M&M’s, Milk Chocolate Minis, Chocolate Candies, 10.8-ounce Bag

Enjoy the classic that’s loved around the world! M&M’S have been one of the most famous candy treats in the world since 1941. The snack-sized pieces of chocolate in a colorful candy shell are instantly recognizable all over the globe. Perfect for Parties, Celebrations, baking, traveling…. If you can name it, it’s better with M&M’S Chocolate Candies!

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 12 oz packages of M&M’s Milk Chocolate Minis
  • M&M’s are great for baking in cookies, brownies and all your favorite recipes
  • M&M’s are perfect for snacking, sharing or enjoying at parties

Top reviews

to die for

I’ve always loved M&Ms and the minis were the best. But this is just too many minis. The smaller bags or tubes would be better. Eat a handful and forget about it. But can’t really eat a handful of these, then close up the bag, and put it away. So, these actually stayed in my cabinets much longer then they normally would have simply because of the bag size.

If you like minis and have the will power to eat a handful and put the bag away they are worth every penny.

CandaceCut Bank, MT

Substitute for Baking Size

I’m not sure why M&M/Mars discontinued their baking-bit size M&Ms, but this is the next best thing.
TanekaCave Spring, GA


Tried unsuccessfully to find this product in grocery stores. I use them to make M&M Jumble cookies. Was very happy to know they are still available.
ColleenLittle Compton, RI

Thank you for listing these!!!

Too bad M & M is not making these anymore. These are fresh candies and I was able to make my Christmas treats! Thank you
MaragaretKenly, NC

great price

My daughter teaches kindergarten and I help her and the other 6 kindergarten 120 kids do gingerbread houses at Xmas. Every year we have to buy the small tubes since M&m do does not sell the bags locally. These 6 bags are much cheaper and we will have left overs for other projects.
GiselaColerain, OH

Great in cookies!

These didn’t last long as we used them in everything and the kids ate them by the handful, but it was a great deal and I hope amazon does it again. They don’t melt or mash a easily as regular size m&m’s so they are great for baking.
EnochMarlette, MI

Mini M&Ms Go Well on Ice Cream

It is very convenient to be able to go on-line and buy things that I can’t easily find in the store (maybe I don’t know where to look). I think that M&Ms go well on ice cream. I would like to get my hands on semi-sweet M&Ms.
AntwanHurt, VA


i was craving some of these, now that i got…i cant finish it lol…but i probably will…came in 6 cute blue bags
ElmerEmblem, WY


I love mini M&Ms and my local grocery store stopped selling them. I keep a bunch in a little container to eat if my blood sugar gets too low. They melt in your mouth fast and don’t have the distasteful side effects of glucose tablets.
SheliaMill Shoals, IL


These are great for a candy dispenser I have at work. Some of the other versions of M&M’s are too large to process through the machine without breaking them into pieces. On the flip side, current pricing on Amazon seem to be almost double what you can get them for in the store. Walmart sells these for $2.98 a bag…you do the math.
JarrodCenterpoint, IN

Perfect size for baking

I picked up an order of these from Amazon recently for a cookie-baking project. These mini sized M&Ms were the perfect size for mixing generously into cookies and Rice Krispy treats. I see that the price has gone up a lot since I bought them from a third-party seller — I won’t be buying any more unless the price comes back down to a reasonable level through Amazon with free prime shipping, though.
ShanikaSelma, AL