MTR Bisibele Bhath, 10.58 Ounce Boxes

A wholesome traditional meal of lentils, rice and vegetables and a signature delicacy from Karnataka.

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I buy Tastee Bite Indian meals on-line and at Costco and Whole Foods. This brand is cheaper and tastes just as good. I like to keep these at work so I always have something healthy and vegetarian to eat.

No complaints at all. At […] bucks a box, it’s a good deal.

NickieHannibal, MO

MTR Bisibelebath Pretty good

MTR Bisibelebath, 10.5-Ounce Box, (Pack of 10)

MTR Bisilbelabath is pretty authentic indian food. it tastes authentic with just a hit of spice. You can even add extra spice and it doesnt hurt the flavor. It is a complete meal, or you can eat with more rice/bread. Overall I give it a 4.2.

PamilaMilford, IL

MTR offers Great Quality Tasting Food that wont break your wallet

Bisibelebath is a great lentil and vegetable broth that is thick, musky, with a hint of a little something spicy, but not too spicy or hott. This dish is amazing by itself, or i would recommend accompanying with Vegetable Pulao or you can make your own Rice. I usually serve with Tempe or Tofu. Among the MTR Products i recommend this one, Shahi Paneer Masala, Pav Bhaji, Vegetable Pulao……….. actually you know what, i recomment ALL MTR products, the sincerely unique Indian taste surpasses in authenticity compared to Tasty Bite products!


LeaCentral Point, OR

Yummy & Authentic

I was very apprehensive to purchase this product. In the past I found that all the rice based Ready to Eat Indian food (several brands) had either strange aftertastes and/or didn’t taste the way they were supposed to. But not this one! I was so delighted with the authentic taste. Vegetables, rice and beans cooked in a spicy sauce. Add some potato chips for a crunchy side accompaniment.
If you find this dish a little too thick or too strong, I suggest mixing some cooked white rice. An excellent and tasty purchase.
JanettaOlalla, WA

Good Stuff!

I’ve eaten my through the majority of ten packages in the last several days. I find that I seem to like it more each time! The taste is moderately spicy and quite complex. This is not a dish I could duplicate easily (if at all) from scratch ingredients.

I microwave it in a bowl for 90 seconds, being sure to cover the bowl since this stuff tends to “pop” and splatter a lot. Mixing in a few spoonfuls of water before cooking seems to make it more enjoyable and bring out the tomato flavor.

The package suggests that it serves two but that’s assuming it’s served with something else. I find myself wanting something else to go with it, perhaps something sweeter or less spicy, when I eat a package all by itself.

LavernWurtsboro, NY

Nice and filling//warming

Tried as a dish all by itself. Just the thing on a cold evening — will team it up with mixed grains or some hearty bread for my next meal. Wouldn’t be bad used as the base for a vegetarian pot pie or topped shepherds pie style with mashed potatoes.
IsaacGeary, OK


The MTR bisi bela bath is authentic and tasty. I highly recommend it. You can have this with
pappad or some yoghurt on the side and it makes a complete meal.
KristinaVoorheesville, NY

Tastes great and authentic

Great Bisi Bele Bath. It’s a complete meal considering it has rice, lentils and vegetables (beans, carrot, peas). Goes well with some potato chips.
Since its only 300 calories per box you won’t feel too guilty even if you eat two 😉

One of the best stuff from MTR !!!

PatriciaGarrett, WY

bisibile bhath 10.58 oz box

the product comes in nicely packaged box . the appearance is very unappetizing . does not look nice . the taste is o k . it looks like ” KHICHADI “.the appearance would be improved if whole basmati rice was used .will not buy again .
DonCecil, AL