M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candy, 8.2-Ounce Packages

A snack favorite for chocolate lovers around the world who enjoy a nutty crunch with their munch.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 8.2-Ounce (Total of 49.2-Ounces)
  • A snack favorite around the world
  • Made with real milk chocolate
  • Gluten Free

Top reviews

********** READ THIS FIRST PLEASE ************

First off, the initial arrival: It came in a bigger box (since other things were ordered as well) when I opened it the 2 yellow bags set neatly and ready for me to eat! Packaging, no other boxes or bags were used or necessary. Review of the value: this is going to put it in perspective;
1) The average size bags are about 1.69 ounces
2) The larger size bags range from 9-11 ounces depending on which one as they make several.
3) This bag was just over 42 ounces and they go up to 60 ounces in certain packaging.
In theory you could go out and buy a bunch of the 1.69 ounce packages and to equal the total of about 84 ounces and at about $1 a bag you’d only buy about 48 bags at $.99 a bag it would be cheaper to go with these bags – however, the cost of this item was a little disappointing because I expected a little more in the bags. Aside from a portion (probably 25% of the height) of the bag being air, I was just hoping for more M&M’s. Overall I give this purchase a C+ value as it was cheaper to buy this way. But, as always beware of pricing for example another seller on Amazon charges $9.19 for the same bag (but you have to pay for shipping). If you wanted to buy using Amazon Prime, like myself then you could get regular M&M’s (no peanuts) for only $15.63 – about $10 less so that may be worth the savings. An okay value – but at the end of the day it was cheaper than buying them individually. 73beats
ElmerGerber, CA

Cheap Price; Cheap Quality

I received the package early, which was great. The candy packaging looked fine but I didn’t discover the problem until I opened the bag. Half the bag of Peanut M&M’s was cracked! I was really embarrassed to share them with anybody because the entire bagful was dusted with M&M debris. Not happy with this purchase at all.
LovieConcan, TX

Just What You’d Expect

A pair of these giant bags of your basic peanut M&M’s sort of shrinkwrapped together, for the same price others are selling just one bag. I took these as a gift for a friend in Italy who hadn’t been able to find them there. I had to pull one out of my suitcase to get it back under the weight requirements and put it in my carryon, no problems with either. My friend was delighted when they arrived and began snacking happily away immediately.
NicolasaSanta Maria, TX


A delicious candy in a hard, milk chocolate shell in different variety of colors at a very good price when available through Amazon including free shipping. Will be purchasing this again in any size as long as the price is right!
YurikoBismarck, AR

Have to Hide These

I bought these recently as a Friday special for a great price. These came quickly and I have one bag open and the others hidden so I don’t eat them all. These are huge bags and the candy is nice and fresh. Wish the peanut butter ones would come in bags like these and sold thru Amazon, not another seller who charges shipping. Thanks for the good sale on these.
PatCamden, ME

Great Value for a LOT of M&Ms

What can I say..Amazon does it again…A huge amount of M&M’s for a very small price.
What makes this a good deal as well is that they are all the individually wrapped M&M packages.
These are a great size for snacks, desserts, etc. where you don’t want to sit and eat 300 of them…
MagnoliaClifty, KY

Fantastic, as always!

I loved this great purchase at less than ten bucks, and they’re M&Ms! What’s to say about them? If you haven’t had them, go out and buy a pack, they’re a fantastic candy! I prefer the ones with almonds best, but considering how cheap the milk chocolate version was, I wasn’t going to pass up a great deal like that! Thanks Amazon, I will keep coming back!
PeterBelgrade Lakes, ME

Great size, great price

I use these at work for treats, nice to get a larger sized bag at a decent price. No problems with the quality. They came packed in dry ice which was a pleasant surprise!
GaleLarslan, MT

Guilty pleasure…

My favorite candy by far. Just the right amount of chocolate and peanut. I can eat a whole bag by myself. And no, not the small package, the COSTCO sized ones!! Yep I’m a huge fan 🙂
DominiqueCenterville, TX

Good Cold Shipping by Amazon

No need to review the product because I’m sure most people in the U.S. who are able to eat peanuts have had these. These arrived fresh and in good condition. I can’t give even peanut M&Ms more than 4 stars since I think the chocolate used in these products keeps getting worse and worse over time; but they are still a fun, enjoyable snack.

I ordered this along with a box of Snickers with Almonds, and Amazon included, as part of my Prime membership, a free “cold pack”.

This consisted of a very thick and sturdy Styrofoam lidded box, in which the candies were packed, along with four large cold-pack freezable units.

The item was in shipping transit for approximately 3 days, and delivered to a hot, humid region.

Upon opening the container, I found that the candies were still cold and in good condition, although the cold-packs were no longer frozen or really cold.

Amazon did a great job on packing this. Thought I would share that, in case others are concerned about ordering such products from this company. I’m even keeping the Styrofoam chest and cold-packs for re-use, since they are of pretty nice quality.

RobbieSaint Peter, IL


Shipped quickly. The candy was fresh and tasted great. What more can I say? I wish we bought more. There
NikitaCourtenay, ND

they are a little bit too delicious for me!

i had to order another 2 42 ounce bags today. the others i purchased at amazon did not last very long unfortunately. they are fresh. they are in a nice quality resealable bag to keep them fresh. they are delicious. watch for the lowest price. i am very happy with the freshness and quality of this product. it looks fresh and it smells fresh. i have ordered the 42 ounce size multiple times so far and i have no complaints.
JoeannWorcester, PA

M&M 12.6oz

This is a great products, kids love it. Good for cooking! If you buy them in the store they will cost you quite abit more for a single pack. 6 pack was a good deal.
KyraBement, IL

Mostly a good deal!

Sent to my sister and she loved them! Kind of costly but had free shipping which offset mailing cost to purchase and mail.
KirstinHardin, TX

What can you say about M&M’s?

Obviously if you’re reading this you’ve probably already had M&M’s – so don’t let that stop you from buying this package! I love the size of this bag because it fills a candy dish that I have out completely with a few left over for me to eat up right away. They last for a while – though not as long as they should – in my house, but I’ll keep ordering them as they are a delicious treat.
JennieWhiting, VT

Melt in Your Mouth Goodness

I was tired of getting bags of assorted chocolate candy that always had a variety no one would eat. I love that amazon was selling this product and it came in “bulk”. I won’t run out of the office candy again! I went ahead and bought all of the favorite brands so I can keep everyone happy.
OlinHedrick, IA

A classic!

What can I say! I love peanuts M&M’s. I love them more than the regular kinds. They’re filling and tasty. I got one of those M&M gumball machines and filled it up with this. I just love them. Go M&M’s!
MyrtisSouth Pekin, IL

I received my M&Ms just fine.

I ordered the 4 large bags. I received them in a timely manner and appreciated that they were shipped in a minimal amount of packaging. The four bags were simply shrink wrapped together and put in the box with my other items. I have only opened one bag so far but the M&M’s were in great condition. Great price, delicious product, excellent service.

Edit (10/01/10)- The price for these is now $35 more than when I bought them the first time. I can buy these for less than $10 a bag at the store. So the price is now closer to ridiculous then great.

KareemBull Shoals, AR