M&M’S World Colorworks Candy Dispenser

This adorable M&M chocolate candy dispenser is easy to fill, to dispense and to clean. Just remove each character from the top of the tube, either clean or place the chocolate candies in it, replace the characters again, and you’re done! You will have years of fun and enjoyment with this great dispenser.

Quick facts

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Meet the adorable M&M characters RED, YELLOW, GREEN & BLUE.
  • Candy dispenser is easy to fill and to dispense
  • Just place each color of M&M candy in each tube, close the top and pull the lever
  • SIZE: 9.5″ x 8″ x 4.5″

Top reviews

don’t get it

I was expecting this to be very tall and it came out to be tiiiiiiiinnny. The lids a a nuisance and keep falling off. The image was very very misleading and should have been next to a person. Would’ve returned it if it wasn’t a gift to someone.
SashaLeroy, AL


If only I could keep the kids out of it for 1 sec… The item was a little smaller than I expected…
KendaWales, AK

m&m candy dispenser

i have to say i was not pleased with the product apon arrival… it was not even in any type of box.. just wrapped in a bag.. the product itself had scratches on the plastic and seemed like cheap plastic… im surely not pleased with the price i payed for it
ErvinBoyds, MD

Too small for peanut m&m’s

This dispenser is too small for peanut m&m’s. Even the peanut butter m&m’s won’t come out. There also is not enough room to fit your hand between the dispenser and the tray, so you have to scoop them out of the tray.
HarrisFairhope, AL