Mixed Pastries, 56 Pieces


Quick facts

  • A delightfull variety of pastries
  • Pastries filled with variety of nuts
  • 56 pieces filled with pistachio, cashew, walnuts and pine nuts
  • Prepared, baked and packaged daily prior to shipping

Top reviews

I didn’t get it

I ordered this kind of pastry and I paid extra 3 bucks to get it ASAP, but I didnt get it the shipment was to a destination very far from where I live not even in the north west of the stats. It’s very frustrating.
CrystaGardner, KS

August Happy Birthday Expectations DASHED

I really loved my first order and ordered for all my family members out of my area at Christmas. I decided that my birthday would be perfect with my only gift coming from Shatila Foods to myself. This Mixed Phillo Pastries order was a ghastly surprise. By the time the order did get to me, the summer heat had done damage to the order. Most all the anticipated gooey was all over the carton and had seeped out of the plastic and had absorbed all over and into the boxes. I had a big mess on my hands with bubble wrap and all coated in sticky goo and the product was not as pictured 100%. There were a couple of strange rice thread like crunchy types a row of brown and a row of white. The brown tasted like soap. The white didn’t taste. the first row were tiny samples of what is pictured and most of them were broken and very dry. The baklava was OK but not sweet. The rest were really dry and some tasted like they were over baked and burnt. The whole box was a disappointment and I couldn’t even share it with neighbors for my Birthday. It was an embarrasement. Not the quality I was spoiled with my previous orders. I will not be ordering in the summertime months again if the plastic wrap won’t hold the product inside the tray. The inside of the shipping carton was even saturated. I emailed Shatila as soon as it arrived then again 2 weeks later without acknowlegement or response. 🙁
KristaHermitage, MO

Best around

I ordered two trays of these sweets. They arrived intact and are the best I’ve tasted in the States and even in Lebanon.
Excellent quality and flavor.

Thank you.

HoustonRices Landing, PA


The order came fast,the taste is great,the packaging is wonderful !Now I think it will make a perfect gift too!
DesireSeneca Falls, NY

Best service and quality I have seen!

I was looking for a traditional treat for a family event and I was very impressed by the quality of the food and the service from Shatila. The pastries were very fresh and delivered quickly with no dramatic shipping mark-up. They are very reasonably priced and I am placing another order now as a gift for a friend. I highly recommend them.
MarinaLeesburg, OH


I bought one tray of these pasties hoping my to satisfy family’s sweet tooth with something healthier than candy. These are exactly what I hoped. They are good and satisfying so we’re happy to have them and we don’t eat too much. Since these are made of nuts and honey, they are also more nutritious than the candy we are used to buying.

This tray is a good sampler of the different items we can buy separately when we need more.

I recommend this stuff. It would be a great tray to bring to a holiday party.

JarodPotter, KS


This is the closest you can get to actually going into a little bakery in the Middle East. These pastries are amazing. Delicious, mouthwatering and fresh. A+++
MirtaHolden, WV