Mrs Ball’s Original Chutney, 16.6-Ounce Bottles


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Can’t believe its now in American stores

My mother-in-law brought me a bottle back on her trip from S. Africa. I’ve never seen this stuff before not even in whole foods. All I can say is it is awesome with lots of wonderful flavor.
Adds wonders to lemon and olive oil roasted chicken on a bed of black beans and qiunoa (simply amazing). Glad to see this is on Amazon, I’m hooked and just bought 4 more bottles.
I plan to make the Bobotie per Mrs. Balls recipe site. Cheers!
DeliaPoint Pleasant, PA

A curry meal is unthinkable without this chutney

I grew up in South Africa where this chutney is as common as ketchup is here in America. The stuff is versatile and adds a sweet kick to just about any savory meal. I particularly like it with curries, ground beef, stews, and sandwiches. Produced first in the 1800’s, I’ve watched this familiar bottle become available in England, and I’m starting to similar adoption here in the States. Here’s to another 200 years of the best chutney you’ll encounter.
NoelleMills, NM