More Than Gourmet Classic French Demi-Glace, 1.5-Ounces

More Than Gourmet Classic French Demi-Glace, 1.5 Ounces

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 1.5-ounces (total of 9-ounces)
  • No MSG or preservatives
  • Made with veal and beef stock

Top reviews

Quality ingredients but flat taste

the all natural, quality ingredients were the pull to buy this product, but in the end it tasted more like brown gravy than demi glace. Seller packaged the product well and shipped promptly.
CassyJonesburg, MO

This does 50% of the hard work for your red sauce

The other 50% is to not do something stupid to ruin your otherwise delicious sauce, like make a red wine reduction using Yellow-Tail.

Short review: Great stuff/best of its kind by far. No good reason not to use this unless you’ve got a ready supply of fresh veal-stock.

I’m a hardcore foodie, but not a professional. My friends all think I should open a restaurant because I really can cook (when I’m motivated), but I’m too lazy for that. I’ve learned the hard way how to make Demi-Glace and, frankly, it’s a pain in the ass, not to mention expensive (Veal stock? Really?). But since I’m too narcissistic to make a dinner for friends that is nothing short of awesome (not to mention how competitive and snobby some of my friends are), I will practice/test/rehearse something to perfection before I’ll share it.

In search of the perfect red wine redux/sauce, I came across a friend who knew the chef for a restaurant in wine country that made one of the best Wagyu/Kobe filet dishes I’ve ever had that has stayed on their menu for years. After two years, I finally met the executive chef and after a lot of drinking, he revealed to me that there are two ways to make a great demi-glace red wine sauce – the hard way, and the really really hard stupid way. The really hard stupid way is to do it all from scratch, which if you know what Demi-Glace really entails, you had better have all the stock-making ingredients already on hand on a regular basis.

Or you can use someone else’s well designed, fine tuned reduction ready to go.

I’ve tried several of the others and had varying success, but nothing that would sing out to you “yes, this is the real deal”. The other premade Demi-glace (or similar variations) I’ve tired were as if you were eating Select-grade sirloin when you were wanting to get Choice-grade rib-eye. I always just assumed you just had to do a real demi-glace to get the real-deal result you needed.

Then I came across this chef and he reluctantly told me that this was his “Secret ingredient”. So I tried it. And now I’m a believer too.

The best thing you can do to make sure this stuff works (eg, to not screw it up) is to use a quality wine in your reduction. Don’t use that 30 day old rancid yellow tail crap. Don’t use 1 hour old Yellow-Tail. And if you drink Yellow Tail then you probably don’t care about this product anyway. I recommend adding something to bring up the sweet level, not to make it sweet per se, but as a seasoning agent – like a port or a cognac mixed in with a Cab, Merlot or anything in the Bordeaux family. The flavors will really sing at you.

RefugiaOakpark, VA

Glad it’s back!

This is simply the best ready prepared demi-glace you can buy. I was disappointed when Amazon stopped selling this for a while, so I’m happy they brought it back. This is a must-have for amateur chefs since so many classical sauces use it as the base. There are a multitude of quick sauces you can make from this without the 2-3 days needed to prepare your own demi-glace base. Worth the money if you want to make classical sauces without investing a lot of time in the kitchen.
RossiePelham, TN


I was very impressed with this product.
It says to use a 4/1 with water, here’s what I did
1 part reduction paste (container)
1 container of red wine
2 containers juice from meat you are cooking (If you can collect that much)
2 containers of water

a healthy dash of onion & Garlic powders
a dash of black pepper
and very important……. a teaspoon of UNSALTED Butter
(this will smooth out the flavors)

All I can say is OMG!!
I drizzled this sauce over the plate, added garlic mashed potatoes in the center
of the plate, added the Beef Tendloin on top of the potatoes, topped the beef with
steamed green beans and then Frenches onion rings (pieces) on top of the beans…
My dinner guests said that they thought they were at a high end resturant!
Experiement & Enjoy!
(I’m buying more!)
I even had left over sauce and used it over hamburgers… OMGx2 !!

HeidiHayward, CA

Jelled Gold

There isn’t much to say. You can either spend days making your own or buy this! Amazons price is less than half of what I was paying for this, it used to be a splurge and now will be a regular at our table. Used as a base, you can make many different sauces with ease, you’ll be the hit at the table.
NathanielMerrimac, MA

A Must For any Cook

I have used all of More Than Gourmet’s products, and this staple has to be my favorite, or at least my most used one. I probably use this on a good 20% of all my main course recipes.

There are two main reasons I am a fan. The first is practical. I now work overseas, and I need products with a good shelf. Sure, I can ship via Amazon directly here, but I like to ship to my US address and then bring products with me on the plane. And all of More Than Gourmet’s products have extremely long shelf lives. With the smaller 1.5 ounce packages, I use one as I need it and keep the rest in my small pantry. And if I am going to a diner party where I will cook, it is so easy to bring an individual package. (I also buy the larger 16 ounce container as well, and keep it in the fridge after opening.)

The second one, and this one is the most important, is that it tastes great. It does not have that artificial aftertaste which I find in most powered demi-glace. There is a richness in it which makes everything taste better. I not only use it in typically French-type dishes, but in Italian pasta sauces, all stews, some egg dishes, pot roasts, and even Mexican, Arabic, and Chinese dishes.

Working in SE Asia, getting good beef is problematic and quite expensive. But pork is good. I have discovered that adding some of the demi-glace to a pork pot roast or to a bourguignon goes along way to make it richer and “beefier.”

Frankly, I could not do without my More Than Gourmet demi-glace. It iis a must item in any cook’s pantry.

ShawntaHudson Falls, NY

Great when you’re in a hurry.

This is great to grab at the last minute to flavor a sauce (such as brandy peppercorn) add some extra flavor to a soup. I always keep the French demi-glace as well as the classic chicken handy in the pantry.
HyacinthNebraska, IN

Very easy to use

I tried a package of the demi-glace when a sauce I was making failed. It changed
the taste of my dinner, but completely saved the meal! I didn’t have to use the whole package so I wrapped it up and put it in the freezer to use later. I was so glad I had seen this product on Amazon!
EmmanuelWarren, VT

Delicious Add to your Recipes

I had never heard of this product until I found a recipe that called for it. It added so much to the taste and enjoyment of the dish. I have added it to other recipes that call for a gravy or sauce. It gives your dish a delicious special touch. I strongly recommend you give this a try if you enjoy delicious food.
BarneyMitchell, NE

great time saver

the demi glace was easy to use, tasted great, and greatly enhanced grilled steaks. a bit on the salty side and i used a little more wine than recommended to thin a bit. overall very pleased and will purchase again.
HenryTinnie, NM

Great time saver

You can make great Demi glacé yourself but why bother.. I used this for a high end filet sauce. It was a great success using the included recipe.. One package makes enough sauce for 4-5 people. I can’t wait to make more.
JoetteErie, PA

good product

The demi-glace puts the final touch on dishes I was looking for. Very flavorful. The product was shipped quickly and I would reccommend to every one.
DenyseLapine, AL

Excellent Product

This is an excellent product. I have used it in sauces for years. It has great flavor and the price through Amazon is the best I’ve seen. I also use their poultry, lamb and seafood products
LaquandaFreeland, MI

Steak sauce

Nice product in a handy size. Really makes a great mushroom steak sauce. A great flavor enhancer. Worth the price.
SamualSalcha, AK

The price was right

I am not the the cook in the family so I can’t really comment on the product itself except to say my wife asked me to find and buy this specific product. As is often the case Amazon was by far the best deal when you can use the quantity. Apparently shelf life is not a problem when the product is unopened.

My wife used it in a sauce for grilled tenderloin and it was a great sauce.

JackieTamiment, PA


I added this to the end a red wine reduction, and it really kicked it up a few notches. I have not tried it by following the directions on the package, which merely is to add water on a 4:1 basis (one package makes one cup, per the directions). I will be ordering more.
LaurindaDell, AR

Demi glacé made easy

Excellent and easy way to outstanding finishing sauces. Works well with shallots, port and mushrooms. Recommend 1.5 oz size.
DarylHollywood, FL

Great Stuff

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product. Good consistency, good flavor. Much better price than buying it at Whole Foods Grocery store.
CorrineBelle Mead, NJ

Great taste, perfect size.

Demi-Glace is hard to find around where I live and usually costs between 1-2 dollars for a small pack. Amazon makes it easy and I’m glad they offer the 6-pack. It’s just the right amount at a very competitive price. As for the Demi-Glace, it comes in 6 separate containers, each individually sealed. Tastes great. Nothing bad to say about it.
CecilBridgehampton, NY

Another good review for More Than gourmet

There’s really not much more to say. The product is great, fast, and easy to use. It makes you look like a pro.
NildaWestport, CA