Molecular Gastronomy Heavy Cream Powder , Artistre – 1 x 1LB

Heavy Cream Powder is a shelf stable dairy product with 72% butterfat. It imparts a rich flavor, and a silky, velvety mouth-feel while not adding excess moisture that can dilute the intense flavor of sauces, soups and reductions.

Quick facts

  • Molecular Gastronomy
  • Flavoring Agent
  • 1 year shelf life
  • Artistre

Top reviews

Forget Molecular Gastronomy – this stuff rockes a coffee creamer!

I know the product title says Molecular Gastronomy, but don’t let that scare you off. I have been looking for this for a while now, not for food science, but for something more down to earth. I use it to make my own coffee creamer.

I have to have my coffee blonde and sweet – but the flavored creamers are full of the bad kinds of fat, and honestly, I hate to use manufactured “food” items. I really don’t think they are good for the body. On the other hand, I hate using cold milk or cream, because I like HOT coffee.

I stumbled across this on Amazon one day and got the idea of making my own creamer. I also bought low-fat (non-instant) milk powder and regular milk powder. The non-instant lowfat milk is a little sweeter and tastes fresher than regular instant low-fat milk, but does not dissolve good in cold water – which is not a problem for hot coffee. You will have to play with the ratios – I would not do just the heavy cream, it made the coffee too rich. Also, I think the powder is too expensive to just use on it’s own. I like mixing 1/3 of each together.

For flavoring, I bough cocoa bean powder, vanilla bean powder, and caster (superfine) sugar. I mix up small batches along with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to make my own flavored creamers. If you wanted, you could use a fake sweetner powder instead. I make up small amounts that I store in jelly canning jars. I also use my little food chopper/food processor to blend everything, so the sugar is not heavier and sinks to the bottom. Let it settle for a bit before opening the top though.

This stuff tastes WAY better than the storebought creamers and it is fun to experiment and come up with your own flavors. I am going to try using some essential oils next and see if I can get a good chocolate/orange mix.

All of the ingredients I mentioned are here online. Take the time to experiment. Maybe you don’t use any low-fat milk. Or don’t add any flavorings. It is up to you. Also, would make great housewarming/host(ess) gifts.

I am sure other molecular people will be able to tell you more of what you can do with it, and I am sure I will experiment with it in cooking – but the main reason I bought it was to make my own creamer and it worked out great.

DeidreWilliamsport, PA