MIO Green Thunder, 1.62-Ounce


Quick facts

  • Mio Flavored additive
  • Green Thunder Flavor

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horrible taste

This stuff tastes like the pink soap in a a gas station bathroom smells.


I threw the whole bottle away after two tastes. I only took the second taste to see if it really tasted as bad as it did.

PhillisGreenfield, CA

It tastes like…..

Green apple flavor cough syrup.
No, that isn’t a compliment.
It’s ok, just not great.
It’s nowhere near as bad as other drinks I’ve had.
The tiny container that it comes in rocks and I love the fact that I don’t have to refrigerate it either.
All in all, not bad.
It just needs some tweaking in the taste department.
I’ll give a halfhearted recommendation if you need to spruce up your plain water without adding more inches to your waist.
EdaJasper, TN

It works

The flavor, like the previous reviewer said, is hard to describe. I’m thinking Green Apple Mountain Dew. It’s really good. And it works. Great for a mid-morning coffee slump pick-me-up. And I like that I can choose the amount I use, unlike a regular energy drink. This price is absolutely ridiculous though. I can get it at a local gas station for two dollars a bottle, not seven.

Four stars for a five star product and a one star price.

JayneIngold, NC

Terrible Taste

The taste is horrible, and the boost in energy was not worth adding more of it to my drink. For now, I’ll be sticking with 5-hr energy.
SanjuanaJackson, CA

Not too bad

It’s hard to describe the taste of this version of MiO (Green Thunder, originally ‘Thunder Punch’). It tastes close to green apple, green Kool-Aid, or a non-carbonated green Monster energy drink. However, it’s definitely better than its current counterpart Black Cherry in my humble opinion. While both have a syrup-like texture, Green Thunder is much more enjoyable. Try small amounts in clear-colored drinks such as Water, Sprite, or Sierra-Mist.

Note, I had to dig on the internet to find the nutrient/caffeine numbers since the nutrition facts per servings are based on percentages. However, besides having zero (0) of most common facts which MiO is branded for (calories, sugar, carbs, etc.) and only 10mg of sodium, here’s what I came up with for the caffeine and B-complex:

Caffeine: 60mg (20mg less than Red Bull, and quite a few premium coffees)
B3 (Niacin) – 10% daily value – 1.8mg
B6 (Pyridoxine) – 10% daily value – 0.2mg
B12 (Cobalamine) – 10% daily value – 0.6ยตg (0.0006mg)
<2% mixture of Taurine, Guarana Extract, and Ginseng Extract (Panax)
*Side Note: B-vitamin consumption and overdose is really a non-issue with over the counter mixtures. Over abundance in your system will usually be urinated out, and quite a few other energy supplements have 6000% to 8000% of daily value B-vitamins (5-hour).

While it doesn’t come too close to the effects of main stream energy supplements and drinks, it has about the same effect as a light homemade cup of coffee with B vitamins. It also doesn’t add to you calorie count if you’re mixing it with water during your morning and afternoon shifts at work. And furthermore, being in a convenient container, you can almost take it with you anywhere. Make sure you start out with small amounts if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

Bottom line: Despite the price, I recommend trying this. Buy this flavor first (if you like the aforementioned described flavors).

EloisCareywood, ID

Flavor = Green Thunder Butt

The good – The caffeine is definitely in there.
The Bad – In my opinion, it makes my water taste like an energy drink that went flat.

Have you ever tasted a flat red bull? What about a warm flat red bull? IMO, That’s pretty close to this flavor, except it not nearly as syrupy as a red bull. Some may like that, others may not… I’ll be surprised if the odds are better than 50/50 in either direction.

LorenzoPlymouth, IN

So good I can barely sit still!

The good news is that this caffeine-infused death syrup works – it’ll keep you up all night, every night, for the rest of what’s left of your meager life. The taste is weird, but not terrible: extremely tart, extremely sweet, and the aftertaste of burning tooth enamel is actually relatively pleasant. The bad news is that if you drink this, even once, your internal organs will prolapse and/or solidify, not necessarily in any specific order.


SimoneOdessa, WA


Tastes just like redbull.If you like that you will LOVE this!
I like that you add as much as you would like for a bigger kick if needed.
RonnieForest Dale, VT

Love it!

Green Thunder is great. Energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster really aren’t the greatest in thge health department. Being an active middle school kid, I know you really need a little pick-me-up some days. I keep a bottle in my bookbag when I need it.

As for the taste, its not to bad. It kind of tastes like monster. Its got green apple hints and tastes a little like punch. I like it enough to drink it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

ZonaWhittier, AK

great tastes good energy.

great tastes good energy if hate drinking water when drink 8 a day do show lets body used tastes and more come and more will come you for get i just got some more thank you so much
AliciaSealston, VA


Way too medicinal when mixed solely with water. I finally managed to disguise the flavor when mixing it with lemon-lime gatorade, but I definitely won’t buy this product again.
FallonSummit Hill, PA

great with club soda

Some have already speculated on flavor, so I won’t go into that. But some have said how it tastes like an energy drink that has gone flat. Two words: club soda. I’ve used old water bottles and filled them with club soda, squirting Mio Green thunder energy until it becomes a ‘mountain dew-ish’ color (about two squirts) and it’s like a whole new drink. It’s like a generic brand of an energy drink or soda, but without the damaging sugar that dentists cringe at.
AshantiQuimby, IA

love it and hooked ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I was a hardcore caffeine addict last semester with microbiology and organic chemistry to study for. I’d say 4-5 cups of coffee/day would be an accurate count – that is until I realized how jittery i’d become after my 3rd or 4th cup. I stopped cold turkey once finals ended and the withdrawal effects were horrible – I could not wake up past noon. I always liked how mio made my water taste better, but I wished it had some kind of stimulant effect…and then, voila! mio energy! i was immediately drawn to it’s appetizing color and loved its apple/kiwi taste. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a cup of coffee/day and it doesn’t go bad. I bought a couple – one for my purse, another for my backpack and even gave one to my sister. It’s the perfect energy boost for when a yawn creeps up during the middle of the day. boost of energy without the crash!
WilfordWilmore, PA

Pretty darn good…

Being something of an energy drink junkie, I was eager to try this out and see what it tasted like. “Green Thunder”? What exactly does that mean..? My first impression was somewhere between Monster or Mountain Dew, with the sweet tart-ish flavor of Red Bull (even if the radioactive green color is a little unsettling). Pretty good overall!! Hard to believe it’s zero calorie… I think it tastes great and usually end up putting in more than the two squirts that are recommended. I’m hoping I can use this to wean myself off of Red Bull, seeing as it’s much cheaper and waaay lower in calories. In my opinion, Mio has done it again. $4/bottle isn’t too bad a price; it’s approximately what I can find in grocery stores.
PedroKennard, TX

Tastes aweful no energy

I’m currently eating a very low carb diet. When I saw the Mio energy product I was excited to try it. That was until I first tasted it. This stuff is awful. I powered on after first taste and received no energy boost from this mix. I will not use again.
NenitaDescanso, CA

Tastes like Medicine

I am a fan of several of the Mio liquids (i especially like the lemonade) and I use the Mio Energy Black Cherry almost daily. I thought that it wouldn’t be too much of a reach to try the “Green Thunder” Mio Energy. I really, really did not like it. While I appreciate the caffeine and the B vitamins I greatly prefer the Black Cherry flavor. To me “green Thunder” tastes like green apple flavored medicine… very bad medicine.

So of the flavors that I have tried

Lemonade (Mio Liquid) – Very good – it has become one of my preferred drinks – easily 5 stars

Fruit Punch (Mio Liquid) – Good but not great flavor – a little too artificial tasting – 4 stars

Black Cherry -(Mio Energy) – I like it but I have had better tasting cherry drinks – I prefer it over “Vitamin Squeeze” 4 1/2 Stars

Green Thunder – (Mio Energy) – Tastes like medicine – easily my least favorite flavor – 2 stars (I added a star because of the caffeine)

GilbertNewport, NJ

Flat Energy Drink

This is my opinion. I was hoping that it would taste like a knock off Mountain Dew. Much to my surprise it tasted like an energy drink. If you think Mountain Dew and Red Bull taste the same you are nuts. I am not a fan to the taste of energy drinks that is the reason of the low score. To finish the bottle I have mixing it with Jagermeister. I do enjoy there other energy flavor MIO Black Cherry, 1.62-Ounce (Pack of 4). My wife and I use this flavor the most.
AlyciaAshland, VA

Good, but not for long

MIO Energy is very good, but after a few weeks of using it once a day no longer works. I guess my body has adapted quickly to the ingredients!
JordanNancy, KY

Good Engery Shots – Recommended

This Mio “Green Thunder” does remind me of Mountain Dew with a hint of apple flavoring and I like it better than the other Mio Energy flavor, MIO Black Cherry, 1.62-Ounce (Pack of 4). I am an energy drink fan and have developed a taste for the stuff, so it is likely that my rating will be higher than others.

These do provide a decent energy boost and the portable bottle makes it convenient to carry with me since they do not have to be refrigerated after opening. Three short squirt into a 9oz cup of water seems to provide the best tasting mix for my tastes.

These are great as a mid-afternoon pick me up, recommended!


ChangAlleyton, TX

Green Monster + Shaved Ice Syrup = Mio Green Thunder

A lot of people complain about Mio Green Thunder’s flavor. I happen to like it. I can’t stand drinking plain water so I few squirts of this stuff make it taste pretty good. See, I work full time and go to college full time… So a normal day for me is 2-3 cups of coffee then about half way through the day I drink a Rockstar or Monster. Over time I’ve become somewhat immune to caffeine so even after drinking all this I never feel jittery.

Anyway, I’ll give a quick run down of Mio Energy. It taste like Green Monster without the carbonation and has a slight syrupy texture found in shaved ice. The good thing about Mio is that you can mix it light or strong depending on preference. Sometimes I squirt some in my mouth because I don’t mind the taste and it reminds me of warhead candies when it is concentrated. I think from reading the other reviews that the user put too much or expected this to taste like koolaid or something. If you read the contents you will know that it will have a slight flinstone vitamin-ish flavor to it. Mio doesn’t give me a huge boost like a good cup of coffee might. But add this to a bottle of water and it’s enough to keep you steady throughout your day.

OlympiaHyde Park, PA