Mrs. Mays Fruit and Nut Toppers, Strawberry Almond, 4-Ounce

Mrs. May’s Naturals was founded in September of 2002 by brothers Augustine and Michael Kim, food industry entrepreneurs. The Kims’ grew up eating their grandmother’s irresistible snack, which soon became a neighborhood favorite. Using their grandmother’s recipe, the Kims’ launched the Mrs. May’s snack line. While bringing you wholesome nuts and seeds snack for a healthier lifestyle, Mrs. May’s wanted to add a little more colorful varieties to your snack choice. In 2007, our diligent and dedicated R&D team introduced Trio Bars (three nuts, three seeds and three fruits) and Fruit Chips. What makes Mrs. May’s special is our commitment to make something good for your health that’s also tasty and fun to eat. In 2010, Mrs. May’s is taking your snacking experience to the whole new world with veggies! You can simply enjoy these veggies by eating Premium Crispy Veggies Chips that is full of nutritious vitamins and nutrients.

Quick facts

  • Crunchy roasted almonds with chewy bits of strawberry in cute-shape chunks of pure flavor
  • Made with simple and wholesome ingredients, versatile toppers are healthy and tastier than any crouton
  • Great treat on ice cream, fruit, yogurt, cereal and more, or enjoy right out of the bag
  • Vegan, dairy free, wheat free and gluten free with no cholesterol
  • All natural with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

Top reviews

Great snack

We enjoy Mrs. Mays products and will now add the Fruit and Nut Toppers to our list. Great in yogurt or snacking on by itself, strawberry fruit nut toppers is a yummy addition to our pantry and my children’s lunches.
MarvaGlenville, MN