Mrs. Wages Pickling Salt, 48-Ounce Packages

Crunchy pickles….zesty salsa….jewel -toned jams and jellies….the delicious results of inviting Mrs. Wages into your Kitchen. If you enjoy preserving the bountiful harvest of your own garden (or that of the local farmer’s market), and serving your family and friends wholesome foods you’ve lovingly prepared, consider Mrs. Wages for all your home canning needs. What began as a signature pickling lime recipe, developed by Mrs. Wages herself over 50 years ago, has evolved into a full line of canning and preserving products for pickles, tomatoes, and fruit. Precision Foods appreciates the time, care and attention that goes into tending a garden and is committed to providing high quality products the home canner can rely on for “blue ribbon” results.

Quick facts

  • 48 oz. bag
  • Makes 9 quarts
  • For sparkling clear canning brine
  • All natural

Top reviews


This is not a negative against the product but against the way this product is listed. This is listed as one of six in multiple places but then it is listed as 48oz also. What I received was one 48 oz bag. Just wanted to pass on what this is really.
AlfredoOlpe, KS


Pickling and canning salt is hard to find since I live near the city. I spent 5 store trips last year without luck. This year I got smart and hopped on amazon. I use it for brining meat and pickling and it works great. Great price and reasonable shipping.
HyoEdinburg, TX