M&M’s Almond Chocolate Candy 15.9-Ounce Bag

Enjoy a classic that’s loved around the world! M&M’S Candy has been a favorite chocolate treat since 1941. These snack-sized pieces of real milk chocolate with almonds are in a colorful candy shell, which makes for a delicious combination. Perfect for parties, celebrations, baking and traveling. M&M’S Chocolate Candy make everything more fun!

Quick facts

  • Contains four (4) 15.9-ounce bags of M&M’S Almond Chocolate Candy
  • Ready for the Summer! Ships with cool-packs so your chocolate treats arrive in perfect condition
  • M&M’S Almond Chocolate Candy is made with freshly roasted almonds, real milk chocolate and surrounded by a colorful candy shell
  • The delicious combination of chocolate with almonds are the perfect choice when you’re craving a delicious snack
  • M&M’S Chocolate Candy is the perfect dessert or treat
  • M&M’S Almond Candies are a tasty spin on classic chocolate candy

Top reviews


I’ve not tried these from Amazon, but my local store occasionally carries the M&Ms almond. They are Terrific! I don’t care for peanuts, but these almond candies are absolutely wonderful. And hey, they are protein too, so they are healthy for me!

Just like the peanut M&Ms, these almond M&Ms have a whole nut covered in a layer of chocolate with a hard candy shell. I find them most often at holidays (Wikipedia mentions Easter and Christmas) and they then come in appropriate colors. Pastels in the spring, and greens and reds at the Christmas season. Since an almond is a bigger nut than a peanut, these are slightly bigger candies than the peanut ones. They’re not huge, just a bit bigger.

And they are equally as addicting as is any other flavor of M&M! (I recently tried dark chocolate M&Ms and loved them too.)

RoxannaChimney Rock, NC

They Are Nuts!!!

My best friend loves Almond M & Ms. When she lived with me for a few years, she ate them every night and day too. For almost any reason, I would buy several bags for her and hide them all over the house for her to find. We had such fun. A few months ago she moved out of town. Several weeks ago she fell while riding her bike and broke her collar bone and clavicle and cannot do much for a few months but stay home and nurse herself back to health. So when I first heard about her accident, I went on Amazon and sent her the 4 pac of Almond M & Ms. She was ecstatic! I saw her this past Saturday night at a party and all she could talk about was the joy she’s experiencing eating her Almond M & Ms every day while she lays on the couch recuperating.

I cannot eat candy now because I am diabetic but I can still remember the taste of biting into an Almond M & M and smiling. Years ago, the Peanut M & Ms captured me and I (over) ate them every day.

Oh well. Thanks for allowing me to write in and tell everyone else who has never tasted an Almond M & M to try them. The bags you sell on Amazon are larger than the ones that are sold in supermarkets and a better value but you better hide them somewhere where you cannot readily reach them or…well you know the rest…LOL.

KirbyPark City, MT

my favorite m and m

If you like chocolate and almonds, you can’t go wrong with this candy. It is by far the best m&m, in my opinion. I really like the chocolate to almond ratio of almond m&m’s, too. They are hard to find in the store, so I was pleased to find them on here.
FranciscoLeesville, OH