Mother’s Double Fudge Sandwich Cookies, 16-Ounce Packages

Mother’s, Double Fudge Sandwich Cookies, 16-Ounce Bag (Pack of 4)

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 16-ounces per pack (total of 64 ounces)
  • Double fudge sandwich
  • Crisp chocolate exterior
  • Combination of sweetness and crunch
  • Perfect for school lunches

Top reviews

Does not live up to its cleverly advertised standards

I expected more than it turned out to be. My family seemed to like it but they weren’t too crazy about it. I’m more excited about donuts than these cookies.
ShantePursglove, WV

Not the Same Cookie and they Suck

I saw a bag in the grocery aisle and had to have it. Boy, was I sorely disappointed. The cookies aren’t half as big as I remember them being. They were all clumped together from all the nauseating pink and white frosting. Yeah, you actually get more pink and white frosting than you do an actual cookie. Blecch. These cookies are a suga-holic hyperactive kid’s dream and nothing more. I won’t be buying them again. So sad to see a good, good thing go away.
RickiMurphy, ID


Original 1 STAR Rating Chocolate Chip Cookies:
…12/16/2010 Splendid bubble wrapping AND a pristine box condition deceivingly held 4 packages of crumbles. I surmise these were in pretty bad shape before the bubble wrap was applied and boxed for shipment. To add insult to injury packages have BEST BY DATE of FEB0311 …less than two months away πŸ™ The seller would have done better hosting an ice cream social using these crumbles for toppings. I’m not sure how prospective customers can be informed items are near their expiration date or the condition is sub par, but they should be given the option to purchase “less than standard product”. I won’t gamble ordering ANY Mother’s Cookies again.

This holiday will have more cookie crumbs than usual, ugh!

9/2/2011 5 STARS … Coconut Cocadas … Smaller Version of the Old Time Favorite

OMG Still yummy! It was like a stroll down Memory Lane. The coconut flavor carries me back to my childhood in New Jersey sitting on the front steps munching away figuring which adventure us neighborhood kids would be getting into. It wasn’t until years later that my Mom weaned us off Drake’s Coconut Jumbles and onto these to save money. Though not as coco-nutty as Drakes’s Jumbles these were always available. Neither were as good as any cookies my Grannies made πŸ™‚

MaragaretLightfoot, VA

150 calories for 6 cookies, — way too much frosting

When I got these, I was looking for frosted animal crackers. However what I didn’t realize is these have an abundance of frosting — they’re not just frosted on top, but covered in frosting.

Maybe that’s what customers buying this are looking for, but I am not interested in that much sugar.

I usually eat about 20-25 or so of these in one night, but to work them off I’d have to run a quarter marathon (6.5 miles). When I just get back from the gym, that is not what I want to see on the package.

MiaMontello, WI

Taffy cookies are NOT the same!

How dissappointing. I have fond memories of the Taffy cookies from my late grandmother and her always full cookie jars. Imagine my dissappointment when I discovered these “New” Taffy cookies are not the same. They have too much coconut in the recipe. The old Taffy cookies were darker brown in color and had a completely different flavor. I wouldn’t say these new cookies are terrible, but if you are labeling them as “TAFFY” cookies, they are definitely not a resurrection of the late greats πŸ™
MichaelCornelius, OR

Wow, Why is it so hard?

Now having a daughter going to preschool, I’ve been excited to buy snacks my parents weren’t able to buy for me. These little snacks were for “tea time”. Why packing her lunch I took a bite and ouch! They’re super hard, almost has if someone put it in the freezer. I don’t remember them being this hard. This will be the last bag I’ll purchase.
JudeMarksville, LA

forget the coconuts!!!

forget the coconuts indeed! this product tastes mostly of sugar! if you like that sugary taste you should enjoy this…major disappointment.
SheltonLecanto, FL

Shipment packing needs to be improved

My husband loves these cookies. We receive a shipment monthly and each shipment has been packed differently. Today we received pack of 4 which were shrink wrapped together and left in box to rattle around during shipment. We opened one package and many of the cookies are crumbled and I suspect the same to be said of those in other 3 packages. I hope someone from Amazon reads these comments and takes corrective action. I can’t find these in any stores in Georgia.
TerranceEdison, NE

much smaller

I have been eating these cookies for years with my morning coffee. They are now 30% to 40% smaller than the last package that I purchased. You people at Mothers are…….
MaureenAttica, MI

Best packaged cookie ever!

I know…Oreos are the most popular cookie with Chips Ahoy and Nutter Butters are doing pretty well, but these are better than all of those. Cookie wafers with a hint of toasted coconut wrapped around a sweet cream. Heaven in a bag. Unfortunately Mother’s went under in 2008 and they didn’t exist until Kellogg’s bought the label. I was able to find some at HEB in San Antonio, so I have a cache for the apocalypse. Great!
VadaEwing, KY

hard and dry cookies

These Taffy cookies are similar in flavor to the Tea cookies.The Tea cookies have a nice sandwich cookie crumble and great flavor.These Taffy cookies were hard,dry,and unpleasant to eat.The expiration dates were fine-so is this just the way these cookies are,or did I get a bad batch?I will not be ordering again.
LaelGeigertown, PA

SO happy they are back

I found these at our local base commissary and literally squealed with delight when I saw them! I loved these things when I was a kid (I am 30). I was so disappointed when the company closed down. I was worried when I opened the package that they would just not taste the same but fear not, they are just as I remember. The cookies look the same, feel the same, taste the same! I am so happy they are back and my children enjoy them just as much as I did when I was their age.
MarhtaCuster, WI

An exquisite cookie!

Mother’s Cookies have been around forever here on the west coast. I didn’t even know they were gone for awhile (due to financial problems I understand). I am glad Kellogg’s bought the company and brought them back. I recently tried the Vanilla Creme cookie not knowing what to expect. I was used to the Circus Animals and their delicious chocolate chip cookie over the years since I was a child. Their Vanilla Creme cookie is just out of this world and makes me glad I have a mouth! That’s how good they are. It is an exquisite cookie. No coffee or tea should be served to company without these. Your friends will wonder what they are and where they come from!

In addition to being a great tasting cookie I love the design and texture of the cookie. I feel really regal when I eat them. I introduced these to the whole family and I got everyone eating them. The local supermarket had a sale on them at two dollars a package and I ended up buying seven of them.

If you like the taste of vanilla and are looking for a good cookie to try or just plain like cookies, you won’t be disappointed with these!

UPDATE: I wanted to write a review for Mother’s English Tea cookie but apparently Amazon has all the reviews linked to all Mother’s cookies products and will only accept one review.

I wanted to write that that English Tea cookie by Mother’s is just as good as the Vanilla Cremes. I am not sure but I thought I detected a slight banana flavor but very subtle. They certainly don’t taste like vanilla but they are a really good cookie.

Back in the 1970s Mother’s Cookies used to put out a variety pack and that’s how I discovered their delicious chocolate chip cookie. It has a chocolate chip taste so different than any other chocolate chip cookie I’ve eaten.

I understand Mother’s cookies are hard to find for much of the country except on the west coast. The fact that Amazon sells them is a good thing. So if you’re wondering if you should give them a try, please believe me, they’re all high quality cookies and taste great regardless if they become a favorite or not. I am very fussy when it comes to food but Mother’s cookies are so delicious that I am working my way to try every cookie they offer. Vanilla Creme is by far my favorite. As a side note, if your cookies should arrive crumbled or broken, it’s the responsibility of the buyer to contact Amazon and complain. Amazon has friendly customer service and will correct the problem if you complain.

WallyRavenna, OH

Mother’s Vanilla Cremes Cookies

These are the best creme cookies I’ve ever tasted. I purchased two packages while in california. They need to be sold in every state.
YulandaSaluda, VA

cookie memories

This is a cookie as a child I have visit the factory and enjoyed going to the grocery to purchase them as a child. When they arrive I thought they were a bit small but who cares when I bit in to the good hard cookies still a great cookie owww cookie and coffee GREAT! So happy so many great memories and taste buds
MagenNome, ND


These cookies are delicious. Never heard of “Mother’s cookies” until someone from California visited my work place. I found them at Amazon & ordered some. SOO glad I did. They are excellent.
TempieCressey, CA

Mothers cookies are great!

I have been buying Mothers Cookies from Amazon, and they all are excellent. My most recent purchase of Mothers Iced Oatmeal cookies are great!
MarleneManns Harbor, NC


Being from the west coast, I had enjoyed Mother’s Cookies for many years. Then I moved to the mid-west, no Mother’s. I would have to buy cookies on visits home and stuff them into my suitcase. Then Mother’s closed. SO SAD . Then Mother’s Cookies were brought back to life. SO HAPPY . I discovered buying on-line. SUPER HAPPY. The cookies arrived quickly,the price was totally fair , shipping free, and all packages are in great shape, no breakage. I will buy again and again and again ! The taffy and peanut butter gauchos are the BEST !
KeikoPlaquemine, LA

Best Cookies Ever

I had been trying all the frosted animal cookies to find one that tasted like Mother’s…I could not find one that came close to Mother’s…I LOVE these cookies and was so excited to find them on Amazon!!!!
EfrainKamrar, IA

Can’t get enough of this!!!

I do not usually eat sweets, as I find most American made desserts too sweet for me. However, these cookies are just so delicious that I cannot put them down! I love how the frosting is not just sugar, but also has a butter cream vanilla taste. It tastes like cake. The sprinkles add just the right amount of crunchiness before you bite into the entire cookie. As you chew, the cookie turns into a mouth watering sweet buttery cake dough. This is why I need to watch myself and count the cookies as I eat, to prevent over eating! Though they all taste the same, I am personally more attracted to the pink ones =) So glad I can get these cookies at Wal-mart!
I do not recommend buying this online, just because when it gets hot, the cookies tend to stick together. It is annoying having a double-cookie because they will not separate without breaking. Also, always store in a cookie place! Enjoy your cookies =) Thanks for reading!
AshleighEast Hickory, PA

Mother’s Sack-of-Fat Cookies [Caveat Emptor]

The English Tea and Peanut Butter Gaucho cookies, by Mother’s, are probably the best tasting sandwich cookies I’ve ever eaten. However, this nirvana of the cookie munching experience, comes at a pretty hefty price. As I was gleefully polishing off the first bag, I happened to glance at the nutritional stats on the back. To my astonishment and horror, I found that just two cookies delivered 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 2 grams of trans fat, and a whopping 180 calories! For this reason, I removed one rating star and won’t be purchasing these again, until this problem is resolved. C’mon Kelloggs, get yer ‘stuff’ in one bag and cut the trans fat! Sure, the saturated fat content is rather high, but the trans fat is not only unacceptable, it is entirely unnecessary. These cookies could easily be baked with lighter oils like canola, sunflower, or safflower. If you truly must, buy these cookies at your own risk, or better still, fear for your poor arteries and beg-off! [English Tea – 5, Peanut Butter Gauchos – 5, Iced Lemonade – 4, Iced Oatmeal – 3]
GemmaFowler, CA

The Best Cookies

Im station In S.Korea, everytime I wanted some “Mothers Taffy Cookie” I would call my mother (USA,CA) to send me a boxes of cookies. So one day I looked on line and found a pack of “MTC” for cheap I was Like Yes LOL!!! they said my cookies would take up to a month to get here it got here to my duty station in less than a week I was so greatful!!! I still have two packs left plus I gave one away to a battle buddy of mine!!!
MayraKirk, CO

GREAT Cookie

Probably the best packaged cookie we’ve tasted. Better than the vanilla Oreo. Good cookie and the filling is not to sweet. We can’t get them in the S.E., finally found them on Amazon.
ClarkCroton, OH

small & delicious

My Mom & I were itchin for a late-nite snack while on vacation out west with the rest of the family; we wandered accross the street from our motel & entered a grocery store. We tried these cookies & thought they were delicious — small, bite-size tasty cookies w/o too many chips like Chips A;Hoy, etc. When we got back to Cleveland, Ohio, I tried to find them at our local drug stores. Eventually, I found out they are not available east of the Mississippi. …Really obsessing over a chocolate chip cookie, I found them on a site called ‘’. But after Katrina, they were put out of order (that’s unfortunate). One day a few years later, I thought I’d search Amazon, & my cookie-journey had a happy ending. I just wish Mom was still with us to enjoy.
BlancaScipio, IN

Very good cookie!

I was looking for a very similar size and shape cookie made by Archway in a red bag when I found these. These are very close but a little drier then the Archway cookies- still like them very much.
PatriceOssipee, NH


These are some very tasty cookies, and totally addictive. Two crispy cookies with a light creamy middle — what’s not to love? There’s just a hint of toasted coconut, giving it a lightly crunchy texture. These aren’t easy to find in stores, so it’s wonderful to find them on Amazon.
JinaEkwok, AK

excellent cookie

This cookie has a taste unique to any other cookie on the market. I can only find them online since i live on the east coast now. Portland Oregon favorite
AletheaWalnut Creek, CA

Pretty Near the Classic Version, and Better

These arrived in good condition. They are extremely close to the old original version, and I think actually better. They are very slightly larger and flatter, and the chocolate chips have a smoother, less chalky texture and better flavor. The cookies are also slightly less brittle than they used to be, giving them a better bite and leading to less loose crumbs.
TorrieEast Bethany, NY

Nice to get them in an area where it’s hard to find them

I don’t buy many pre-packaged cookies, but remember really liking these when I lived in Texas. I decided to get some to have around, and am glad I did. I was a bit concerned about the shape they’d be in since they’re cello-wrapped, but they got here in good shape. I haven’t opened each package- LOL, but by ‘feel’, they seem fine.
BillyDennis, MS

Brings my childhood back.

I love the taffy cookies and so does all my family, these were always our summer time cookies. I have missed this so much and around where I live I can’t find them in stores so I am thrilled that amazon sells these. They arrived in great condition and were well packaged. And I love getting four packs at once because then I don’t have to order as often. Although our first order went pretty fast since we haven’t had them in so many years. My mom doesn’t order groceries from amazon so I did it for her and she was so happy I did. We love taking this on our boat and hitting the lake. Thank you amazon!
CyrilEyota, MN