MOCAFE Precious Divinity Vanilla Chai Spiced Tea Mix, 3-Pound Bag

Authentic, original, naturally intoxicating blend of fresh ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, wild flower honey and estate grown Darjeeling black tea.

Quick facts

  • Make instantly with hot water.
  • 3lb bag makes 35 8oz servings
  • Serve hot, iced, or ice blended

Top reviews

So yummy, finally iced chai lattes at home!

Chai lattes are my favorite drinks to order at coffee shops, especially iced ones. I ran into this brand through a friend, and I was so impressed with the flavor & quality, I decided to research it. I originally had the mocha frappe mix. While researching, I saw the chai mix & said… I’ve got to try it. Despite the directions to make it, I tossed two scoops of mix, a cup of water/milk, and a tray of ice cubes into my blender & hit frappe. Yum yum yum. My 3 lb bag is already gone (after a little less than a month), & I’m left wanting more. I highly recommend!
LatonyaHemlock, IN

Best spiced vanilla chai!

Once I tried MOCAFE Precious Divinity Spiced Vanilla Chai, I was hooked. It is incredibly creamy and the vanilla is very present, but not overpowering. Most importantly, there is also a nice hint of spice to balance the vanilla taste – something you tend to expect from chai, but that is missing from most vanilla chai mixes. It’s definitely worth trying!
MindaBrush Valley, PA

Delicious and cheaper than the 4-pack

Precious Divinity Chai is the most delicious beverage mix I have ever purchased. It’s addictive. Buying the three-pound single bag provides the same amount of chai mix as the four-pack but for $4 cheaper. Only downside is I wish I had kept the old containers so that I could keep one at work and one at home!
CathernBena, VA


I enjoy this Chi more than any other! Tastes great and easy to make just adding hot water. Being able to pu vase at amazon in larger quantity with a subsciption service is a big plus for me as well.
MaeHarrogate, TN

The cool refreshment, with alot of flavor,

I like to have a cool refresing vanilla spiced chai tea drink every day. I share with my husband, as he likes it also. Ordering this drink mix from Amazon makes it more affordable.
CassondraManchaug, MA

best chai mix out there!

I found this chai mix at a local coffee shop and loved it! Then I was able to buy this online at Amazon and have been delighted! The auto ship works great for me. B
DarbyTurney, MO

Smooth Chai

I order the vanilla chai every couple of months. It is very economical (not $4 a cup!) and it tastes great. I would have given 5 stars, but the decaf is never in stock.
JewellAndover, IA


Product is superior in taste to most chai beverages.
Product comes in convenient packaging (bag or canister)for easy storage or take along.
MariettaHansboro, ND

MoCafe Precious Divinity Vanilla Chai Spiced Tea Mix

A wonderful comfort drink…delicious and calming to the scenses. Smells delicious and is delicious. A bit pricey…and worth it.
TrinidadYorktown, IA

Mocafe Vanilla Chai

I love chai tea; however, finding a product that is the “best” has been a task. After trying the regular MOCAFE Precious Divinity Chai some years ago [purchased from TJ Maxx], I found it to be very good, but missing something. Since buying an espresso maker, I started adding some Torani syrup to give it a vanilla flavor. So, I decided to buy the MOCAFE Vanilla Chai to eliminate the syrup.

I will agree with the the other review about the powder being sweeter, but I think it is well balanced when using steamed milk and froth the top. When frothing the milk [skinny], the drink is a sweet, creamy vanilla chai drink. I haven’t drank a better chai powder up to this point.

LaquandaIndustrial, WV

great tasting tea

I am usually not one for hot drinks other then regular hot cocoa but I think this is wonderful. There is just the right mix of spices, not too strong. Definately try it if your looking for a smooth warm drink.
ToraLively, VA


Did not like this at all. Way too sweet, not enough spice (and I am not a very spicy person ). Definately like Big Train brand better.
CasimiraSangerville, ME

High Five for Vanilla Chai

This product is one of the best tasting chai mixes available on the market at a moderate price. It is easily transported for a quick and hot drink on the go; or for breakfast and after dinner.
I’m so glad I found it!
SalvatoreClint, TX