Mrs. Leeper’s Pasta Organic, Corn Spaghetti, 12-Ounce Bags

Mrs. Leeper’s Gluten-Free Corn Pasta, Spaghetti, 12-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12)

Quick facts

  • Organic wheat free, gluten free
  • Full flavor and perfect texture
  • Will not gum up or turn mushy
  • Cooks up beautifully

Top reviews

Must separate & stir often! (oops!)

Okay, I can be an absent-minded cook every so often. I like mrs. Leepers & have cooked the spirals with better results than this spaghetti. You have to separate the strands as they go into boiling water & stir often. My strands “glued” together, and I had to separate by hand (in boiling water wearing an orka silicone glove — not easy).

Other than my oops, the pasta is delicious! I will buy the spirals & shells next time since they are more forgiving of me, the busy, distracted mom-chef.

FranceCamden, NJ

gluten free corn pasta

Mrs. Leeper’s products come through again. We have bought and used the gluten free organic corn elbows and enjoy them regularly. My husband asked if I would purchase a spaghetti and I went w/ Mrs. Leeper’s because I believe in their products. We were not disappointed at all!!! Taste, texture and price are all wonderful! I am going to make spaghetti again this week but instead of red gravy w/ gluten free meatballs, I am going to purchase clams, shrimp and scallops, add some fresh garlic and butter along w/ clam juice and hopefully serve my hubby a delicious dinner to remember. Thank You Mrs. Leeper’s for coming thru again. Next is the tri color
OraliaSouth Lee, MA

Excellent pasta

My husband has celiacs. This pasta has excellent “chew” and no grit that we have found with other corn or rice pastas. Not a huge corn taste, so it will not overwhelm the test of your dish.
PingStonewall, MS

Outstanding! I’m excited to try more…

We committed to a gluten-free, casein-free diet for our son a couple of months ago, and we have sorely missed pasta! Each foray into rice pasta has been a gummy heap of disappointment, really. I bought this pasta because it looked interesting, but didn’t expect to enjoy it…

OMG!!! We have pasta back! I just boiled some up with some salt and a splash of EVOO and my son and I were eating it plain… The flavor, texture, appearance was all very appealing. I’m excited to try more of Mrs Leeper’s corn pasta – rotini and radiatore are next ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a favorite pasta-diced chicken-artichoke hears-kalamata olives-greek dressing salad that I miss so much – and I will go straight out and buy more of Mrs Leeper’s pasta so I can try making it with corn pasta.

I’ll be cooking up more of the corn spaghetti as a non-sticky take-along finger food. I am SOOOO happy!!

MaryEast Livermore, ME

Tastes like regular pasta

We’ve tried so many different brands of gluten-free pasta since my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease last year. Mrs. Leeper’s is the best tasting thus far. It has the same al dente bite and taste of regular pasta. I can finally make dinner and not have my husband wear that disappointed look on his face like he’s missing out. He loved his Barilla, but this tastes just as good!
LouLone Tree, IA

Gluten free pasta alternative

I prefer this pasta to the brown rice pasta for gluten free pasta. The corn pasta holds its form much better than brown rice. If you need a pasta that is gluten free I highly recommend this product. Mrs. Leepers makes many different shaped gluten free pastas that you can’t find in the grocery store.
GerardoBlairstown, NJ

Mrs. Leeper’s Pasta Organic Gluten Free Corn Spaghetti

These are amazing and unable to consistently find in the Atlanta area . . . so rather than continue driving around looking for them, I found them at Thanks Amazon – and Mrs. Leeper’s! I prefer corn spaghetti over rice and this brand is THE BEST. Only other tip to offer, let water boil VERY HOT with a smidge of oil before dropping pasta in and there will be no sticking. Also, other brands may break down while leftover in the fridge if mixed with other ingredients. Mrs. Leeper’s won’t!
TrentEast Otis, MA


A year ago I was diagnosed with allergies to wheat and gluten, among other things. After trying brown rice pasta and a few other kinds, I went back to eating the regular stuff. I bought a package of Mrs. Leeper’s and had it in my cupboard for quite a while. But whenever I’d make my husband’s favorite pasta, with white clam sauce, I’d be afraid to “ruin” the dish by using gluten free pasta… and it was just too much work to make two different kinds, so I’d just eat the regular stuff and deal with the allergy symptoms.

My husband went out of town so I decided to try the Mrs. Leeper’s while he was gone. I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is!! I am confident that I could use it in my hubby’s favorite dish, not tell him that it’s GF, and he would never even know the difference.

I had to cook it slightly longer than the package directions… it was still a bit too hard. I like my pasta al dente but not raw. I think I cooked it a minute or two longer than the directions called for. I also didn’t rinse it… just drained it and threw it in with the sauce I had going in a different pan. It held up very well to being added to sauce, and the extra minute of heating and tossing (unlike all the other GF pastas I’ve tried, which turned into 1/2″ pieces of gloop when I did that). The pasta retained its form and texture throughout the eating phase as well. There would be nothing to indicate that it was not “regular” pasta.

One thing… I did have a SLIGHT allergic reaction to it… a histamine kind of thing. The ingredients say “100% organic corn flour” and that is all. But what do they use to bind it together? The word “flour” implies to me that it is ground corn mixed with a blend of other things that make it “flour.” Hopefully they use corn starch, to keep it 100% corn. But I’m not so sure that corn is the only thing it contains… because I have these types of histamine reactions whenever I “accidentally” consume soy or tapioca. So I’ve got a call into World Finer Foods to determine whether there is any other ingredient other than corn. Of course whenever I call any manufacturer to find out what “hidden ingredients” are in their products, you can never get a true answer. Especially because this product is from Italy, and you have no way of contacting Mrs. Leeper’s directly… every contact link redirects back to World Finer Foods.

Let me just say that as a person who suffers from numerous food allergies, our FDA does a very poor job in enforcing disclosure on labels. I have a potentially deadly allergy to red pepper, and companies don’t have to disclose that ingredient. As long as the ingredient is considered “natural,” they can just put “spices” on the ingredients and leave it at that. This should really be addressed by our legislators. There are MANY people out here in the good ol’ US of A who are allergic to hot pepper flakes, chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic, black pepper, and many other “spices.” It’s time that we know what’s in something when we eat it. Food manufacturers need to have better disclosure, and be accountable for what they put in their products. I know that this isn’t specifically about this pasta… but it is about the difficulty I’m having in finding out what the “binding” agent is in the corn flour.

YasminGonzales, CA

i am not celiac and i love this spaghetti

i discovered this pasta while searching for gluten-free alternatives for someone who thought they were celiac (but turned out not to be). i think it tastes better than any wheat-based pasta, except perhaps for some spinach spaghetti i had years ago.

the only downside is that cooking requires more activity to prevent the noodles from sticking together. some tricks i’ve come up with:
– boil A LOT of water. so much so that the spaghetti is completely submerged the instant you put it in the pot.
– put in a little at a time, about 1/4 of a package, and put it in gently so that you can feel the noodles separate.
– stir regularly, about once every 2-3 minutes.

one other bit of advice: don’t order through amazon unless you’re using subscribe and save. each package costs $3 at the market, but the amazon price has shot up this year from $33/12 ($2.75) to almost $39 ($3.25).

RonnieSan Pierre, IN

Best gluten-free spaghetti!

This is the best gluten-free spaghetti EVER! It doesn’t get slimy and need rinsing. It doesn’t get mushy. It doesn’t harden into a mass when refrigerated even without buttter or sauce on it. It has a firm texture and a great taste. It reheats beautifully. I would use this product even if I didn’t require gluten-free.
ArlettaNorth Tazewell, VA

Gluten Free Corn Pasta

I have tried many different brands of gluten free spaghetti over the past 15 years and this one is the very best. It is easy to cook and it rinses easily. Worthwhile trying.
KenyattaMartinsville, IL

Great gluten free pasta

Wonderful flavor and texture. The best gluten free pasta I’ve found. Has a little bit of a sweet taste compared to wheat or whole grain pasta.
JaimieNewtown, CT

Best corn pasta

My local grocery chain carries this product and the other boxed brand in select stores. The boxed brand is easily overcooked, where Mrs. Leepers comes out just right. As someone who just can’t ‘stomache’ wheat products very often, I love being able to have pasta and other traditional foods on occasion without heartburn all night.
JaniClark, PA

A good substitute for wheat pasta.

For all those on a wheat-free/gluten-free diet.This pasta has a texture, not unlike wheat pasta.Make sure you cook it for the full cooking time as directed on the package,or it may be a little too Al Dente.Nice flavor and not mushy like rice pasta.Pairs well with Tomato or cheese based sauces.
DeanaHighland City, FL

Great taste

Just a little pricy but worth having. Made from corn much better than the rice If you haven t tried this I would strongly suggest you give it a try and by buying it 12 at a time it also saves you money
ConsueloUtica, MI

Tried It On A Whim and Liked It!

I didn’t have to purchase this product for health reasons, just thought the product sounded interesting, as I have also purchased artichoke pasta. This pasta is delicious. I really didn’t notice much of a corn flavor at all. The texture is great. The first time I tried it, I just cooked it al dente, then added a little butter and parmesan cheese. Excellent. Though it is expensive, it is worth the price. Wait for it to go on sale and stock up.
AdelaWinthrop, IA

awsum pasta

I have a wheat intolerance and love pasta..went to Wegmans and found this awsum corn pasta. It was aldente added a good sauce and chopmeat and it was actually very very satisfying…
CleoScroggins, TX

Love this!

This is the best gluten free spaghetti I’ve ever had! I do not care for brown rice spagetti because it can get slimy and mushy. This is just like regular spaghetti, even my gluten eating family has no idea it is gluten free. I highly recommend it!
MardellNorvell, MI

Great pasta!!!

For the gluten intolerent, this is perfect. It cooks up like wheat pasta and has just as good a taste.
KashaParchman, MS

No longer miss ‘regular’ pasta

Since discovering this, I can have all the pasta I want again. Even my husband who doesn’t eat gluten free agrees that it tastes and has the texture of ‘real’ spaghetti. In fact I think I almost prefer it over wheat pasta if I had the option. The only downside is 1) You do have to stir it well or else it will become ‘glued’ together cooking at times and 2) when adding pasta sauce you want to toss it very gentle because corn pasta has the tendency to break up much easier.
QuentinGranite, CO

Deliciously gluten free

Best pasta that we have found that is gluten free. Does not fall apart like rice pasta.
MarionKendleton, TX

Better than regular pasta

When I first had to go gluten free, I really missed pasta. The rice pasta was mushy and not worth it at all. I tried this first, and then eventually talked my picky gluten-eating family into trying it. They actually prefer this to regular pasta because it has a firmer texture and it tastes great with or without sauce (we prefer to toss it with just olive oil and seasonings). The only bad thing is that it tends to stick together while cooking. You have to stir it a lot or it will become a stuck together blob, so be careful. As far as taste and texture, though, it can’t be beat.
MagenGurdon, AR

It fooled my family

My family isn’t gluten free, but I bought this on a whim one day to try. It looks weird cooking and the water gets thick and yellow, but once it’s properly drained and seasoned I couldn’t tell much of a different from normal pasta. It has a bit more bite than normal pasta, but not as much as whole wheat pasta. It wasn’t gummy and held up well with sauce. With subscribe and save it comes out much cheaper than I paid in the grocery store (3.79 a pack). I definitely recommend this to anyone gluten free, or anyone who just wants to try something new.
KaneshaSeven Mile Ford, VA

Good Gluten Free Pasta

My family can not eat regular gluten pasta and this was a good alternative. Corn pastas seem to be a flavor and texture more like wheat pasta, so we prefer corn pasta to rice pasta. This spaghetti breaks into smaller pieces a bit after it has been cooked. I haven’t tried the other pasta shapes, but think they might hold up a little better.
DemetriaAlbion, MI

Closest to real Pasta I have found

It has great taste and texture, unfortunately like all gf pasta cannot be used for cold pasta dishes.
NishaBaxter, WV

Wheat-free spaghetti solution

If you’re looking for a wheat or gluten-free spaghetti, try Mrs. Leeper’s. It’s not in any health food stores in my area, readily stocked, so I buy in quantity. This cooks well and maintains good texture. If you haven’t had pasta in a while becuase you’re gluten-free and the rice pastas didn’t appeal to you, try this. You won’t be disappointed.
AnnamarieWyandanch, NY

Best Spaghetti gluten free or otherwise

We all love this spaghetti. It cooks well and maintains it’s form. Best of all it is delicious!
VinnieGulston, KY

Best pasta out there!

Best pasta around! Great flavor, holds together better, my son and the rest of us love it!
DeannaHuger, SC

Better than “regular” pasta!

This pasta is delicious! My husband (who is not Gluten free) tasted these noodles and thought that they were regular ones. He couldn’t tell the difference! These taste much better than even the best rice pasta, in my opinion. Well worth trying it.
AleenWapiti, WY