Mocafe Precious Divinity Spiced Chai

Traditional “masala” chai is a mix of savory spices such as clove, cinnamon, anise, ginger, and cardamon, which are ground and boiled in water. High-quality black tea is added and steeped with the spices, then the tea is strained and sweetened with sugar and honey. The result is a wonderfully sweet and fragrant beverage, enjoyable hot or cold. Mocafe’ prepares its original spiced chai powder mix using these very same traditional, low-fat ingredients. Only natural flavors are added. Simply mix with water (or a mixture of water and milk for richer texture) and enjoy our chai hot, on the rocks or blended with ice. 3 lb. bag includes easy preparation directions (for both hot and iced recipes. Each bag makes approximately 40-8oz. servings. Ingredients: Hawaiian Cane sugar, nondairy creamer, nonfat milk, wildflower honey, Darjeeling black tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, clove, anise.

Quick facts

  • 3-lb bag

Top reviews

Chai lover

This is quite good. I’ve taken to starting my mornings with a nice hot mug.
AntonioWheaton, MO

Amazing Chai

We went to a health spa in Vegas and they served us this chai. It was so good that we searched on line for it. You have to buy a big quantity but it is great. We drink it after dinner sometimes as a desert. my kids even love it.
TheressaColliersville, NY


I’ve searched high and low for a chai tea that comes close to the $4 Chai Lattes I purchase at Starbucks. After many brands Mocafe beat all the rest. I thought I was drinking Starbucks the first time I had this drink! You will not regret buying this product! Edited to add: I meant to rate it 5 stars but mistakingly chose 4 and now I can’t change it.
TommyKenilworth, IL

Money conscious chai lovers look here…

I was spending 4bucks a day at starbucks, until I found this stuff as the local Home Goods store. Since then, I am a new convert! This stuff is divine! So creamy and spicy! I took off one star because you can get it cheaper at another store, if you have a Home Goods near you that is!
GeraldPemberton, OH