Motts Medleys All Natural Fruit Snacks 80 Pouch Variety Pack

Includes 4 fruit and veggie blends Apple Blend, Grape blend, Tropical Blend, and Berry Blend Made with real fruit and vegetable juice Gluten and fat free, Good source of vitamin C No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives

Quick facts

  • Includes 4 fruit and veggie blends
  • Apple Blend, Grape blend, Tropical Blend, and Berry Blend
  • Made with real fruit and vegetable juice
  • Gluten and fat free, Good source of vitamin C
  • No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives

Top reviews


Why on earth would a fruit snack have to contain SOY?? That is one of the Top 8 allergens in the US. Please do not buy these to hand out to your kids’ friends because these individual packets are not labeled with ingredients!! You could kill someone. Like my kid.
SterlingKeatchie, LA

You get what you pay for…

I usually buy Annie’s Fruit Snacks b/c they are sweetened with fruit juices – no sugar. I decided to try these b/c they contain veggies, they were cheap, and I assumed that an apple company would sweeten their “natural” fruit snacks with juice, as well.

However, BEFORE I purchased them, I contacted Mott’s to find out the ingredients (b/c they are not included anywhere on the amazon description). It was an odd situation b/c the response I got directed me to contact another company but assured me that this product was made with real fruit (which it is – it just contains other not necessary stuff). The other company never responded to my request for a list of ingredients. I’m embarrassed to say that the price suckered me in and I ended up buying 80 pouches of sugar.

NTS, I will be returning to Annie’s and will be placing my order soon b/c I’m not feeding my kid bags of refined sugar as a snack.

What’s really weird is that when the package arrived and I tried to find the list of ingredients, it was covered by a big upc label of some sort. Like they need to hide the ingredients even after you’ve purchased.

Not sure what I will do with my box of sugar.

CalistaBruington, VA

Read the ingredients

Decent price, somewhat healthier than other offerings. The ingredients are listed on another listing for same product.

Fruit Juice From Concentrate (Apple, Grape), Corn Syrup, Sugar, Applesauce (Apples and Water), Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Acerola Extract*, Mineral Oil**, Carnauba Wax**, Soy Protein. *A Natural Source of Vitamin C.

Yes, no red dye but not as healthy as I’d hoped.

MingDenver, KY

Perfect solution for gummy addiction

One reviewer rated this product poorly on account of soy being an ingredient. I personally think that is a pretty silly reason to rate this with one star. “All natural” does not necessarily mean that it contains no products that can cause allergies. Anything you might hand out to your kid’s friends could potentially have some allergy-causing ingredient in it and therefore parents of highly allergic kids must take responsibility to let everyone who has interaction with their child know. But away from this, these fruit gummies are excellent! I have two little gummy addicts in the house who ask for “gummy packs” throughout the day and thinking of all those artificial colors going into their little bodies on a daily basis horrified me. They love these every bit as much as the junk food ones. They taste the same but are natural. Well worth the few extra bucks spent!
MollyWest Nyack, NY

Fantastic! Thanks so much!

It has been nearly impossible for me to find these in a store. My kids can’t have red or blue dye in their foods as they have been shown to cause ADHD symptoms, headaches, and stomach aches…and those dyes are in almost every kind of fruit snack available. These taste fantastic, my kids love them, and best of all – they are made with natural colors. Thanks so much!
MarianoScreven, GA

Great price

Bought this to put in party favor bags. Price was great, item arrived quickly, and fruit snacks tasted great. Would definitely order again.
AlonzoNew Carlisle, IN

gelatin is not an all natural ingredient

gelatin is not an all natural ingredient. for once i wish products like this stopped claiming all natural when it really isn’t.
AngilaForreston, TX

Great Fruit Snacks!

I absolutely love these, healthy and yummy with an awesome texture. A fruit snack made with vegetable juice is an amazing invention! Any way to slip veggies in a treat gets 5 stars in my book. I love fruit snacks, but am kind of particular about them. These ones are great! The flavors are really good. I am both partial to the apple shaped one, tastes more like a cherry flavor however. Texture is also really important to me when it comes to fruit snacks, and these have an awesome soft texture. You don’t have to sit there chewing forever, but if you want you can suck not them and they won’t just disintegrate or stick to the roof of you mouth. They are perfect! The only fruit snacks that I have had that is in my opinion slightly better than these, is Annie’s brand and Ocean Spray. However, Annie’s is at least double (closer to triple) the price of these, and neither of those brands offer a vegetable medley option. I definitely recommend this product =)
UteMansfield, AR