Mountain Blend 4 Cup Filter Pack Coffee

Green Tree Coffee’s Mountain Blend is a rich blend of beans grown in the lush hills of Indonesia and the Andes of South America. It is an outstanding medium roast which is full bodied and finishes smooth with a rich aroma. 250 units per case. Product requires the use of a 4 cup brewer.

Quick facts

  • 4 Cup Filter Packs
  • Full Bodied, Medium Roast
  • 100% Ground Arabica Coffee
  • Easy to Prepare
  • 125 Units Per Case

Top reviews

Great for a convenient cup of coffee!

I have a small single cup coffee maker for those times when I need a quick cup of coffee but don’t want a whole pot. All right, that doesn’t happen very often – I can usually handle a whole pot. But when I want a quick cup, I don’t want to be grinding beans, getting out a filter and going through all the same steps as making a whole pot. These filter packs are the perfect solution at a great price! The coffee is almost as good as Starbucks for a fraction of the price.
RonnyBoston, GA

Island Blend Coffee

Great tasting coffee a good deal for your money, many different blends to choose from. Goes great with my 4 cup coffee maker when I’m on the road
BreanneParsons, TN

Mountain Blend Coffee 4 Cup Filter Pack

Coffee is very weak,I have to use 3 packs to make 4 cups of coffee.
LashawnGiltner, NE

Excellent convenience

Very satisfied. It was delivered earlier than expected. I bought this so my elderly mother wouldn’t have to mess with loose coffee grounds. She loves the convenience and the taste. I will be ordering more.
BrockFabyan, CT

easy coffee

I like just dropping the filter pack (or two or three)in my coffee pot, filling the water chamber… tasty coffee- no mess.
JuliannaPlymouth, MA

Drinkable, not great

This coffee is ok, but nothing great, at least in my opinion.. I will not throw it away, but neither will I order any more. It has that sharp aftertaste that I don’t care for. It isn’t as strong as I expected it to be, which could be one reason for my disappointment. If you like mild coffee and just drink coffee for effect this is a decent and well priced product. I enjoy coffee and drink it for taste as much as effect. The packets are easy to open, which I appreciate.
KrisGrapeland, TX

Weak Coffee

Bought this coffee to take on vacation to use in the little 4-cup pots that are always in hotel rooms. My husband, the coffee drinker, said it was very weak (even using two packs at one time). I threw away the rest. Save your money…buy something else.
LorriVance, MS

Good Coffee at Good Price

This is my 2nd Order of Island Blend. I had used another brand for years so it took a few days to get used to a new taste, but its just fine. The envelopes are easy to tear open and very convenient.
LucretiaCanadian, OK

Has an unpleasant taste….

I was disappointed in the quality of this coffee. It has a weird whang to it – a bitter taste. My husband tried it and said the same thing. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or what, but I won’t be using this coffee except for emergency backup (when I’m out of good coffee).
JanaeJoplin, MO