MOCAFE Matcha Green Tea Blended Tea Latte, 3-Pound Bag

Real Japanese matcha green tea frappe.

Quick facts

  • Blend instantly with ice and water.
  • 3lb bag makes 35 / 8oz servings

Top reviews

Look at the ingredients…

Many people drink green tea drinks thinking they’re healthy and natural. The first ingredient in this is sugar (fructose) and the second is non-dairy creamer. Green tea is all the way at the end of the list, third from the bottom. It tastes good, but if you’re looking for a healthy drink, this is not really it.
LeighIthaca, MI

Good – But not so Healthy

I was excited to receive this “green” product but the ingredients listed on the packaging were a bit frightening: Non dairy creamer, corn syrup, dipotassium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, sodium stearoyl lactylate, triacalcium phosphate were just a handful to mention. As they say if you can’t pronounce them don’t eat them…

If i would have had access to the actual ingredients I would not have purchased.

KerryMarlette, MI

NOT like starbucks green tea latte

i was looking for the type of powder starbucks uses in their green tea latte, and this was not it!
If you want something creamier and thicker than starbucks, and very sweetened, purchase this! It’s not a bad taste, I think it’s actually probably better if you want to make a milkshake type of drink, but adding even non fat milk, it’s still very creamy, thick, and too sweet for my taste, its almost like ice cream…
LindsayNorfolk, VA

GREAT ITEM.. TASTE JUST LIKE Starbucks with out the syrup

To start this is my first matcha/green tea latte powder that I bought and I have to admit it is really good. I know they use “unsweetened” matcha in starbuck w/ melon syrup from torani (which they do not sell anymore). This product already comes sweetened which is great to save money from buying syrups and this items also mixes very well with medium-hot drinks. My guide to using this is below so its not so sweet to the palette and I use whole milk for the richness. To close I would recommend this product to anyone and matter of fact about to finish my 3 lbs. bag and buying a refill right now :).

Venti = 20oz = 4 tablespoons
Grande = 16oz = 3 tablespoons
Tall = 12oz = 2 tablespoons

UlyssesGrand Mound, IA

Best Green Tea Latte

I’ve tried a number of green tea lattes, but this is my favorite. For a quick mix, it has the smoothest, richest flavor I’ve found. It says that it’s intended for smoothies and cool drinks, but I often drink it warm and it tastes great!
JeromeForest Hills, KY

Exactly like Starbucks

No, this isn’t the healthiest green tea ever, but it does taste exactly like Starbucks Green Tea lattes. I love it. Buy a Copco 2510-9963 Acadia Reusable To-Go Mug, 16-Ounce Capacity and make your own at home before work or school for a fraction of the cost. The only real issue is there is no scoop so it’s trial and error as to how much to put in. I’ve made it hot, cold and blended (all with water) and it’s delicious. I’m going to buy this again when I run out and try the other flavors.
CharleyWest Shokan, NY

almost exactly like starbucks green tea frap

i just purchased a blender and was seeking out a way to make my own green tea frappicinos. after reading many reviews i settled on this one. though its not pure green tea (there are additives), it tastes almost EXACTLY like the starbucks kind. i think the discrepancy in the flavors is due to the melon syrup. the kind that starbucks uses is discontinued and after some searching on amazon i found another brand. i ordered it and hope that it will give my fraps the little kick they need, though they are delish without!! i will definitely purchase again. as for the “scoop issue”, i use scoop = tablespoon and they taste fine. i actually like mine with a bit more green tea flavor so i add an extra scoop.

***addendum to my review…i ordered the 1883 melon syrup from amazon and it makes my frap taste exactly like the starbucks kind. i do recommend to only use 1 tbl, i used 2 and it turned out a bit sweet.

AronMackinaw City, MI

The best taste right at home!

Why go to a fancy, expensive coffee house when you can have the same at home, on your couch or behind your PC?
I sound like a commercial…. but it is the truth! This is just heaven for me and I do not have to go out and spend too much on a cup 🙂
Yeah, Happy Me !!!
SuziCardiff By The Sea, CA


I’ve purchased several varieties of MoCafe drink mixes and most just specify to use a “Scoop.” One variety I purchased did mention what a “Scoop” is, though. It equals 8 tablespoons. It might seem like a lot, but I tried it out and it does give it a stronger (and better) flavor, but I don’t think it is necessary and seems a bit excessive (mostly in calories). So, I recommend to just adjust the amount of powder to your taste instead of going by the actual “scoop.”
AlysiaMansfield, PA

MOCAFE Matcha Green Tea

Tastes artificial and nothing like the fresh flavor Starbucks carries. There is a very very light after taste that resembles the Starbucks brand, but its very faint and only occasional. In fact this resembles sweetened vanilla flavor more than anything Will never buy again.
AdalbertoNederland, CO

Super delicious!

So about 15 minutes ago my bag of MoCafe Matcha Green Tea came knocking at my door. Since then I have made myself a smoothie and almost devoured it. The powder is delicious! It’s very very close to the green tea frappes at StarBucks and I love that I didn’t have to pay $5!

The ONLY reason that it didn’t get 5 stars is because I feel that the way you measure it is wrong. The packaging says to use 6 oz milk, 12 oz ice and 8 tbsp (which is 1/2 a cup) of the powder. I feel like 1/2 a cup is a lot for the amount of milk and ice. I ended up using 24 oz of ice and it tasted the exact same before adding more ice. I just feel like my powder will last me longer if I don’t go by the package directions. It’s probably just a marketing scheme by MoCafe to use that much. Use more, buy more often, but that is why I give it 4 stars.

In conclusion, I will be buying again.


NewtonFinley, TN

it is so delicious!

it is so delicious! I like it so much! This is the second time I ordered it. I will continue to buy this one.
JeffereyCalder, ID

Better than Starbucks!!

As good if not better than Starbucks Green tea chai latte without the high price tag. I was suprisingly pleased by the taste and sweetness of the drink which I make cold and add tapioca pearls for a refreshing bubble tea. I looked around for a long time, including Chinatown groceries, for a cheaper alternative to Starbucks and I think this one is it. Great value, good taste!
KevaDilley, TX

Just like Star Buck’s Green Tea Frappacino

Two years ago Starbucks got me hooked on their blackberry green tea frappacino & like all the other speciality drinks that they get their customers hooked on – suddenly they dropped it & said it was no longer available. I have searched high & low to find a similar product & accidentally stumbled across the matcha green tea while looking for the Wild Tribe Mocha product. I decided to order it. Imagine my excitement when it came & I made my own Blackberry Green Tea Frappacino at my own home – for a lot less. Move over Starbucks. Mine is better.
CarminePleasant Grove, AR


After reading so many good reviews about this product, I ordered one as well. But this one just tastes artificial and nothing like rich matcha. I love everything green tea, so even if it doesn’t have that rich matcha flavor, I would still make my frappe with it only if it didn’t have the extremely weird soapy aftertaste. I don’t know what to do with the rest of 3lb bag…
ArnettaNewton Center, MA

It’s Definitely Not Like Starbucks!

This mix doesn’t taste anything like the Matcha Green Tea Latte from Starbucks!!! It tastes more like French Vanilla Slim Fast powder (which is okay if that is what you are expecting to drink). It’s hard to taste the green tea at all; just a lot of vanilla and sugar.
JaunitaPatterson, MO

ok not great

This MOCAFE is quite different than the hot MOCAFE shais. This one has a very artifical taste. Will not be purchasing again–I was quite disappointed.
RacheleOrdway, CO

I love this one 🙂

It’s really good!
I love this green tea latte powder. It’s more than what I expected!!! more good than cafe’s one ;D
I really recommend this one!!!
NanKamay, TX

Not Starbucks flavor

I love Starbucks Green Tea Latte, that fresh “grassy or alfalfa” flavor is so refreshing, so when i found this product i was very anxious to receive it. I got it yesterday and have tried it 3 different times and i have to say its nothing like Starbucks.

Its way too sweet, has the consistancy of chocolate milk mixed really thick and tastes nothing like the fresh flavor Starbucks carries. There is a very very light after taste that resembles the Starbucks brand, but its very faint and only occasional. In fact this resembles sweetened vanilla flavor more than anything.. almost like a flavored coffee creamer mix in milk.

I hope i can locate the brand Starbucks uses.

ChaseRexburg, ID