Miracle-Gro Fertilizer Spikes for Fruit and Citrus Trees, 12-Pack

Promote lush foliage and enhanced fruit production with Miracle-Gro Fruit & Citrus Tree Fertilizer Spikes. Our easy-to-use spikes release nutrients directly into the root zone to help promote strong fruit and citrus trees. It is designed to meet the needs of these unique plants. Simply apply the spikes once in the spring and then again in the fall. Enjoy stronger, more beautiful fruit and citrus trees with Miracle-Gro.

Quick facts

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  • Promotes lush foliage and enhanced fruit production
  • Use once in spring and again in fall
  • Formulation meets the special needs of fruit and citrus trees
  • Easy-to-use spikes release nutrients directly into the root zone to help promote strong fruit and citrus trees
  • Not for sale in Pinellas County, FL

Top reviews

you want your fruit tree to produce for you

get these fruit spikes shove them in the ground around not to close are the fertilizer will burn the tree, 2-3 ft around the tree i use 3 spikes on each tree i step on them water than watch the blooms just be patient And water


FreemanPrather, CA

Won’t know til the srping…

Used fertilizer spike in the fall to feed for spring – soil really crappy in the new house we bought, so trees a little scraggly – giving this a try…
ShaOakdale, WI

Fingers crossed

Installation was easy. I am waiting to see how well they work on our fruit trees. I have high hopes.
LorinaWest Alexander, PA


I like this product, but the spikes arrived very brittle. It was hard to put them in the ground (moist soil) because they were cracked and kept breaking in half. Amazon price is still way cheaper than Home Depot and Lowes on this product, especially with the free shipping.
BonnyBleiblerville, TX

Strange Occurance

Like a day or so after i inserted the sticks, some animal dug them up and i guess ate them? anyway, they disappeared. did this happen to anybody else?
LuraNew Bethlehem, PA

great fertilizer spike, but needs a little care to get spikes in ground

I’ve used these spikes for several years now on several dwarf apple trees. It’s hard to tell how well they really work in contributing to the size and amount of apples, but I can say the trees that I used the spikes on have all produced really well. I’d recommend using them.

The one caveat is that the spikes are somewhat brittle, and can split apart before you can really get them in the ground. It all depends on your hammering technique as well as how tough the ground is. Just take some care and some patience, and you’ll succeed in getting most if not all of the spike into the earth.

KathleenElco, PA


This product is convenient and cost effective. Why make a special trip out to your home and garden store when you can sit and home and have it delivered to your doorstep? Miracle-Gro helps your fruit and citrus trees stay healthy. My orange and lemon trees look a lot better after using this product!
KoreyHochheim, TX

My fig tree has never had so many

Will continue to use this product, year after year after year. Have 2 fig trees. 1 is 13 yrs old the 2nd is 3 yrs. The 3 yr old has had more figs than the 13 yr until this year after using this product last fall. FABULOUS product.
GalinaBourg, LA

Miracle-Gro 1002851 Fruit and Citrus Tree Fertilizer Spikes, 12-Pack

My lemon, orange , plum ,guava,Pomelo Trees were more perfect than after I purchased these productions
I will purchase these Items on next year !!!!
BobbieUniondale, NY

Lazy man’s job made easy

Good price. Pretty simple to apply. I took a long screwdriver and hammered that down into the soil then rotated. Took out a spike capped it and hammered in down about 2″ below the surface. Now waiting to see better growth this spring and summer.
NomaTornado, WV