m&m’s Limited Edition Coconut Chocolate Candies 11.8 ounce Bag


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M&M’s going coconuts . . .

For some, the Limited Edition, Coconut flavored M&M’s, can be addictive. Chocolate with a pretty distinct coconut flavor, that is yummy consuming either fast or slow. The candies are shaped similar to regular M&M’s, but are about 40% larger. You get a bigger shot of chocolate, but at this size, quality control may be a little lax, as the shape and sizes of the pieces vary a bit. The color scheme for the sweets, is dark brown, white, and green.

These comments pertain to the product itself, and not the 18.6 ounce size package in particular. Most know, that Amazon is not the ideal place find a bargain for food items. As a guide, an 11.8 ounce bag of coconut M&M’s, can probably be purchased for between three and four dollars.

Who knows how long this `limited edition’ will be available, so if you want to try them, you might want to do it soon.

MozelleChesapeake, OH