mix 1 Enhanced Protein Shake Vanilla, 11-Ounce

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Another great protein drink from Mix1!

I am in love with the Mix 1 line of protein drinks. As someone with a sensitive stomach, it has always been a challenge for me to find protein drinks that don’t irritate my stomach and also taste great and have a good nutritional profile. Mix 1 is the only brand I’ve found that meets all of these requirements.

I ordered the Vanilla shake as soon as I saw that it was available on Amazon. I really enjoy it!

It has a very natural vanilla flavour and does not taste artificial like most vanilla-flavoured protein drinks. It tastes like a delicious vanilla milkshake but without the heaviness of a real milkshake. The consistency of this shake is a little bit thinner than the regular Mix 1 protein drinks that I am used to, but it is definitely not watery. I really like it for breakfast, because in the morning I don’t usually feel like downing a whole one of the regular Mix 1 protein drinks with the slightly thicker consistency…I prefer those in the afternoon.

JohanaPaonia, CO

1 Of The Best.

I think this is one of the best protein shakes on the market. All natural with 15 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber, Mix 1 is light tasting and almost ‘refreshing’. Great for pre or post work outs or just inbetween meals for a protein boost. Great for vegetarians and those who are soy/lacrtose intolerant. I love the vanilla one and I am a chocolate person.
BeatrisTarrytown, NY


I love to have the vanilla mix 1 for breakfast or after s run…it took me forever to find a drink that was both lactose and soy free….my tummy LOVE’S. Mix 1!
CamieMontague, NJ

Love Mix1 for post-recovery after a long run or bike ride!

Mix1 is my favorite post-recovery drink after a long run or bike ride. I especially like the Vanilla mix1. It goes down easy and smooth and is very refreshing. It is a great recovery/protein drink with lots of extra vitamins, minerals & nutrients thrown in. Some protein drinks are too thick or chalky or just don’t taste very good. Mix1 is my favorite. I know it is replenishing my body after a hard workout.
LatonyaSwartz, LA

Erin T

mix 1 vanilla is really great and versatile stuff. For starters, I love that the protein source is whey and not soy. They also use real ingredients and are locally made in Boulder, CO. mix 1 is great as a meal replacement, meal supplement, snack, recovery drink. Since they don’t require refridgeration, I keep on in my ski bag as a apres-ski drink (I get hungry on the drive back into town and mix 1 works great). I also do triathlons and find that mix 1 is great as a pre-race meal and doesn’t upset my stomach later on while I’m racing. Finally, mix 1 is a perfect recovery drink after a long workout.
LuciSpringfield, OH

nutrition value, taste worth the calories

Unlike some other faux milk sports drink, Mix1 is worth the calories.
Pros: *Easily digestible with a good mouth feel (not sour or slimy)
*The nutritional value (vitamins and minerals) makes it worth the calorie expenditure
*Unlike some rival products, tastes like vanilla, not overly sweet or fake.
*Haven’t tried it but would probably make a good smoothie w/fresh or frozen fruit
Cons: *Can be pricey and hard to find
*Not a vegan product because it contains milk solids–can’t recommend to vegan friends
*Unlike the recyclable plastic bottles the fruit Mix1 flavors come in, the tetrapaks used for the chocolate and vanilla flavors are hard to drink without a straw.

But overall, I recommend Vanilla Mix1, especially since recently my favorite Mix1 flavor, blueberry vanilla has disappeared from the shelves.

AkikoValley Head, WV

Great ingredients and quality product

So much better than other protein products in drugstores or even GNC. Taste great and doesn’t fill up like other shakes do so you can work out after quickly. Relatively cheap for all the good things you get with it.
RobbieIndian Mound, TN