Miracle Muffins Mix – Cinnamon Green Tea- Make 12/36 muffins – Splenda

Muffin Mix – Makes 1 Dozen regular muffins or 36 mini muffins * Just add water, mix and bake * Each serving (1 regular muffin or 3 minis) – * Diabetic Safe * Weight Watchers 1 POINT * Compatible with Atkins, South Beach, LA WeightLoss, NutriSystem, Zone * 5.1 grams of Net Carbs * Low glycemic * Vegetarian * 7.1 grams of fiber – 26% Recomended daily value * Calories 85, Fat Calories 27 * Fat from Flax Seeds and Sunflower Seeds * All natural ingredients plus Splenda (made from sugar) Customer comment: “These muffins are fantastic… I’m training for the Olympics and running 65 miles a week. I’ve lost 6 lbs in the last week or so, after maintaining a weight of 165 for several months. I’m convinced that these muffins have helped significantly!” Product review: http://www.vegfamily.com/product-reviews/miracle-muffins.htm More Information: http://www.miraclemuffins.com

Quick facts

  • Diabetic safe muffins. Low Glycemic Ingredients
  • WW 1 Pt. – Under 100 calories per muffins
  • Low Carb – 5.1 Net Carbs – Atkins, South Beach, NutriSystem, Zone
  • Easy to make – Just Add Water and Bake!
  • 83 cents per muffin

Top reviews

healthy but not really tasty, and expensive

I think the product description didn’t warn me sufficiently that these muffins are almost too healthy. What really worried me was that they are so high fiber, you have to drink a glass of water with them, and if you eat more than one in a day, you’ll probably have stomach problems. They don’t taste great, especially for $10 a batch. It’s too bad, because I had such high hopes for them!
ToneyAlexandria Bay, NY

Healthy, Convenient, Filling

These muffins are delicious, nutritious, and (best for me) very easy to make! The cinnamon smelled and tasted perfect. Not overwhelming and not too sweet.

They are choc-full of all those really healthy ingredients that should not taste good together, but they do. They may *seem* pricey, but I’ve tried creating muffin-like-thingees like this on my own and it wasn’t cheap. And it wasn’t easy. And they didn’t taste this good.

I’ll be the first to admit they don’t taste like the muffins grandma made. But these won’t contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, either.

Be sure to let the wet dough “rest” for 10 minutes per the instructions. I suspect this may be the reason one of the other reviewers reported that his muffins were hard as rocks.

VeliaGrandfalls, TX

Dry nd not so tasty

To each his own, but I did not care for his product at all. I found the end result too dry and I found the taste pretty bad – I have had healthy products that rank far above this. I can’t bring myself to recommend it.
CherylUnion Hall, VA