinated sugar. There’s less than 2% natural ingredients on the list.
I think I’ll pass on this corporate concoction of non-nutritive chemicals.
ChristinaElm, PA


I wanted to kick my soda habit, so I thought I would give it a try. The fruit punch does taste GOOD, with a little funny after taste though. It was so good I downed two cups quickly. Then my throat started felling like it was closing and I felt really thirsty. I dont know if it was an allergic reaction or what. Then I read the ingredients and googled some of them. WOW they are scary, so of them are found in cosmetics, radiator fluid, ect. Look them up yourself and see for your own eyes. I tossed mine in the trash. Too bad they cant come up with a healthy, chemical & dye free one.
GailMayking, KY

why so expensive on here

its cheaper in the grocery stores and u can find $1 off coupons online and print as many of them as you want which means a 4 pk would be $10 bucks instead of $20.
OmegaPrinceton, NJ

Too sweet, with tiny portions!

I work in a very hot locality, at least when it’s summertime. My group and I get very thirsty. We discussed this (argued, actually…) and decided to order some fruit punch so we’d have a break from drinking the water here (it has lots of minerals and tastes like poison). We ordered five 4-packs of this fruit punch, there are four of us and figured it would last awhile. But we were shocked when we opened the package. The bottles are only 1.6 ounces – this is less than one twentieth of a liter, or one thousandth of a cubic foot! The hole under the cap is very tiny, you can’t drink from it or even fit a straw. We cut them open with knives and tried to soothe our parched throats, but the mixture is so extremely sweet it only made us thirstier. Plus the shape of the bottle is very hard to keep on the handlebars of your bicycle if it is in motion. Please make the bottles bigger (maybe a liter or so) and put a hole for a lanyard so I can tie it to my bicycle or hang around my neck. Bless you for your quick mailings!!!
RubyBenton, KS

No Taste

My girlfriend and I are regular drinkers of flavor-pack enhanced water (read: hate plain water). I saw ads for this on TV and figured I’d give it a try. I have to say we both hate the taste and it by far does not add nearly enough flavor to water no matter how much you put it. I would not recommend[ this product at any price, go with the classic powder flavor packs; [ASIN:B001EQ4HEE Crystal Light On The Go Fruit Punch Drink Mix, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)]]
DaisyEast Bank, WV

Awful, synthetic taste that is nowhere near “fruit punch”

Good idea, horrible execution. Mio Fruit Punch smells and tastes more like liquid strawberry jello powder. It’s just truly disgusting and an insult to the water it’s put into.


LiliaElida, NM

nasty taste never buy again

bought these thinking they were going to be good but was I wrong. Had a very artificial taste to it just going to stick to plain water.
AngelenaPierson, IA

Delicious, but…

I’ve been a heavy water drinker for the past year. I burn through probably 10-15 bottles in any given day. I don’t typically watch television, so I didn’t know of this products existence until I was clued in by a friend of mine. I jumped straight to the 4-pack because it was much cheaper than paying $4 per bottle at the local grocery stores, and I figured if it was good, it’d be nice to have it with me. I received the product and was eager to taste it. I was pleasantly surprised by how little I had to use of the Fruit Punch flavor and how vibrant the taste was. One bottle lasted a whole week, even with my water consumption rate. The only downside is, now I seem to have to urinate three times more frequently than before using this product. I was literally in the middle of using the restroom, and it hit me again. Longest. Pee. Ever. Still delicious though, just an odd side-effect.
GeorgianaShirley, MA

Good taste & packaging but excessive food coloring

I’m not someone who believes food coloring is unhealthy – I don’t think there’s any scientific evidence to support that allegation. HOWEVER, given that I can buy a powder with little or no coloring in it, which MIGHT be healthier, AND not worry about getting a stain on my clothing from a drop or two, I’m not buying this or Crystal Light – though I like the flavor of both.

A woman at work had a bottle of this in her desk. We had been talking about needing to drink more water and I told her that I buy Propel powder packets when they are on sale as I will drink more water when it is flavored. She offered me this to try. I was VERY disappointed when this concentrate came out with such intense color.

I guess there have been some consumer/marketing studies that indicate colored concentrate is favored by a lot of people or the maker of this wouldn’t spend the money to add the coloring.

I’m glad I got to try it without buying it. The one thing that attracted me to it was the packaging – I hate cutting open several packets a day of Propel powder and throwing them away. I don’t know why Propel isn’t sold in a cannister with a scoop as that would be much better for the environment than all those little packets and I’m guessing a lot of people would buy it because the lemon flavor one has almost no color and is available in a zero calorie version.

I’ll keep looking for a concentrate or powder that isn’t too expensive per serving, doesn’t have a lot of food coloring in it, and is packaged in a way that generates less waste. In the meantime I’ll keep cutting open packets of Propel at home to make pitchers of the stuff, and packets at work to add to my water.

MarlonTempleton, IA

Tastes kind of like a melted Popsicle

I just tried the fruit punch for the first time. I like it but it reminds me of a slightly diluted melted Popsicle. Not bad but I think I prefer the powder alternative flavor more as far as taste. What I like is that I can have any amount of water and still use this, it doesn’t have to be exactly a water bottle or pitcher amount. I can have an 8 ounce cup of water or 20 ounces and still use this by altering the amount. Also very convenient to keep in your purse or pocket. I would buy it again for the convenience factor more so than for the flavor.
AlissaBay Springs, MS

excelent mio fruit punch

this product is very good. I intented to purchase alot more of this product.Please plan on keeping this pproduct on hand at all times.
JackJohns Island, SC

Not great, especially when using the recommended amount

I liked the idea of this, but I find this flavor to be way to sweet and strong, especially if you follow the instructions of 1 squeeze per 8 ounce serving. If you follow that, this fruit punch flavor tastes like slightly watered down but sweeter Hawaiian Punch…which to me is way too sweet and artificial tasting. If I add about 1 squeeze to 16 ounces it is drinkable as a lightly flavored water, but I still prefer the taste of Propel. I plan to try a couple other flavors and see if those are better, but I don’t think I’ll buy this one again.
TommyBig Creek, CA

I think I have a new addiction

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with Mio. I agree with others that it takes more than one squeeze to flavor a glass of water, but the end result is far better than the metallic sweetness of most diet sodas. I also like that there is less waste than single serve powdered zero calorie mixes. Now, if only it offered some vitamins…
BryceToone, TN

Handy, and tastes great, excellent with crushed ice

I tried this, and liked it- now I am loving it!

I have bought all the flavors, and prefer Fruit Punch, Strawberry, and Sweet Tea the most. The flavor is not for the shy – a little goes a LONG way. In some ways, it IS similar to Crystal Light, which I have enjoyed for decades ( For those mature enough to remember, that product was launched with Linda Evans, at the time, Dynasty’s “Krystal”… Crystal Light is also a KRAFT product).

MiO is easier to use, and has better color, and is super-easy to transport- to the office, to the gym, where ever you might be. The fruit punch reminds me of a popsicle at a theme park ( in my case 60’s and 70’s!). Needless to say, a very positive memory!

So far, I have used it in regular and sparkling water, and enjoyed it. Have also used it with a SodaStream unit, with excellent results. But the best is with crushed ice – much like a “Sno-Cone” -beyond GOOD! Just put it in a personal, or regular size blender, add some ice, and 30 seconds later – a refreshing treat! PERFECT after a workout, a run, or just a long day.

(okay, I admit, one could add a dash of vodka to that as well, for an evening event….yum!)

VivianaBemidji, MN

My Preferred Choice

*I’m a BzzAgent, I received this product free to try out.
Okay, so I’m a college student who has spent most of her life in the countryside. I am definitely not used to city water. The water on campus is incredibly disgusting, vile even. I try to bring as much from home as I can, but I run out quickly or it goes bad. I’m not the kind of person who would buy water, so instead I have resorted to flavor enhancers.
Most I try aren’t that great; just makes it taste like water with a slight hint of flavor which is sometimes sour. MiO, however, is definitely my new favorite.
I received MiO fruit punch. After trying it out, it never leaves my backpack so it’s always there if I need it. It tastes great, is convenient to use, and closes tightly to prevent messes. Unlike most water flavor enhancers, this can fool you into thinking you’re not even drinking water. It’s great to use if you’re trying to replace unhealthy drinks such as soda.

~Small packaging so can be put into purses or backpacks easily.
~Cap locks well, haven’t experienced any stains and spills when dropping it.
~Easy to use, it’s just 1 squeeze per 8 oz of water (which is basically 2 for a bottle of water, which is what I normally use.)
~Tastes better than competitor products

~If you manage to spill it will stain a bit.
~Seems like it would run out quickly or that it wouldn’t live up to it’s claim of 24 servings.

LashonDaisy, GA

Normal usage = 27 servings tested for me, and about the coloring

I posted a picture in the Peach Tea MiO product that says it all about servings:some of the reviews seem skeptical so I started keeping track with a mark after each use. My usage was 27 servings from one bottle. The fruit punch did as well as the peach tea for me, 27 servings.

Some people have said these have too much food color in them but I realized why: the color is serving strength feedback. People expect fruit punch to be a certain color so they heavily color the MiO so that you’ll get the color you expect at the dosage you should use. This is clearly purposeful product design.

I drank this at my desk and during workouts to get some flavor without empty calories and it worked great.

ChristelSmall Point, ME

Delicious, well designed and a good value

I’ve only had the fruit punch flavor of Mio, but I’m very pleased with it. The flavor is great and you don’t need much to do the trick. Just a quick squirt and your glass of water tastes excellent. And while some reviews knock the strong color I like it. It’s a good way to measure how much you like in your water.
The packaging is also great. It’s sturdy and closes tight. You could definitely travel with it without worry of it leaking in your bag/purse/pocket.
And for the number of uses you get out of each bottle and how flavorful it is, it’s a great value. It tastes better than Crystal Light in my opinion, and you get more for your money.
SerafinaNew Carlisle, IN


I tried this on a whim – not usually something I do. I now have most of my work place drinking it. Gives water a great flavor with out that sickly sweet taste and NO CALORIES! Almost too good to be true. I found the price a little steep in the store, but on Amazon, it’s completely outrageous. I was paying $3.49 at Walmart (close to $3.75 with tax). The cheapest I’ve seen it on Amazon it close to $4.00 a piece and that’s without shipping! While it’s true you get about 2 dozen servings (making it cheaper than soda and much better for you), I still think it’s a little pricey. And yes, there is nothing natural about it, but again much better than drinking Aspertame or any other artificial sweetner.
RoyceGeorgetown, GA


I found this at walmart after ordering 3 kinds from amazon and I like it. I enjoy plain water but this just kicks it up a notch. Put 3 squirts in a 20oz bottle and it’s perfect. Welcome to the new water and it doesn’t have any sugar in it so It’s wonderful!!
JoeBethune, SC

Great for when you want something other than just plain water

It tastes fine and has ZERO calories, so anyone of average intelligence can assume is uses a chemical sweetener. I use it on occasion to keep under my calorie max for the day and don’t have to drink just plain water. Propoylene glycol is used in many consumer products, so it isn’t a real concern to me.
CherriMaple Shade, NJ

2nd best flavor in the group

My review is not on what others are claming of the after taste or of the ingridents.

The fuit punch flavor is one of the best of the bunch of flavors in the Mio group. I would highly recommend the flavor. thanks

RossVelarde, NM


It’s a nice product, great packaging, customizable taste. If they would throw some electrolytes in there it would be even better.
CammieTurlock, CA


I love fruit punch mio!
I’m gonna try it with some Skyy vodka one night!
I just found out Walmart now has their own version of it as well. Cheaper too!
HarrietteMoose Pass, AK

Good Tasting – Recommended!

MIO “Fruit Punch” has good sweetness and good flavor, being one of the better tasting ones of this brand. This one makes an excellent “mixer” as well!

MIO is intended to be added to water and can be mixed “to taste”, I like four short squirts into a 12oz water bottle. The snap lock lid is secure enough to carry the container in a shirt pocket and does not need to be refrigerated after opening.



LorenaJoliet, IL


Great stuff. Zero Calories Great prices on Amazon. Mio needs to come out with more flavors. Cherry maybe Pear? Have not tried the energy types.
CaryTower, MN

An alternative to soda and KoolAid

My kids would go through sodas like crazy if I let them, but soft drinks are obviously unhealthy and getting quite pricey. But the kids are always looking for something different to drink other than water. Milk and juices are great for having with meals, but when they’re looking for a quick drink of something else for other times, I wanted something that was easy enough for them to mix/make themselves without making a huge mess. MIO has been great for this. My daughter (11 years old) loves it. She has fun mixing it herself, and at the same time it’s better for her than grabbing yet another soft drink. The size also makes keeping one of these in the car handy too. You can fill up a travel bottle with water and then add a few drops of this to it for flavor.

The color and flavor is very concentrated, so be careful the first time you are making a drink with it. My daughter didn’t realize how hard she was squeezing the bottle and it shot a whole stream out. She missed the glass entirely and got it on her clothing, which is now stained bright red. Test it out some the first time and get a feel for how man drops gives a glass of water the flavor strength you’re looking for. Once you know the right amount, then each drink is just a few drops away!

TrenaFlorahome, FL

KoolAid for grownups

First, let me say I agree with other reviewers about the color and chemicals. Every time I flip the top on this thing, I wonder how many days/weeks I’m shortening my life. It essentially tastes like KoolAid and I loathe admitting this, but here goes … I LOVE IT! Being someone who mostly drinks water and green tea, it’s hard for me to compare this with other sweet drinks. Sometimes, when you’re thirsty and only a sweet drink will do, this is there to fill the bill. When it came out, I thought it was a pretty good buy – even at 5-6 bucks per container because of the number of drinks they promised in return (cant remember how many drinks they say — I seem to remember 24) If you drank it like that, I’d imagine it would be pretty weak – like water with a hint of flavour. I like mine stronger. Think of this stuff as that fruity syrup they’d squirt over snow cones at the fair.

I never review food products on Amazon – just books — but I felt compelled to write here today because I wanted to see how much these would cost in bulk and Amazon usually has some pretty good deals. Not so with this product. $20 for 4?? That’s $5 a pop! Walmart (a place I NEVER shop) sells them $10 for 3. Much better deal.

CathrynConvoy, OH


I love this stuff.. I keep it in my car, at home, and in the office. Even keep one in my Gym Bag. Used to be 7 bucks cheaper here. Price went up. Buy at Walmart $3.48 each there. 13.92 before Tax.
ClemmieAuburn, WV