More Than Gourmet Graisse De Canard Gold® Rendered Duck Fat, 1.5-Ounce Units

More Than Gourmet Graisse De Canard Gold® Rendered Duck Fat. Our classic products require no refrigeration until opened and are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients (no chemicals, MSG or preservatives).

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 1.5-ounce units
  • Classic (rendered) duck fat
  • Made in USA

Top reviews

Ruined by soybeans


The whole attraction to cooking with duck fat (besides the flavor) is that it’s a natural, healthy animal fat. Why on earth does this product need to contain soybeans (processed, not healthy)? Oh that’s right, because the government subsidizes soybean farms and so soybean products must now appear in everything Americans eat. Reprehensible.

ByronSublette, KS

One of my favorite fats

Given that we are living in a time when (at least in the US) we are told that fats in our diets are bad for us, it is a real pleasure to find an item like this. I have long been a fan of animal fats when used in moderation (O-K, not always in moderation, I did makes some duck-fat french fries not too long ago, INCREDIBLE!). Yes, many people eat way too much fat, but more importantly they often eat the wrong ones. Certain hydrogenated fats not only have dubious effects on our health they just don’t add as much flavor as traditional fats such as butter, olive oil, chicken fat and, yes duck fat.

I try to watch both my calorie and fat intake but I do so by eating less and choosing my fats for flavor. Duck fat gives ordinary dishes like spinach or mashed potatoes more taste and complexity that would butter or, God forbid, margarine. The French have known this for centuries and use duck fat to add flavor and depth to a wide variety of foods.

I sometimes buy my duck fat in larger tubs, 10-16 oz., but I like these little 1.5 oz. containers. They stay fresh on the shelf when unopened and then I use the entire thing, not needing to worry about finding room for it in my overly-stocked refrigerator. The cost per ounce is not to bad when buying it in these little cups, about the same as some of the larger tubs. The only thing that I don’t like is the the oils and fat solids tend to separate. Not a big deal if I am mixing it into a dish or browning something with it, but if I want to use it as a spread (highly recommended) I have to stick it in the fridge first and then stir it up. Other than that I must say that this is a staple for me and a great addition to any pantry (when used reasonably, of course).

EasterTamuning, GU


When I received this product, some of the duck fat had seeped through its packaging. It smelled a bit “off” and the taste was rancid. Unfortunately it cannot be returned, so my only recourse is to warn potential buyers.
DebbiePleasant Valley, IA


Each of these six units in this package of rendered duck fat are small, but a little goes a long way. They are convenient because one package is enough to flavor anything you want to use it for without digging repeatedly into a tub and having to measure. The fat itself is delicious. I have used to to flavor home fries, roasted vegetables, and smeared it on homemade bread and it is fantastic. It may seem pricey, but duck fat in general is pricey and for the packaging and doorstep delivery convenience, it is a good buy.
ParkerBeltrami, MN

Very Nice

Okay. I’m a very accomplished home cook of some sophistication, but I’d never used duck fat. I wondered about the small size units, but I find that cooking for usually uses one or half of one unit, and the other half can be used plenty soon enough that it’s not wasted. The taste is distinct and quite good. My first use was with some braised pork. I had made enough for two nights, and the product arrived for the second night. I sauteed the pork and carrots in half a unit of duck fat to reheat. The rich flavor much improved a dish that is anyway always better the second night. Half a unit was plenty. The richness was a very good addition to the pork and carrots that had been braised without wine and therefore somewhat plain. I see this as being something I keep in the pantry.
SusyOshtemo, MI

Tastes so good it hurts

Last night i fried some of those pre-packaged Simply Potatoes in a little vegetable oil and the duck fat, and they were amazing. You wont believe what a wonderful, rich flavor this give to ordinary foods!
JosueHestand, KY

Another item I could not find locally, but Amazon had.

Could not find this locally in my big city. Amazon had it and sent it fast.
RayEckelson, ND

Get your own duck

Good in a pinch but better to make your own. Also, the can size is too small for most recipes.
GlennaBradfordsville, KY

Awesome for everything

Duck fat is awesome! Makes really flavorful way to cook just about anything…fry eggs in it, coat vegetables and roast (brussels sprouts are divine) or just spread on toast.

I will say though that what you get in these little cups is pretty much identical to what you get if you collect the fat from a roasted duck…but good if you use the fat a lot more often than you roast ducks (I do save fat but honestly…the grocery store only gets ducks so often).

This seems good quality…has all the flavor, strained so you get only the fat (no “jelly”, duck bits, or other rendering byproducts)

Turns solid in the fridge, liquid in the cups. Refrigerate after opening…can use about 2-4 times per cup depending on what you’re doing with it.

GinetteDenton, KY

Very Satisfied Customer

I’ve never had duck fat before, so I don’t know how it compares to other brands. In comparison to other oils though, it is supreme. I find it adds a savory touch to class up your meals. If you’re not sure how to cook with it Google duck fat and you will find plenty of recipes. The portions in the six pack are perfect if you are cooking for one or two. Finally the price is excellent for this product esp. with the Subscribe and Save program. The only complaint I have is that Amazon runs out of this product all the time. An amazing product at an amazing price!
MercedezCenterville, TX

Quick and exactly right

So as part of making Duck Confit, I was worried about rendering enough duck fat on my own, so I took a look and made my purchase, and it worked out perfectly. The shipping was quick, I was able to track it and time the rest of my cooking, and just as I was worried about I couldnt quite render enough on my own, which made the 1.5 oz size useful, I used a container just to top off what I needed and didnt have to cut my confit with a different fat.
So, quick, well tracked, and the right size.
BernieceCottekill, NY

Perfect size portion

The size of these little tubs is just perfect for sauting a skillets worth of home fries with onions. What’s not to love about duck fat! It adds a great taste to so many different dishes and the small tubs save on waste and last forever.
KittiePurling, NY


this is wonderful stuff. i used it to coat veg and then bake omg it is also good for french fries
LubaFortson, GA

Graisse de Canard

I had been thinking for sometime to look for Graisse de Canard and where else to look but Amazon !!!!Was not dissapointed. This is a great product at a good price. I use it of course to saute all kinds of vegetables and in the near future will make my own Confit de Canard, I needed this rendered duck fat to started it.(Obviously I bought more than a 6 pack, at the time this was the better price) The Graisse de Canard Gold comes from a company that uses good products. They are very helpful if you contact them. Love my Graisse de Canard Gold……
JinBucksport, ME