Mrs. Leeper’s Beef Lasagne Dinner, 6.42-Ounce Boxes

Made with corn lasagna. Wheat free/Gluten free. Pasta & sauce mix. Add hamburger. Ready in 15 minutes! A classic Italian favorite in a cheesy tomato sauce. Join us for a dinner your whole family will love! The kind of dinner that tastes great, is fast and easy to prepare and pleases everyone. A wholesome and heart warming blend of corn pasta engulfed in a delicious sauce, Mrs. Leeper’s dinners are ready to serve in 15 minutes. You can begin with the meat, substitute to fu or skip it altogether. Mrs. Leeper’s dinners are delicious any way you serve them. Our ingredients are simple, pure and blended with care. Pasta product of Italy. Sauce product of USA.

Quick facts

  • Mrs. Leeper’s Lasagna Dinner (12×6.42 Oz)
  • Good Value and Practical
  • 12×6.42 Oz

Top reviews

easy meal

easy to make box mix…tastes ok, keeps good in refrigerator after cooking. takes a little longer to cook than box states, but we live in high-altitude.
KatieNewton Falls, OH

Product Needs to be reformulated

The noodles were ok but the sauce really had a nasty flavor, kids refused to eat it. If you are stuck with a bunch of it, cook the noodles but make your own sauce.
MargariteStanley, WI

Great company!

We eat Mrs. Leepers a lot-tuna, stroganoff, alfredo, and lasagna. it’s really quick and easy. My gluten eating boyfriend even loves them and keeps asking for the lasagna. it’s really good with a little garlic powder and tabasco and some parm cheese on top!!
DelphineDavenport Center, NY


Compare to Hamburger Helper, but better, without the gluten. This company makes several other varieties; tuna, chicken, stroganoff. All are good, quick, & easy.
ClaudetteMill Creek, PA

Makes a decent quick dinner

My family liked this. The only other Mrs. Leeper’s boxed meal we tried was the Cheeseburger Mac and that was like eating a box of salt. We were pleasantly surprised that the Beef Lasagna meal was quite tasty and not overly salty. The corn pasta was good (we usually have brown rice pasta) and the tomato sauce had a nice flavor. I would serve this again on a night we need a quick dinner.
KrisCannel City, KY


I have been gluten free for over 2 years. I have had the attitude, “If I can’t eat it I’m not cooking it”, since that time. This is the first time I have tried a gluten free box mix. I made the lasagna (with turkey) and added a bit of mozzarella and parm cheese on top and it is gone!! I can’t remember what hamburger helper tasted like, but this was good! I was shocked at how much the family liked it… time to try the rest!!
AshleyDennis, MA

LOVE Mrs. Leepers!

Mrs. Leepers dinners are a favorite at our house. My two boys (who have celiac disease) just gobble it up. It’s great with both hamburger or ground turkey. You really don’t have to add anything since the flavor is so good, but sometimes I saute and add diced garlic and onion. We never have leftovers when Mrs. Leepers is for dinner!
GavinVail, AZ


This is a tasty G.F. product. I’ve been on a G.F. diet for 7 years so have tried a lot of different products and this is one I reorder. My only negative would be that it doesn’t reheat well, but that’s true of most G.F. pastas. Not a problem if more than one person is eating it. Nice to have some thing quick and easy to make that is still a hot meal and G.F.
CandidaEllisville, IL