MOCAFE Frappe Toffee Mocha, Ice Blended Coffee, 3-Pound Bag

Real Heath Bar pieces blended with mild roasted Columbian coffee

Quick facts

  • Blend instantly with ice and water.
  • Serve ice blended or hot
  • Made with real candy pieces
  • 3lb bag makes 35 / 8oz servings

Top reviews

Tastes amazing!

I bought this to use with my Mr. Coffee Frappe maker. The package doesn’t state how much to use other than “two scoops”. It doesn’t say how much two scoops is, so it takes some experimentation to get the right amount. I finally found what works good for me:

ice to the fill line, 1/2 cup milk, squirt of Torani chocolate syrup, and 5 TBSP Mocaffe powder. The frappe maker uses 3 TBSP of coffee and 1/2 cup water to add the coffee to the frappe mix. The result for me is just as good as what I used to pay $3-4 dollars for at coffee shops. I bought this hoping to save some money at work on coffee drinks, and I absolutely love the results. Soooo good.

ChadwickStevens Village, AK


This frappe mix is fabulous. I love the tiny bits of toffee and the rich chocolate flavor.
PhylisSterling, VA

Nice Favor

I have been a long time customer of Big Train iced coffee powders (specifically the espresso powder). I decided to try the MoCafe and to me it is ok. It doesn’t have the crisp coffee flavor that Big Train has, more subtle. The best way to put it would be to say it’s like McDonald’s coffee compared to Starbucks. The flavor is more subtle. With that said, it does blend to a flavor that is good for a frap. I will most likely use it occasionally until it is gone, and continue with Big Train. Also, the bags aren’t that big compared to Big Train, less bang for the buck.
LornaDemotte, IN

Oh Yummy!

Talk about a treat! This stuff is delicious. Be sure to try mixing flavors. There are so many combinations I enjoy.
LindyComstock, MN