MTR Shahi Paneer, 10.5-Ounce Boxes

Chunks of cottage cheese in a mouth-watering gravy, cooked in true mughal tradition. Made with 100% natural ingredients. No preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians. Mild. Ready to eat. No cooking required. India’s largest selling ready to eat brand. A delicious dish in minutes. This product is in ready-to-eat form and can be consumed straight out of the pack or warmed up. Product of India.

Quick facts

  • Pack of ten, 10.5-Ounce Boxes (Total of 105-Ounces)
  • Delicious Indian food
  • Cottage cheese in butter curry
  • Vegetarian non spicy food
  • Ready to eat Indian meals

Top reviews

False advertising at its best

Take a look at the picture on the box and what do you see? Big chunks of paneer and some liquid. Well that’s not what’s in the box. There are a few pieces of paneer and about 90% liquid with fat pooling on the surface. This was a completed disappointment and I have 9 boxes to go. Tasty Bite entrees are much better. I don’t care if this is the #1 brand in India – it’s near the bottom of my list.
HuongKnightsen, CA

I love this stuff

I love Shai Paneer. I got into Indian food this last year, and fell in love with it, and my favorite recipe is Shai paneer. So, when I moved to this new area, and had no Indian restaurants around, I got desperate and started looking online for something. I found these prepackaged Indian meals, and took a chance on them.

They are awesome! The Shai paneer is restaurant quality. Seriously. I eat it on it’s own sometimes, but my favorite is to buy nann bread from the store, and dip it into it. It is also great over rice.

But, if you like Indian food, or like shai paneer, buy this and you won’t be disappointed. also, they are very cheap compared to the real thing!!

VashtiGeddes, SD

too salty

well it’s true about the pictures on MTR’s boxes looking better than what’s really inside. This particular kind I thought was unpleasantly salty, and I usually salt my food. I only had one box and I will never buy it again. However, I buy MTR Palak Paneer all the time, love it, and highly recommend it.
LoreneWest Davenport, NY

Yummy Paneer

I ran into these on the east coast and loved them. They are made in India and have more heat than other versions, but that is good. They are also very reasonably priced. The bags are very convenient.
WadeWest Point, TX

Great for fast, instant food

It’s pretty good for paneer that’s in an air-tight long-lasting package. This would be great for camping, a quick dinner, and doesn’t even need to be cooked if the power is out some night.

But this deserves to be pointed out. This stuff has 60% rda for calcium. As a vegetarian, this is really great. So I ordered more and subscribed for regular deliveries.

JospehColorado City, TX

Not a fan

The paneer in all the MTR products I purchased was awful. Rubbery and tasteless. I would not buy this brand again.
MikaSelma, OR