Mrs. Grass Hearty Soup Mix, Homestyle Chicken Noodle, 5.93 Ounce

Since 1912, Mrs. Grass has been a welcomed guest at your family’s table. Today, you can trust that Mrs. Grass will continue to provide wholesome recipes for your family to enjoy. Mrs. Grass Soups have a rich history of quality, homemade flavor and product innovation. Trusted by consumers for years, the brand is known for its innovative, wholesome soup products. Through the years, Mrs. Grass has continued to meet the changing needs of consumers, moving cooks into the future by developing products for the way we cook today. Mrs. Grass pioneered the development of dry soup mix, continually innovating to meet consumer needs. Over the past 90 years, Mrs. Grass has taken soup in many new flavor and convenience directions, developing exciting new product lines and packaging innovations to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Today, we are still committed to bringing you the quality and homemade taste that you expect from Mrs. Grass in the convenient products that suit the way you cook today. Mrs. Grass – cooking up delicious recipes for over 90 years.

Quick facts

  • Delicious chicken noodle soup mix
  • Perfect for a made-from-scrach taste with much less effort
  • Easy to make, just add water
  • Works great as a soup starter
  • Product of the USA

Top reviews

Best soup mix on the market…….Delicious!

I call this product Wyler’s Soup Starter – because it’s so flexible. I add extra potatoes, carrots, onions and whatever other vegtables I have left over from the week. I also use chicken, beef or vegtable broth instead of water. Every week during the winter I make one or two of these soups. Family and guests always ask for the receipe and I told/tell them to buy these packages and add whatever they like to make it their own. It’s the best, and I whole hearly recommend it to every cook to try. I’ve been using it for many many years and my family always requests my soups during the cold months. Please give it a try; and Wyler’s – please get this product back in the stores.. and Amazon — Thanks so much for carrying these items. I don’t mind buying each flavor by the case — just as long as I can still get this product! Thanks
JeffiePleasant Valley, IA

availability and savings

This is another product that has become difficult to find on grocery store shelves. In addition to being available, it was also cheaper than the last price we paid when we could find it at the local grocery store.
BiancaHillsville, VA

Love this soup!

I boil chicken wings then add fresh mushrooms,onions salt and pepper. Once the chicken has finshed boiling I add Mrs. Grass’s chicken noodle soup mix. If you like extra thick flat noodles add some to the mix and continue to boil for 7 minutes. Volia!
GretaWestville, IN

The Best Soup Ever

I have tried every package soup that is on the market, In my finding Mrs. Grass Homestyle Soup had that hearty soup taste compared to the others which was watery and flavorless. I live in the Charleston area of South Carolina that does not carry the products so I called the main company and was given a few grocery stores about 2 hours from where I live. I wrote them back and they gave me the Amazon website that I could order the product from, I was so thrill when I received it in the mail. I use the products quite frequently with my church group, home menus and Senior Citizen groups and they love it. I am the talk of the meetings!

Thank you,
Andrea Lawrence

RonniBeecher City, IL

Fast and easy and as good as homemade soup!

Our family loves soup and this package is great for a fast batch of homemade chicken soup. We throw 5 of 6 chicken thighs in a pot of water and boil it until it is cooked and tender. We use boneless and skinless chicken thighs as they are faster. Don’t put in too much chicken skin as you will get too much grease on top of the broth. If you have chicken with skin we remove the skin from all of the chicken except one thigh.

Shred the chicken and use 8 or 9 cups of the broth and whisk in the soup mix. We also add a cup of frozen peas and carrots to the mixture and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat and cover the pot and simmer for 20 minutes.

You now have a simple and hearty chicken soup that your entire family will enjoy. A fast and healthy meal that tastes as good as homemade. You will love this soup. I posted a photo of the nutrition label for your information.

LinnieBellingham, WA

Mrs Grass soups

I have been using this product for my soup for many many years. I add my own meat and additional vegetables. It makes a great dinner especially on a cold winter evening. I make a crusty bread or make some cornbread and my family really enjoys the meal.
JeneMars, PA

Finally Found It!!

I used to purchase soup starter years ago, and suddenly, it disappeared from supermarkets. A few days ago, something told me to pull it up on the Internet and, now I see that the name has changed and it’s being sold here at Amazon. I was also pleasently surprised to see that they added Chili and wild rice reciepes. Ordered immediately and sure enough, I’ve got my Soup Starter back, with some friends. Thanks, Amazon!!
JaysonCoffee Springs, AL

The Best Soup

This makes Great, Hearty Soup— Just like Mother used to make!
I strongly encourage you to try this delicious product. Great for Winter Fun.
EnaRichland Springs, TX

Great pie filling

So happy to find that I can order this soup mix. I am having a hard time finding it in the stores. I always add chicken, carrots, and celery for a hearty soup. I also like to take extra or leftover soup and put it in my favorite pie crust for a delicious chicken pot pie.
CandyceGuerra, TX

Great Soup

Wyler’s Mrs. Grass Homestyle Chicken Noodles Hearty Soup, is the best soup base out there, It has reat floavror and if you cook it in a crock pot and add Chicken Meat to the mix it will be the 2nd best Chicken Soup you ever had, Not even this tops Moms Chicken Soup
AmericaSalem, WI

Finally Found it!

I used to be able to purchase this soup in my local supermarket. One day it was gone! I happened to be shopping on Amazon and thought I would see if they had it and they did!!It is the best soup mix at a good price!!
ElliMartinsdale, MT

Mrs. Grass’ Chicken Noodle Soup Mix

My family loves Mrs. Grass’ Chicken Noodle Soup MixMrs. Grass Chicken Noodle Soup Mix with Real Chicken Broth, 5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12). I have been preparing it for them for years. It is quick, delicious, nutritional and filling. For whatever reason, I am no longer able to purchase the product in my area. I refuse to buy the substitutes. I am very happy to know that I am able to purchase the product through Amazon without paying shipping.
FranklynWahkiacus, WA


ideal for a fast and simple meal. I just add a pkg. of vegetables and a can of chicken.
AimeePhil Campbell, AL

Better than homemade.

This soup mix is better than “made from scratch”, from beginning to end with just the right flavors. Simple and easy to make and oh-so-delicious. No wonder most stores have taken it off their shelves, they want you to buy all the other junk they try to push off on us that usually sit and gather dust on their shelves instead of something that actually flew off their shelves and the customers wanted. I’m so glad to be able to find this product here. Thanks, from a loyal customer of Mrs. Grass Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup Mix.
JohnsonAltheimer, AR


This is the best tasting soup I recommend this soup to anyone who has a head cold. After eating a bowl of this soup with mixed vegetables, cut cooked chicken breast my head cold was gone the next day.
ConsuelaRemington, IN