Monin Fruit Puree, Strawberry, 33.8-Ounce Bottles

Monin Strawberry Fruit Purée with natural flavors. Fruit made easy strawberries have been enjoyed for millennia, having grown wild in italy since atleast the second century b.c. Among the romans, the strawberry was a symbolfor venus, the goddess of love, because of its heart shape and red color. In medieval times, strawberry was considered a symbol of righteousness andperfection, as such, strawberry shapes were engraved inside cathedrals. Strawberries are very popular in desserts, ice cream, smoothies, lemonades andmuch more. With Monin strawberry fruit purée, making perfect strawberrybeverages has never been easier. Like the other Monin fruit purées, Monin Strawberry Fruit Purée is made fromthe highest quality fruit picked at peak ripeness, concentrated immediately topreserve optimal fruit texture and flavor. Monin fruit purées are a convenient,shelf stable alternative to muddled fruit or frozen beverage mixes; sweetened withpure cane sugar.

Quick facts

  • Monin products are gluten free and alcohol free; GMO free
  • All Monin products are Kosher
  • Does not contain HFSC (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

Top reviews

excellent product

Excellent product much MUCH better than finest call! Highly recommend this product. This mix is very consistent, has not turned color and has a great fruity taste
GracieAuburn, AL

Exactly what it claims —

I’ve always ended up with Monin syrups — after trying 1/2 dozen other brands, I always come back to their pure cane sugar, low preservative, high varity, and good flavor. So I tried the strawberry puree — to see if it had anything wrong with it, quite frankly. But — NOPE. It’s just what it says it is. Shelf stable like canned fruit, but in varieties unavailable in canned fruit — and for roughly the same price as frozen, but without getting freezer burned or taking up scarce freezer space.

Great in mixed drinks and lemonade; great as a little punch in smoothies. And I assume excellent over ice cream, though we haven’t tried that yet.

I’m going back for more flavors!!!!!!!!

AnabelBarneveld, NY