Montebello Organic Pasta, Orecchiette, 16-Ounce Bag

Montebello Organic Italian Pasta

Quick facts

  • Pack of five, 16-ounces per bag (total of 80 ounces)
  • Made using only the finest Italian Organic Durum Wheat
  • Extended drying time produces an al dente pasta that cooks perfectly every time
  • Imported from Italy

Top reviews

Great taste at an excellent value

I went looking for this pasta after I recently tried a dish at a restaurant recently that featured this form of pasta. The local regular supermarkets did not carry this kind of pasta and it seemed a bit overpriced at the local exotic markets. I turned to Amazon to find a great deal. Since there were no reviews on this pasta I took a leap of faith. Having had the pasta a few times now I am excited to say that this is an excellent product and is worth purchasing at Amazon. I am now inclined to try the other pasta’s from the same brand. I have tried it with both salt added and no salt added to the water and they turn out great both ways. It depends on how you plan to cook the sauce I guess but the pasta itself is versatile and very easy to cook. Just follow the instructions. I used a large 12qt pasta pot to make it and it worked out great.
AngelinaPrinceton, NC


Orecchiette is by far my favorite pasta out there and it is hard to come by at the grocery store, unless you go to a specialty Italian store (and those are usually quite expensive). I am on the auto-shipment plan for this product and it is definitely a GREAT DEAL!
TyraDawes, WV