Miss Leone’s Stuffed Queen Olives, Bleu Cheese, 12-Ounce Jars

The queen of the queen stuffed olives-the bleu cheese-there simply is no finer olive and stuffing combination. It is a outstanding Spanish olives. It is a low fat healthy snack. At Leonard Mountain, the stuffers of the famous Miss Leone’s gourmet queen olives take their job very seriously; they know that what they do is so important to you. Many of the stuffing’s we use are fresh and cured right here, or they are made expressly for Leonard Mountain and Miss Leone’s.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 12-ounce jars (total of 36 ounces)
  • The Queen of the Queen Stuffed Olives – the Bleu Cheese – There simply is no finer olive and stuffing combination
  • Outstanding handstuffed Spanish olives
  • Low Fat Snack
  • Great Gift Idea

Top reviews


I have had martinis with fresh bleu cheese stuffed olives in the past and these are tasteless in comparison. I could not distinguish the taste of bleu cheese. Take the time and stuff your pitted olives with fresh bleu cheese or find another already prepared brand.
ElinorKents Store, VA

what’s a martini without this olive?

On this site or since there’s not a review here on another site, I read that this product arrived with all the cheese dispersed in the jar. While some cheese did dissolve in the brine, the olives were jam-packed with blue cheese. I think the problem is that the cheese used is very soft. And wonderfully creamy. And I would take this product, cloudy brine or not, over what is available locally. Also I should mention that the size of the olives are quite large compared to the locally available brands and at a lower price. I have not yet signed up for any of Amazon’s food subscriptions, but I might make an exception here. Those that read my reviews know that I demand quality and value, and this product hits the bullseye.
CharmaineJefferson, GA

Miss Leione’s Bleu Cheese Olives

I’m only going to say one word. Outstanding! I have tried others and these are the best and would recommend anybody to purchase.
ArlethaDudley, MA